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Sikh Girls Marrying Non Sikhs In India

Discussion in 'Love & Marriage' started by An Humble Creature, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. Harkiran Kaur

    Harkiran Kaur
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    Jul 21, 2012
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    This can be seen from a different angle as well and Sikh parents must be first to stop it. Patriarchal mindset is huge in Punjabi Sikh families. The desire to control what women and girls do, the desire to keep them sunordinates.
    Let me ask you, in Sikhi do you believe males and females should have fully equal rights to all positions of leadership and all seva, including Panj Pyaras? If not, then you are contributing. Do you believe a wife has to serve her husband and be obedient and submissive - as a subordinate? If so then you are contributing.

    From girls standpoint if her own religion and culture is seeing her as a subordinate and expecting her to have less rights and freedoms as males then there is no difference she sees how women are treated in other religions. Or she may just become not religious at all.

    Sikhi is supposed to be equal. Women have no lesser place but in reality in Sikh families in India, I have seen it with my own eyes girls are treated very lesser and differently in many cases. As far as Sikhi goes, women still can’t do kirtan at Darbar Sahib, or even think about touching the palki sahib let alone do palki sahib seva, she will be scolded by jathedars as if she desecrated SGGSJ. Certain mindsets in some Sikh groups tell women they are to be subordinate to their husband and obey and serve them. Women are almost universally denied right to do seva as Panj Pyaras even if their avastha is high and they are strict in their rehet. Women are rarely elected to management committees of gurdwaras. Very few ever reach any leadership position. Most are expected to do langar seva mostly, and never be in any forward role. Men are expected to have full leadership and control.

    So from girls standpoint what is the difference?? Any talk of having equal position in sikhi and in Sikh families is usually lip service only. So what does it matter to her the outcome is the same... she ends up anservant to her husband and his family and always in subordinate role.

    Practice real sikhi and raise your daughters to know they are equals and don’t ever tell them they have lesser rights than Sikh males. Encourage them to take Amrit and stand side by side with Singh’s and even aspire to do seva as Panj Pyaras or be president of a Gurdwara committee one day and be an example. Then they will see Sikhi as something precious to never let go of.

  2. An Humble Creature

    An Humble Creature
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    Nov 21, 2017
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    Respected Madam Jee, Sorry for late reply..
    Para 1 ) Parents only wants to see their daughters happy and luxurious life with western thoughts, They don't bother about her husband's religion in many cases,Western Movies and vulgarity has been become part of Entertainment. Majority of girls are copying just as same as actress and role model (Fake shine and artificial look)...

    2) Our Gurus gave us right of gender equity, But within some limitations,At foundation time of (Khalsa panth) Panj Piyare" who came forward to present their head were all male..So it has been become doctrine, That "Panj Piyare" would be a male, Non of any female came forward for sacrifice for Khalsa Panth on that time. .But " Mata Jeeto Jee" had contribute to make 'Amrit' for "Panj Piyare" We just following the same principle and role of ratio by Sikh females during Khalsa Panth, Sikh religion is religion of "martyr" and warriors, So male played an important role in foundation and defend of Panth. Mostly religion are dominated by male, But it's not mandatory that during Gurdwara Election Sikh female not treated as male. .Bibi Jageer Kaur was elected as a president of SGPC, Palki sahib sewa, langer sewa, Keeratn sewa all doing by boths males and females, In case of Gurdwara Darbar Sahib. ..that is completely in control of "Badal"masand , He used filthy tricks ever to get in power, so there may be bit discrimination with females.

    3) Submissive-while Sikh male and females have rights of equity, But if they comes in majority and if they thinks they are able to do "management" works, They can come forward, But must be supported by her members,Then she may be elected in committee president, I read many articles Where in developed countries lot of females are elected as a member and president mostly in England and Canada. .

    4)Strongly agree with your last para Respected Madam Jee. ...Our families are forgetting our traditional activities and contributions of females in Sikhism, So our moral values are going lower to depth. ..Social Reform and awareness is must important thing. .

    5) Females in Developed countries are fully enjoying their rights but not in India, Because Indian culture is depends on traditional views, it's based on vote bank politics as well as communal disturbance activities, Poor governance never wants to develop their individuals thoughts. .

    Bhull Chukk di Maafi dediyo jee
    I m not Native English speaker, So lot of mistakes
  3. sukhsingh

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    Writer SPNer

    Aug 14, 2012
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    I'm sorry but your logic is completely flawed..

    First and foremost either you believe the message of guru nanak gives equality to all or you do not. It is not possible to have ifs and buts! There are no limitations..

    Equality amongst all is a fundamental..!

    Panj piare were all men who stepped forward, but you make a illogical leap to suggest that provides exclusivity to men.. Because if that action was exclusive to the individuals who partook then no one other than them could be panj piare
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