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UK Sikh Music Duo Tigerstyle Meet Prince Charles At War Memorial


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
The Prince of Wales visited Neuve-Chapelle Memorial in France in memory of soldiers from South Asia who gave their lives fighting for the British Indian Army in the First World War.

Prince Charles and The Duchess of Cornwall met a delegation from the Sikh community and students from the UK and France.

The Sikh delegation, led by the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail included renowned Scottish Sikh music producers, Tigerstyle.

It also included Jaimal Singh Johal, whose grandfather Subedar Manta Singh was wounded at Neuve Chapelle and later died at the Indian Military Hospital, Brighton.

Another member of the group, Rasnam Singh, a pupil of St Helens College, London, recited a poem dedicated to Harnam Singh of the Sikh regiment.
Said Pops of music duo Tigerstyle and 'goodwill ambasadors' for the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail: "We very much welcomed the opportunity to be represented at this important event. It is our duty to preserve the memories of our forefathers who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Europe"

Honorary Director, Harbinder Singh added: "The Battle of Neuve Chapelle is synonymous with the Sikh regiment. Along with other Indian troops they were here as volunteers to fight, not for their own freedom, but for the freedom of present day Europe.

"To allow the memory of their sacrifices to diminish would be the greatest travesty for it is due to them that we hold our heads high with pride today. This Royal visit serves to bestow rightful respect upon valiant deeds of these heroes who would fall on foreign soils never again to set foot in their homelands"

The Neuve-Chapelle Indian Memorial commemorates some 4742 Indian soldiers with no known grave, who fell in battle while fighting for the British Indian Army in the First World War. The location of the memorial was chosen because of the participation by Indian troops at the Battle of Neuve-Chapelle.


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