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India SGPC Objects To Taxis "Overcharging" Pilgrims


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
SGPC objects to taxis ‘overcharging’ pilgrims
Tribune News Service

Amritsar, July 6
Tension prevailed outside the Golden Temple complex here today when a tiff broke out between the SGPC security force and taxi operators over the issue of “overcharging” pilgrims and creating chaos at the entrance of the complex.

The taxi operators denied the allegations and took vehicles off the road in protest. Harjinder Singh Judge, representative of Sri Guru Ram Dass Taxi Union, said most of them have been operating from outside the Golden Temple for the last over 20 years and never faced any complaint from passengers.

“There are around 250 operators who have been running taxi service under this banner. Today, without any provocation from our side, a group of the SGPC security force attacked us with sticks when we were waiting for passengers outside the complex,” he said.

Reacting on the issue, SGPC secretary Dalmegh Singh said the retaliation was resultant of their (taxi operators) disturbing the decorum of the holy shrine.

“It has been observed that they charge exorbitant fare and unnecessarily get accumulated at the entrance point causing great inconvenience to pilgrims. They had been warned numerous times but in vain. They seldom take prescribed fare from the passengers. We have been working out modalities to fix the taxi fare for other important destinations in and around the city from Golden Temple point and they would have to follow them strictly”, he said.



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Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
somehow I would rather beleive the taxi drivers than the sgpc guys...????Why did the sgpc hancho tell them all to go to BEAS ( Just becasue the taxi person said that the radhasoamis treat people with love and humility...so why is the sgpc persons haughty and angry) IF BEAS is so kind and nice !!
IMHO the correct response SHould have been..OH Beas are kind and nice..??? THEN..Since WE are SIKHS..we will be NICER and KINDER !!...NOT.."Go to beas then ..to me this sounds just like..Go to hell !!
Oct 21, 2009
SGPC is a defunct body driven by selfish motives and have little appreciation of sikhs in India. It is doing nothing at all for sikhs and welfare but sits on large chunk of money..There is a concept of 'piercing of corporate veil' ...It should be subjected to this..
It is high time that SGPC be restructured so that it derives some returns on the huge corpus of money that it wastes....no returns..
Baba Ramdev is better in this respect. His products may have been banned in US by FDA but he has a huge following.I wish SGPC learns something from Baba Ramdev to use Corporate culture and increase its wealth..Baba has legally derived profits of Rs.1170 crores during last 11 years,, what is SGPC doing.?......this news item is only a gimmickry..SGPC need major overhauling...

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