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UK Should England Give A Second Chance To Monty Panesar ?

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
England should give second chance to Monty Panesar

It pays testament to the special affection in which the cricketing public hold Mudhsuden Singh Panesar that he has acquired more nicknames than perhaps any other sportsman alive.

By Matthew Norman


Apart from Monty, the England off-spinner’s sobriquets include The Montster, The Python, The Sikh of Tweak and various others, including The Turbanator (purloined from Harbhajan Singh, who does wear the turban rather than the less cumbersome patka favoured by Monty).

Following the unseemly turn of events in a Brighton nightclub shortly before dawn on Monday, when from an upstairs window he relieved himself on the bouncers below, it seems a safe bet that if or when he is recalled to the England Test team (and it now becomes a slightly enlarged if), he will soon have another. Whether it is The Urinator, The Micturator or The Sikh With The Leak is too soon to predict.

While the only memorable sporting precedent for voluntary incontinence is Paula Radcliffe’s celebrated roadside evacuation during a London Marathon, the history of pub’n’club-related outrage is capacious.

In adding a timely though unwanted extra layer of contention to the term “hot spot”, Monty joins a rogue’s gallery that includes Mike Tindall outside the dwarf-throwing bar in New Zealand, David Warner’s recent assault on Joe Root in one of Birmingham’s more elegant Australian-themed pubs, and too many others to be listed.

One expects boorishness in drink from rugger {censored}s, Premier League thugs, generic Aussies and other sporting archetypes. Had the culprit been John Terry or the young Mike Tyson, you would mutter, “yeah, and tell me something I don’t know”. But Monty? Adorable, sweet-natured, tubby little Monty, with his childlike enthusiasm, Keystone Cops fielding and enchantingly maladroit wicket celebrations?

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