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Sikh News Sikh Fta Tv Channel Project Introduction

Sep 14, 2007
Sat Sri Akal
Why is that we Sikhs don't have a TV channel yet. In USA on dish network there are all kinds of religious channels. There is bunch of channels from Arab countries and they even have one from Pakistan. Media is the best tool if want to get your point across. Here in Sacramento i talked to one of the people at the Gurudwara about setting up an FM or Am radio station but he was not interested let alone TV station.
I am very much interested in this project but alone i cannot do it. We need many volunteers and people with money. I do have some what experience in video and satellite communication. I have been looking into this for few months now. The best way to do this is via FTA (free to air)satellite. It is available in Europe, Asia and Americas, Africa and all of the Arab world. Customer do not need to subscribe to anything, so there is no monthly bill. They will purchase an antenna and receiver about $175.00 to $200.00.
I would divide this into 4 Groups. Asian Group, Americas Group, Europe and Africa Group. We will need to set stations in those particular place and acquire or lease satellite transponders. We will need at least 4 satellite transponders for each Continent if we want to cover the whole globe. Each group will be responsible for their duties, acquiring funds etc for what ever group they are in.
So where do we start?
This project is not as easy as it sounds. Fir stable we need to come to an agreement and we need to have enough support so we can do this. Then we will apply for not profit institution. We need to acquire lots of funds and many many volunteers.
I would start for here USA since i live here or if where ever sangat decides and have enough support. I would like to get at least one Representative from heavily populated places where Punjabi's or Sikhs are. For example i am in Central California in Sacramento and there are at least 7 Gurudwara's here. So that is a good are for one Representative. Then i will need at least two or three reps from Bay area, one rep from Stockton Modesto and 2 or three reps from Los Angles, so i have covered the whole state and then we move on to next state for example TeXes. I might have 6 or 7 reps from that state. so as you can see we might end up with few hundred reps from USA, and we do same in Canada, Mexico and central America. You see where i am going, get the clear picture. So we will have communities made up of reps. We will have a comity for each country.
What will the reps do?
They are the core of our comity. They will be responsible for getting volunteers, communicating with our community. Getting in touch with all of the Gurudawaras under that rep. Giving speeches in Gurudawaras and letting the community know that what we are doing. We need to get attention from the community and gain their trust, after all they are the once who will be donating. Each will need to have at least 5 or 6 volunteers with him willing to put at least 10 hours a week.
What will volunteers do?
They will assist Rep in what ever he is assigned to do by his comity. One will be an advice, second will help with funds, third will be a speaker, fourth will be researcher for news media things like that, fifth might be an camera man etc, i hope you get my point. each rep's group will make their own movies and share with other reps or community to let them know what we are doing so we can get even more support.
Each month we will hold comity meetings. Each rep will be there and other who wish to be there, it might be reps group, family members or community members.
What will comity do?
First get enough support so we can have a comity
Establish non profit institute.
Get support from our congress.
Make some guideline for the reps.
Issue duties to reps
Decide where this station is going to be
Decide what kind of programing to broadcast
Find media, Dramas, films, documentary, local and world news
Hold meeting with other committees from other countries Etc.
Dass had this idea for a while. This is basic sketch of what i had in my mind. If we follow these steps we could have not just one station but as many as we want. Money should not be an obstacle. We all work hard enough that we can at lease donate some money for this project. I don't think anybody will have any problem with this. Look for the sake of our kids we need to do this. Lets take all the garbage that bollywood is putting on our screens. Even the Punjabi channel on dish network is putting out same garbage. Lets bring Guru Ke bani and other nice things about Sikh and our culture. Lets bring positive things about culture and educate our kids and at the same time get entertained. People step up to the plate.
50 percent of the programing will same everywhere in the world and other 50 will be local stuff. It could be local news or special program that the whole world don't need to see or have no interest. We will buy documentaries and dramas and films. Who knows one day we might produce everything. First there will be many of volunteer work but as we get big we need some full time paying jobs also. Well that's my idea and i hope i get positive feedback and hopefully some volunteers. I will donate $5000 USA dollars for this project to start with. I donate more if i could but i just have small business and that is what i can afford at the time.

Please let me know if this is good or bad idea and if you think it is good idea then what are you willing to do for this project. Please this elsewhere where there are sikh forums or your edited version. If you would like to contact me regarding this project or similar project please email me at freedomwireless@yahoo.com
Thank you

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa - Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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