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Sikh Coalition Sikh Coalition Draws Attention To Recent Crimes Against Sikhs In The USA


The Sikh Coalition is drawing attention to recent crimes against members of the religion. A group of men shared stories about their attacks during a news conference held by the advocacy organization.

One man said a group of teenagers on Roosevelt Island called him Osama bin Laden and told him go back to his country before punching him in the face. Another victim recorded a message from his hospital bed, where he said he ended up after a man using similar language ran him down with a pickup truck.

The community is making a plea for understanding and says the city needs to do more counteract hate violence.

"These aren't just hate crime incidents. This is a hate crime epidemic, for this to be taking place so regularly," said Dr. Jaspreet Singh Batra, who said he was attacked last week.

"They should look us beyond our appearances. They should try to understand who we are, and if they still find that we are doing anything wrong, they should caution us rather than throwing racial slurs and using bad words," said Dr. Prabhjot Singh, who said he was attacked last year.

Officials from the Sikh Coalition are calling on the NYPD to lift their current ban on turbans in the police force.

They said Mayor Bill de Blasio should take guidance from the federal government on countering discrimination by organizing a task force on the problem.

(Source: http://www.ny1.com/content/news/213...to-recent-crimes-against-members-of-religion/)

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