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Sikh Community Condemns English Defence League (EDL)

Dec 18, 2010
A joint statement has been released by the UK Sikh community to condemn the English Defence League.

The English Defence League (EDL) has organised events across the country, stirring up hatred, Islamophobia and racism – running riot in some cases and provoking violent attacks on Muslim, black and Asian communities and on Mosques and Mandirs (Hindu temples).

Alongside this the British National Party (BNP) has received unprecedented electoral support for a fascist organisation in Britain.

They are using the old tactics of ‘divide and rule’ and are trying to divide the Asians by isolating the Muslim community. Furthermore, some misguided Sikh youth are letting themselves to be used by the EDL while a Sikh man has disgracefully joined the BNP. These people are helping to spread mistrust within our communities and we whole heartedly condemn their actions.

At a time of economic crisis with mass unemployment and impending deep public spending cuts – if the racists are allowed to make any further gains then we all would suffer from grave consequences. Thus we urge all Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and people of other faiths to come together to strongly condemn the actions of these racist organisations and unite to turn back this tide of hatred.



TurbanCampaign ji

I have removed some links. I do not lack sympathy for your cause. However, just as SPN prohibits proselytizing by various religions, SPN cannot be a platform for campaigns that are part of the politics internal to a country like UK, or any other country, for that matter. To do this for TurbanCampaign would require us to do the same for everyone else. For example, we have articles critical of Congress party politics in India, but we do not publish petitions against particular projects of the Congress party. Doing so for the political opposition, Congress would expect similar considerations. We have conversely published petitions in the past that address human rights and civil rights, across national boundaries and within national boundaries too. These were not tied for or against particular parties, but to humanity at large. I think your post would be more meaningful if you were to post an article or two that put the EDL message into perspective regarding civil rights of the British populace. Those interested in joining your campaign should click the link you provided above, and leave comments there, and also find the pdf documents that connect to this article. Thank you.

Noted - Thank you. :)