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Jan 6, 2007
Surinder Kaur ji,

i really want to discuss this and find some way out to describe the true deapth of these terms- word, shabad and others in more simple words.

Due to the poetic nature of Gurbani, Our Gurus have used the same word to mean different things. This is primarily because the Bani is in Raag and Taal form. To fully understand, we need to look at the context in which the Bani has come.

My humble understanding is that depending upon the intelect of the person with whom the conversation is taking place Guru ji have in their way tried to simplify the message. At times Guru jis' had to say that they are Gurus in order to assert the message. This is where these Agents of Kalyug are propegating their own sects, have taken advantage. Little do they know or understand what they are getting into. They have become Satguru by name and not by Character. How can one who himself is lost tell others the way.

I feel it would be helpful to know whom Guru ji has conversed with to help our understanding. For example Guru Nanak Dev ji conversed with two type of groups. The Sidhas, who were highly intelectual people with proven mastery and indepth knowledge of spirituality but were stranded from merging with God or those that had no sense of direction. They had the energy to progess but did not know the route, and needed direction.

As a generalisation you will note that Bani gets serious and down to bussiness with the message as you go beyond the second half of SGGS. This bani is much harder to understand therefore, if i may say so, the conversation must be with intellectuals.

This is my humble understanding that i share with you.


Mar 28, 2006
Respected Ekmudafir Ajnabi Ji,

thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge and understanding. And a humble request, please keep sharing whenever possible :) .

:) Let us become Satyug de agent :)
just kidding........ Apna Agent ta har vakat naal hai, har paasey, sabh de andar...... Gur Mere Sang Sdaa Hai Naalay

forgive me please
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