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Service to Humanity

Dalvinder Singh Grewal

Jan 3, 2010
Service to Humanity
Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal
Whatever has been given to you by God is not only sufficient for you but also enough for the service of others. Serving others is the requirement of God given to you since He wants all His beings happy always. Unhappiness occurs when you hold on extra or hoard because you have not distributed it to others who need them most. The left-outs are unhappy in turn making God unhappy. Man is destined to work. He has to work hard to earn and whatever he earns is not for himself but whatever is beyond his minimum essential needs is to be distributed among others. So this is very important that whatever earning we have to provide and distribute to others. What is your value as a billionaire when you have held up the shares of others? You are not following God’s Will. In fact, you are not keeping Him happy instead.
The more you hoard, the more you become greedy. The greedier you are, the more proud you feel of your earnings. The more wealth you have the more you want to enjoy and live leisurely. The more you are greedy and proud, the more you are away from God; the more you have made God unhappy. The more leisure, the more your wants and greed increase. More the leisure more the softness in your body through the mind may become harsher since you have not cared for the humanity created by God. The softer your body is; the more the sickness you have invited. The more sickness and greed, the more is the less of human qualities. You tend to ignore the pain of others and go even to cause pain to others to increase your wealth. You may be the richest but you are not a human then.
Think over and learn to live with what you have and also to share with the needy. This is what makes God happy. I have not seen God but I find in those destitute who become happy when you share with them.

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