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Sikh Broadcaster Calls For A Breakdown Of Barrier Between Faiths In Cathedral Lecture

Randip Singh

Sikh broadcaster calls for a breakdown of barriers between faiths in Cathedral lecture.

Sikh broadcaster and journalist, Dr. Inderjit Singh, called on different faiths to work together to promote moral values in society, as he addressed an audience of several hundred at Ripon Cathedral for the sixth St. Wilfrid Lecture . Dr. Singh is a frequent contributor to ‘Thought for the Day’ on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and spoke on “The Role of the Church in Contemporary Society – a Sikh Perspective”.

Click the audio player below to hear Dr Singh's lecture.

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Speaking during national 'Interfaith Week', Dr Singh called for a need for faiths to work together in promoting the good in society and he called for a breaking down of barriers between faiths. “It is time for all of us to discard old attitudes to once distant faiths and cultures that are today, not distant but very much all around us.”

Talking about the role of religion in society he said, “God isn’t interested in our different religious labels but in what we do, or what we omit to do. Yesterday on the (Radio 4 ) Morning Service, I heard the same sentiment expressed from a Christian viewpoint in the hymn 'When I needed a neighbour where you there' reminding us that colour, creed or name don’t matter in our duty to look to the well-being of others. “ He added, “We can believe what we like but it is attempting to impose our beliefs on others that causes conflict. I don’t mind someone believing the earth is flat – provided they don’t try and push me off the edge!”

On the issue of common values Dr Singh told the Cathedral audience, “I believe that the essence of our different religions is gentle ethical guidance to steer us towards the goal of more responsible living.” He added that the overlap between religions was much greater than the differences and speaking of common values of tolerance, justice and compassion – “values that make us more considerate and responsible as human beings. I believe” he added, “ that the overriding mission of all faiths today is to embed these values into our daily living.”

The Lecture was the sixth in a series established this year to mark the 13 hundredth anniversary of the death of the ‘patron saint’ of Ripon, St Wilfrid, who established the Cathedral church in the 7th century. The overall theme of the St Wilfrid Lectures has been ‘Rethinking Mission: The role of the church in contemporary society.” Other speakers this year have included the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, and Dr David Wilkinson of Durham University.

Dr Inderjit Singh is the first person from another faith to address the Cathedral audience. The Dean of Ripon, the Very Revd Keith Jukes said his contribution was important because of that. "Inderjit Singh comes to share a subject that is vital for our partnership as people of faith. The dialogue between those of different religions is at the centre of an understanding of both the complexity of the world and our request for cohesion on a local, national and international basis..”

The Editor of the Sikh Messenger, Dr Inderjit Singh (born 1932 in Rawalpindi, British India) is a prominent British Asian, active in Sikh and interfaith activities. As well as regular ‘Thought for the Day’ contributions he speaks on BBC Radio 2's "Pause for Thought". He is also a contributor to British and overseas newspapers and journals including The Times, The Guardian and The Independent.


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Re: Sikh Broadcaster Calls for a Breakdown of Barrier Between Faiths in Cathedral Lec

Mind blowing!! :wah: :wah:

Randip Singh

Re: Sikh Broadcaster Calls for a Breakdown of Barrier Between Faiths in Cathedral Lec

Aman Ji Dr Inderjit Singh is an inspiration to Sikhs. He's an Amritdhari (and guess what, he indulges in Christmas activity, including the Turkey and trimmings).

Some would wish to deride him just for that, but I would say those people do not know their own religion and do not know what a GEM we have in Dr Inderjit Singh.

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