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Sikh Boy Loves Bengali Hindu Girl


Jul 29, 2012
Ssa, everyone.. Please advice me about my marriage with this bengali hindu girl. I live in UK & I know this girl from last 4years now and we both love each other & want to get married & now the time have come to turn this into marriage. But when I broke this news to my parents who live back in India they arnt so happy about it. First she from different religion, second she is bit darker than me and she not that educated I am. Personally I dont care about any of those. But at last they agreed but not full hearted. My parents made their condition that the marriage will happen in India according to sikhism way but the problem is girl's mother told me that because of their financial condition they would not be able to afford marriage in India. And if marriage happens weather their will be ever good relation between our families, weather they will accept her or not. Please give me your advice what you make out of it. Thanks
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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
We can only feel how cold...or hot..or WET the water is..after we JUMP into the pool. No one in the world can answer your questions before hand....You will KNOW the answers first hand after you marry. Then take one day at a relationship at a crisis at a after day..month after month..year after year...the "water" may turn out to be warm..lukewarm..boiling hot..icy cold..bone freezing cold...but the only way you will really KNOW is after you JUMP IN. a MILLION people standing by the pool side cannot tell you.

1. make sure YOU know YOURSELF.
2. make sure you know her.
3. make sure you know her family.
4. make sure you know your family.
5. The WORLD..the neighbours..the relatives..the friends..the workmates..etc etc all have a role to play whether you are happy, sad or whatever after marriage...and then consider the KIDS..
6. The World is YOUR OYSTER..but sometimes the oyster leads to food aware...and beware...joys and pits..sorrows..and highs..all part of life..YOU ARE IN THE DRIVERS SEAT.:)motherlylovelol


Aug 8, 2011
One of my senior in college who happened to be a Bengali (girl) married a Sikh boy.

This is of course not related to your case but if you want I can provide you with the facebook profile of both of them. Maybe you can contact them and if they are willing they can tell you how they went about the process of convincing their families.


Dec 4, 2011
When someone is really sure and trusts their love and knows it to be true. Then, convincing or sacrificing it for others blinded beliefs is not even a question that comes to the believer of true love.
They simply know, that what they shall pursue is the correct and true thing to do, no matter what others say.

This is what is meant by ''blinded by love''
Such a blinded lover is actually only able to see true love and the ''pure truth''- This true lover becomes blinded by the visions of people that themselves see ''blind myths, blind beliefs, false perceptions, false inequalities, false work of God, false union of true lovers''
SO, the true lover becomes blinded to all things that deviate away from the real truth.

This also goes with the love that we can feel for creator and creation if we get close enough using the tool of sikhism.


Aug 10, 2009
How religious are you both? It can make a difference when you live together and need to share your religious ideas and practices. Others in mixed marriages might be able to share some thoughts on that too.


(previously Lion_Prince_Jatinder)
Jun 29, 2004
west london
I can even tell about some of my family members, if you are in another country then its pretty easy just doing the marriage.

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