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Sikh Girls


Oct 20, 2010
I heard that in uk.muslims guys r marrying sikh girls.most of them marry girls just for lust and for the reason that they love her.i searched on internet and found that they r taking sikh girls to pakistan by emotionally blackmailing them.Most of the times the use girls for lust and sell them in pakistan to rich people for money which treat them really much is right in this thing and what government is doing to stop those kinds of abuse and what parents r doing to stop their girls from being abused either mentally or physically.


Oct 29, 2010
I don't know how much this goes on, or the extent of it, but-

Sikh girls have a brain of their own, if they're willing to make such a life-changing decision as converting their religion without finding out everything about that religion and about their partner then * them.

Sikhism from what I understand isn't about making numbers, it's not like "oh no we lost one more sikh girl". Losing someone who is just a sikh by name means nothing really. All these girls (and boys) have brains of their own. Their parents are partly to blame for not educating them correctly, but once you grow up you make your own choices and have the ability to research for yourself.
Oct 8, 2010
This is partly true. Muslims have the privileged to marry many women as long as they are financially able. We don't know if they just marry some of them just for love or love. But for those who sell women, this is partly true but not all muslims are doing this.

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