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Sikh Coalition Sikh Coalition's Youth Group Leads A Workshop On Bullying


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
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Sikh Youth Lead Workshop on Bullying
August 29, 2011 (Queens, NY) – Last week, six members of the Sikh Coalition's youth group, the Sikh Youth of New York [ ] (SYNY), experienced their first summer camp at Camp Chardi Kala [ ], one of the longest running Sikh camps in the United States. The youth members from Queens, New York participated in a week of Sikhi-related educational activities, along with 195 other youths from across the East Coast.

Additionally, the youth members led an anti-bullying workshop for 80 Sikh youths to educate them on their rights as it pertains to bullying. The workshop began by the SYNY introducing themselves and the work they do on bullying in Queens, NY. They then showed a video that they had developed on bullying [ Sikh Youth of New York on Bullying - YouTube ], which outlined their experiences and message on bullying in schools. They also shared a Know Your Rights brochure [ PDF.pdf ] that they prepared to educate Sikh youth on their rights as students and on how to respond to bullying in schools.

The anti-bullying workshop was very well received by camp participants and the discussion that followed revealed the considerable number of bullying incidents that Sikh youths face in schools. The Sikh Coalition extends its gratitude to Camp Chardi Kala for their leadership in providing a safe and fun environment for Sikh youth to learn and discover Sikhi, and to discuss their experiences on bullying.

""Through Camp Chardi Kala, I learned how great it is to be Sikh and how incorporating my religion into my American lifestyle is not that difficult." - Kirty Singh, 16 (Sikh Coalition youth member)"

The Sikh Coalition is grateful to the support it received to sponsor the Sikh Youth of New York to attend camp. Without these sponsorships, this experience would not have been possible for the Sikh youth.

""Camp Chardi Kala was a whole new experience for me. Living in the Bronx, you don't see a lot of Sikhs around. The feeling of knowing there are others of your own kind was probably the best part." - Sikh Coalition Youth Member"

As always, we urge Sikhs everywhere to fearlessly practice their faith. If you or your children are being bullied, teased or physically hurt at school because of your Sikh identity, please contact us immediately at [ ].

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1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
What is so cool is that SC embedded the video in the press release and we can all see some of the workshop right here at SPN.

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