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Sikh, Islamist Outfits Planning Joint Strikes

Sikh, Islamic outfits planning joint strikes

International Islamic and Sikh terrorist outfits have joined hands to strike in India and are recruiting youngsters abroad for it, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has warned.

Pro-Khalistan elements — in coordination with the Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence and Laskhar-e-Tayyeba — have stepped up their activities in Duerin (Germany), Lahore and Dhaka.

They are planning joint operations against important targets in India, the report says. The Sikh groups have also recruited people willing to be human bombs.

Since January 2007, 77 terrorists have been arrested in Punjab alone.
On August 25, a dreaded Pakistan-trained terrorist, Balbir Singh Beera, wanted in a number of cases, was arrested after a gunfight at the Ludhiana train station that left a vendor dead.

Four terrorists were arrested by the Ludhiana police on June 29. Thirty-two gelatin sticks and six detonators were recovered from them. Ranjit Singh Neeta, chief of the Pakistan-based Khalistan Zindabad Force, had provided the explosives, the report says. Heads of religious sects were the module’s target

"A multi-layered effort is on to revive terrorism in Punjab by using the interface of terrorist leaders based in Pakistan with foreign-based terrorist sympathisers who are arranging to send funds and motivating recruits,” a senior Punjab intelligence officer, who did not wish to be identified as he is not authorised to speak to the media, told HT.

Sikh militants based abroad, particularly those in Pakistan belonging to the Babbar Khalsa International and KZF, are continuing their efforts to revive terrorism in Punjab and target political leaders, the report says.

They are also trying to procure arms from insurgent groups in the Northeast. The growing nexus among Sikh extremists, Islamic militants and Northeast insurgents has the IB worried.

There are inputs that suggest that the ISI is also encouraging Islamic terrorist groups to involve criminals and underworld gangs for furthering the terror agenda.

Security agencies have been told to be careful while scrutinizing Tanzanians travelling to India. They have been asked to watch the movement of foreign nationals, specially Afghan nationals coming from the southern part of that country who frequent Delhi for medical treatment.

The security agencies have also been asked to keep a watch on foreign tourists and those visiting madrassas/mosques in Nizamuddin West in New Delhi.

The agency has also asked for a tighter vigil on construction sites in Delhi and the National Capital Region where Bangladeshi labourers are employed. Colonies where workers from Naxal-affected areas live in Delhi, too, pose a security threat, the report says.

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1947-2014 (Archived)
Pro-Khalistan elements — in coordination with the Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence and Laskhar-e-Tayyeba — have stepped up their activities in Duerin (Germany), Lahore and Dhaka.

Thanks Soul Jyot ji for calling this to our attention. I also read this earlier this evening.

When discussions were ongoing regarding the Vienna gurdwara shootout, I hypothesized at that time that the caste card was being played because people would believe it. Also suggested that this kind of alliance between Pakistan's Inter-services Intelligence ISI and Khalistan Zindinbad Force allied with other "loosely structured" extremist groups might be behind events in Vienna. That the timing was coordinated to remind people of the destruction of Akaal Takht and thus inflame sentiments within in India and embarrass and destabilize. So far Vienna and Interpol have not offered any new information. I note in this article the following: have stepped up their activities in Duerin (Germany).
This is the Kali Yuga and the slaughter is going to continue. Killing these extremists is not the answer. I guess we must wait for times to change.

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