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1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
The attached photo of Sher e Punjab by the Singh Twins is for information only. It has not been identified as the painting of Maharaja Ranjit Singh that was put to auction.

It was the right setting for the event. A painting of Maharaja Ranjit Singh by the Singh Twins was sold for 16,000 pounds sterling at an auction organized by Christies at Elveden Hall, Norfolk - former residence of Maharaja Duleep Singh - in September. It was one of the two artworks especially rendered by The Singh Twins for the bidding that formed part of the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail activities, and was attended by eminent Sikhs from all over the world.

These works were in keeping with the hallmark post-modern style of the Singh Twins, Amrit and Rabindra, contemporary British artists who have integrated old and new, reworking historical engravings from their Sikh archive collection using a combination of traditional painting and modern digital techniques to create portraits of two of Sikh history's most famous figures. Both images represent an important turning point in the artists- creative development, embodying their more recent exploration of the exciting new area of multimedia art. The boundaries between fantasy and history merge as the Twins present symbolic representations of a father and son, who, collectively, represent a glorious bygone era, often looked at with nostalgia and pride but fraught with political intrigue and marked by tragedy.

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