Sikh Captain America, Hari Kondabolu Venture Forth To Show New York The Face Of America

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Jun 17, 2004
From Prachi Gupta and the 'Angry Asian Man' blog

Hari Kondabolu teams up with Sikh Captain America

Is New York ready for a Captain America who rocks a turban?

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Y'all know I love me some Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. Check out this amazing segment where Hari Kondabolu takes to the streets of New York City with Sikh Captain America. Yup, Vishavjit Singh, the Sikh New Yorker who dressed up like Marvel Comics' most patriotic superhero -- plus a blue turban -- for a day.

Are the people ready for a Captain America who rocks a turban?

With special appearances by Asian Thor, Black Black Widow, Gay Hulk, and Brown Jesus Christ -- aka the Totally Biased Avengers. Heroes for our troubled times.

And from Rupinder Singh of American Turban

The Sikh Captain America takes on New York

The FXX network’s television show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell has not shied away from Sikh-related topics. After the mass shooting of Sikhs by a white supremacist in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, in August of last year, the show featured a segment to help eliminate confusion about the Sikh identity, and last month, highlighted the issues Sikh Americans face with TSA screening policies.

Vishavjit Singh is an editorial cartoonist who in the past year experimented with wearing a Captain America costume as a turban-wearing and bearded Sikh on the streets of New York. His experience was reported on Salon magazine in September.

Last night, the two stories combined. Totally Biased’s Hari Kondabolu brought to our television screens Vishavjit Singh as the Sikh Captain America on New York’s streets to gauge public reaction.

See more photos from Vishavijit Singh's first sortis as Captain America at this link click here


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