India Sibal Releases Postage Stamp On Hari Singh Nalwa

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Jan 7, 2005
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Sibal releases postage stamp on Hari Singh Nalwa

New Delhi , Tue, 30 Apr 2013 ANI


New Delhi, April 30 (ANI): Communications and Information Technology Minister Kapil Sibal on Tuesday released a commemorative postage stamp here Hari Singh Nalwa, a former commander of the Sikh Empire that was ruled by Ranjit Singh in the early part of the 19th century.

Speaking on the occasion, Sibal described Nalwa as a brave soldier and true patriot, who defended the Sikh Empire in the Battle of Jamrud in 1837.

He said, Nalwa was a great nationalist who built many towns, gardens and shrines of all religions when he served as Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Peshawar and Hazara, which is now in Pakistan.

Nalwa, who was born in 1791 and died in 1837, was the Commander-in-chief of the Khalsa, the army of the Sikh Empire.

He is known for his role in the conquests of Kasur, Sialkot, Multan, Kashmir, Attock, Peshawar and Jamrud.

Nalwa was responsible for expanding the frontier of Sikh Empire to beyond the Indus River right up to the mouth of the Khyber Pass.

In 1831, he opposed moves by Ranjit Singh to appoint Kharak Singh as his successor as Maharaja of the Sikh Empire.

At the time of his death, the western boundary of the empire was Jamrud. (ANI)


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