USA SFR Profiles Trouble In Sikh Dharma

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    I am posting this story with some misgivings. The details are few. But the things that stand out as they do need confirmation and background, precisely because of the lack of details. For example, what is SFR? What is the army they are talking about? The story about lawsuits over Golden Temple Foods and Akaal Security are not new. If anyone can find a new article that has the needed/relevant/factual information, would you post it here or send me the link. I am almost tempted to call the reporter.

    A Sikh business empire based in New Mexico is undergoing turmoil and lawsuits after the death of the Sikh religious sect’s leader in 2004.

    The litigious battle is for “control of a large private army that has won more than $3.5 billion in government contracts, ownership of a trans-Atlantic natural foods empire and, not least, the fate of an influential decades-old religious sect called Sikh Dharma,” Corey Pein writes.

    These include allegations that Guruchander Singh took computers full of information from Sikh Dharma’s Española campus after threatening that employees must sign a new loyalty oath or lose their jobs.

    The case of who controls the empire of the late Yogi Bhajan is currently going on in Portland, Oregon.

    New Mexicans may be most familiar with Akal Security, one of the companies owned by the Sikh sect.

    SFR profiles trouble in Sikh Dharma New Mexico Independent

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