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Jul 18, 2007
Lately I have been contemplating about the universal truth that is in Guru Granth Sahib and becoming clear in seeing it as its own entity in regards to making a human a "Sikh", I use Sikh in the loosest term, regardless of caste, colour, gender, creed, sexual orientation, diet, dress etc. This is the only way that Gurbani can be the universal truth because it can be applied to all of mankind.

In regards to Khalsa, in my view this was a necessity during the time of Guru Gobind Singh ji to form a unit of high moral led individuals who collectively formed a "pure" army of what society depicts as the perfect example of a member of public who could be depended on in times of need and be a positive role in the structure of society.

Generally the two are combined when people talk of being a complete "Sikh" and there is a thin line between them. In regards to being part of the Khalsa brotherhood, it is dependent on Gurbani as this forms the backbone of the unit, the principles/morals that the Khalsa should portray are those of an ideal Sikh, yet the difference is, the individuals make a pledge to the Almighty and are bound by Gurbani and the collective Khalsa Panth.

Guru Gobind Singh ji said as long as the Khalsa remain pure they have my support, the day they go astray he would not be associated with them. Thus, Sikhi is everlasting, being the universal truth that has been in the past, present and will continue to be so in the future, everything else is/can be temporary.

A question that commonly came up in my mind was, why didn't Guru Gobind Singh ji not formalize the Khalsa concept with an official document? But now it seems to click into place, the concept of Khalsa was meant to be an ever evolving collective organism that fought for the truth (not just physically) and were able to adapt to any situation, deeply routed on the foundations of Gurbani.

What are your thoughts/views?

Apologies if I have repeated a prior topic!


Avtar Singh
Aug 29, 2010
in this context it would be very pertinent to understand that every KHALSA is necessaririly a SIKH but every SIKH need not be a KHALSA.
Any person should be FIRSt A SIKH for becoming A TRUE KHALSA but this is not happening so.
Presenty only KHALSA is considered as SIKH .


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