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Sikh Homeland In Kashmir


neither v cn beliv sepratists leaders of kashmir nor indian athority ..we dont want to b scape goats ... if kashmiri pandits r asking for their homeland across river jehlum under the banner of "panun kashmir" n ladakhis hav autonomous hill dev. council ..we too want our homeland in kashmir where we will b in majority to secure our future ... we will not bow in front of brahmanism or shariat law ... we hav our distinct identity n culture


its hight tym to think for our future ,we dont want 1947 repeated ..where 40,000 sikhs were killed in kashmir stop thinking wat kashmiri majority is doin or wat kashmiri pandits asking for ... get united n ask for your own rights ..demand sikh homeland in kashmir to live with dignity .. start a new discussion ... dont let urself scape goats in the name of so called secularism ..gurmat is only secular ideology n sikhs r secular by religion ...:eek:rangesingh:animatedkhanda:carefreekaur:

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