India Sikh In The City


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh,

I think we need to act to save our Kaum in these trying times. One thing I have observed is that there is a lot of pyar among Sikh brothers and sisters in Western countries and in South Indian cities. This is because Sikhs are relatively rare and when you meet one, you meet with happiness and gaj gaj ke you call Fateh and Sat Sri Akal. Whereas if you come across a Sikh in Delhi area or Punjab area, you don't even acknowledge their existence or passing by.

This has to change, we have to be happy to meet any Sikh any where, any time of the day. We got to have a feeling of brotherhood. Another thing is that the networking of all Sikhs in any one city has to be very strong. There should be a mailing list to connect everyone online. And if there is any problem, as many Sikhs should go and meet the party concerned. This should lead to stronger networking, interaction and project to do for youth during weekends.

Tomorrow if some problem befalls on any Sikh, then as many as possible Sikh brothers and sisters in the city should come forward and help. Our strength is not in numbers, but mobilization. Even if it means going 20km away to meet some stranger Sikh in trouble, do it for Khalsa Panth, like a Sewa. But do go, as more and more people would know each other, the feeling of warmth and security would increase.

I feel that most of the Sangat here is out of India. But Ravi Singh ji of Khalsa Aid has done this kind of networking in a very successful way. Please do provide whatever feedback you can provide.