Should Punjab Be Surprised? (in Punjabi)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Re: Should Punjabi be surprised? (in Punjabi)

Rozana Spokesman articles have to be uploaded as image files, usually as 2 or 3 individual files, because of their size. Most of the time I can get the single first page to fit tight without any gaps. This time no. Apologies for the spaces between entries, but there is natural formatting in the comment window that caused this and I was unable to over-ride it.

Original source at this link

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Spnadmin long as readers cna get the GIST of it i think it suffices...alwys the original link is also apologies needed or necessary Ji..Great job and THANKS..for the hard work..I know because i tried and failed..hence passing of the buck to your good self..Jios.