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India SGPC Heading Towards A Crisis?

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
SGPC heading towards a crisis?
Perneet Singh/TNS

Legal Tangle:
- The newly elected SGPC House is caught in a legal tangle over the Sehajdhari issue
- The case is delaying the formation of the executive body of the SGPC House
- The delay also may affect the SGPC budget, which has to be passed by its executive as well as General House before March 31
- After getting it passed, the SGPC needs to issue notices to its members informing them about the budget session 21 days in advance
-- This means the SGPC now has less than a month left to get its executive in place and get the budget passed

Amritsar, February 10
With the newly elected SGPC House caught in legal tangle over the Sehajdhari issue, the premier Sikh body seems to be heading towards a crisis and may find it difficult to pass its annual budget in March.

The annual budget of the SGPC has to be passed by its executive as well as the General House before March 31. The SGPC needs to issue notices to its members informing them about the Budget Session 21 days in advance after getting it passed from the executive. However, the executive of the newly elected SGPC House is yet to be formed. This means the SGPC has now less than a month left to get its executive in place and the annual budget passed by it. The executive is formed alongside the election of the new office-bearers, a process which is getting delayed due to the ongoing legal process over the Sehajdhari row.

Though the SGPC election process got completed with the issuance of a notification of the new SGPC House on December 16, following the elections on September 18 and co-option on December 5, the Union government hasn’t given a green signal to the SGPC session for electing its new office-bearers.

As per the Sikh Gurdwara Act, 1925, the elections of the new office-bearers should be held within a month of the notification of the new House. Going by the norm, the meeting of the new House to elect the office-bearers should have been called by January 15. SGPC secretary Dalmegh Singh said they were in a tight spot as the time for the budget session was fast approaching. However, he clarified they had set the ball rolling as far as the preparation of the annual SGPC budget was concerned. He hoped they would get some respite from either the court or the government to facilitate smooth passage of the budget.

Dalmegh Singh said apart from the budget, they were also finding it difficult to run their day-to-day affairs due to the delay in the election of the new SGPC team. “We are managing the work by keeping the nod for various expenses pending. For instance, we have already organised Jor Mela at Fatehgarh Sahib and Maghi Mela at Muktsar Sahib in the absence of necessary sanction for expenditure made in holding these events and now we may have to do the same on Baisakhi if the new SGPC team is not elected by then,” he said.

According to him, the SGPC president has the powers to sanction a maximum of Rs 25,000 and any amount above it has to be sanctioned by the SGPC executive.

Noted lawyer HS Phoolka said the court had not quashed the recent SGPC elections and, therefore, the Centre could call a session of the new SGPC House to elect its office-bearers.

However, former Sikh Gurdwara Judicial Commission chairman Kashmir Singh Patti said the SGPC could not pass the annual budget in the current scenario.


Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
There MUST be a "reason" WHY the Election Commission IGNORED the thousands of illegal votes, the muslim votes, the sehajdharee votes, the multiple votes, the Absent votes...etc etc in the SGPC Elections to ENSURE VICTORY of the Exact same Group that is now in limbo ?? The SGPC Election Commissioner ( HAR-FOOL SINGH ---Yes thats his name !!) acted 100% OPPOSITE to how the EC acted in the Vidhan Sabha Elections. Harfool refused to even watch VIDEO evidence of fake voters voting, election booth violence etc...and brushed aside ALL legitimate protests..by saying: NO NOTHING WRONG Happened..no evidence..no report....etc etc.. while the Vidhan sabha EC Kushamjit Kaur Sidhu enforced the RULES as tightly as she could resulting in the CLEANEST election ever...while the Harfool led election was the DIRTIEST EVER !!



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