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SciTech Scientists Doubt That Meteorite Hit Latvia


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Jun 17, 2004
Scientists Doubt Meteorite Hit Latvia

posted: 9 HOURS 20 MINUTES AGO

(Oct. 26) -- Scientists expressed skepticism Monday about reports that a meteorite's impact created a crater near a northern Latvia farm.
The crater appears to have been dug by shovels, a doctoral student in geology told reporters, according to LETA, the nation's official news agency.

Ilmars Znotins, AFP / Getty Images

Media reports from Latvia initially said that this pit on a farm near Mazsalaca was made by a meteorite-like object. But scientists expressed doubt. One said it was a hoax.

"A simple, man-made hole with a [chemical] substance poured in," said Andris Karpovics of the University of Latvia. He noted that a mixture of aluminum and iron, possibly with sulfur added, likely resulted in the increased temperature that was observed in the crater.

After inspecting the scene, another expert, astronomy specialist Ilgonis Vilks, told reporters the temperature within the crater was lower than what it would have been had a meteorite created the impression.

Vilks added that clumps of dirt would have surrounded the crater had a meteorite created it.

"Currently, it appears that it was not a meteorite," Vilks told reporters. He declined to comment on what could have created the crater, whose size he put at about 33 feet wide and 6.5 feet deep -- smaller than originally described.

Vilks also did not deny that people could have dug the hole but said he is not an expert to judge this possibility.

Scientists and the armed forces from the northern European nation will inspect the crater and conduct an investigation, the news agency said.

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Forwarded by forum member Tejwant Singh Malik. :cool:


Jun 1, 2004
With the precision that crater seems to be made, it hardly looks like a man made effort... it might be that unscrupulous people would have visited the spot and even picked out the object to sell it off at a hefty price later on... :rolleyes: you never know the possibilities....
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