Shri Jayandra Saraswati Had Some Sexual Affair With A Lady

May 23, 2005
Shri Jayandra Saraswati had some sexual affair with a lady

Sometime back, some people were asking Me that the saint Shri Jayandra Saraswati had some sexual affair with a lady. A saint (Sanyasi) is taking food and is sleeping in the night. As long as the awareness exists, the properties of the body like hunger, sleep, thirst, sex etc. have to exist. Only in the state of Avadhuta, the awareness is transformed into its basic original form which is the inert energy. Since the whole cosmos is nothing but various modifications of infinite and all pervading inert energy, the inert energy is Brahman. Therefore, the soul of Avadhuta becomes Brahman and He is in the state of deep sleep continuously.

Therefore, the feelings like hunger, sex etc. do not exist in his case. The Avadhuta is a form of matter externally and inert energy (soul) internally. He is like the inert stick carrying the inert fire-energy or He is like hot iron rod. The soul is the heat (inert energy) and His body is the inert iron rod. What is the value of such Avadhuta if he has not recognized God and not involved in the service of the Lord who came down in human form during his generation? For a saint, the soul (awareness) becomes inert energy only in the deep sleep as in the case of ordinary human beings.

Just like an ordinary human being, His body performs all the biological functions. Now what is the difference between the saint and the human being? The saint avoided marriage and children for the sake of God’s work. The ordinary human being could not do this. The biological function is common to both. To pacify the hunger, both are taking food. To pacify thirst, both are drinking water.

To pacify the tiredness, both are sleeping. Similarly, to pacify the sex, both may be indulged in the corresponding activity. This is the common aspect in the case of both the saint and the human being. However, the saint is greater than the human being because he sacrificed the marriage and children for the sake of God’s work, which the ordinary human being could not do.

Now the criticism on the saint is that He is indulged in such activity secretly and is posing as if He is not indulged. Is it not hypocrisy? Now I put the same question to the ordinary human beings. Are they not doing the same activity secretly? Now the objection is that the wife is a licensed woman for that and that the woman involved with the saint has no such license. This objection is also rejected because license means the mutual agreement without any force. The saint also pacified the biological need secretly with the mutual consent of the woman only and not by force. You can treat such woman as a prostitute and thus she has to be criticized and not the saint.

Vyasa is a great sage. You consider Him as a preacher and His birthday is Guru Poornima. One day He saw the dancer from heaven by name Ghrutachi. The biological function (sex) got itself expressed spontaneously. He was involved with her and also became the father of a son (Suka) through her. She is a prostitute. He wrote all this frankly in the Puranam. By this, did you reject Vyasa as Guru? Even today, we celebrate His birthday as the day of preachers. In view of His divine service which was done continuously day and night, these few minutes of wastage can be neglected. He gave so many scriptures in the line of spiritual knowledge. In view of the extraordinary services done by Vyasa, this small point can be neglected which is just a biological function like excretion, urination etc.

I wonder why the people are not pointing out the same in the case of a great political leader who served the country very well. In view of the best services rendered to the country, such things are neglected but you are magnifying this point in the case of a saint only. This looks like the opposition party pointing out at the small defect by magnification, even though the same small defect is on their side. Of course this opposition party is in minority only.

The ruling party consisting of human incarnations, saints, preachers and devotees is a vast majority. You know that the ruling party always exists in majority. You have to see the need of the situation which is inevitable and try to understand the point. Even in the case of Adi Sankara, the situation developed in such a way that He had to indulge in sex with the queens of King Amaruka. It was the pressure of the need and not the will with planning. We must understand the level of the soul and also the need of situation. Lord Krishna also had such secret indulgence with women but if you see the background and analyze the need of such activity, there is no misunderstanding.

The human beings are always jealous at the human incarnation and the other divine people serving the divine mission. You must take what you have to take from the preacher. Certainly He is better than your level and He can be your preacher. Most of the human beings are also involved in such unlicensed activities. At least in the mental plane, they are sinners if they are frank before God. Sin is in the mind and not in the inert body or in the inert action.

At the Lotus Feet of His Holiness Sri Dattaswami

Anil Antony
Universal Spirituality for World Peace