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General Scientific Evidence For The COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS


Nov 25, 2006

Yes. It is a technique that has become the most thoroughly studied program for human development in the annals of modern science. More than 600 studies have been conducted at over 200 independent universities and research institutions in 30 countries and published in over 100 peer-reviewed scholarly journals. These studies have shown this technique to be by far the most effective remedy for the ills of modern life.

Here is an example of a study that was done in Washington D.C.:

"Effects of Group Practice of the TM Program on Preventing Violent Crime in Washington, DC: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June-July 1993:

John S. Hagelin, Ph.D A.B. M.A., David W. Orme-Johnson, Ph.D, Maxwell V. Rainforth, Kenneth L. Cavanaugh, Ph.D, Charles N.Alexander, Ph.D, Susan F. Shatkin, John L. Davies, Ph.D, Anne O. Hughes, and Washington D.C. police chief Emanuel Ross

This study presents the final results of a two-month prospective experiment to reduce violent crime in Washington, DC. On the basis of previous research it was hypothesized that the level of violent crime in the District of Columbia would drop significantly with the creation of a large group of participants in the Transcendental Meditation® and TM-Sidhi® programs to increase coherence and reduce stress in the District.
The National Demonstration Project to Reduce Violent Crime and Improve Governmental Effectiveness brought approximately 4,000 participants from the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs to the United States national capital from June 7 to July 30, 1993. A 27-member independent Project Review Board consisting of sociologists and criminologists from leading universities, representatives from the police department and government of the District of Columbia, and civic leaders approved in advance the research protocol for the project and monitored its progress."

The volunteers simply gathered together and meditated. This is the process of bringing oneself into a state of peace. You see, we usually go about our hectic and materialistic day with a barrage of thoughts running through our minds. Meditation is the act of turning this off, of letting go, and simply existing. When you do this, you go from emitting an electro-magnetic signal that is turbulent, to releasing one that is calm and peaceful. When you meditate, you transform your frequency from being as a lake with waves and ripples and currents to a lake that is glassy and calm.

"The dependent variable in the D.C. research was weekly violent crime, as measured by the Uniform Crime Report program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation; violent crimes include homicide, rape, aggravated assault, and robbery. This data was obtained from the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department for 1993 as well as for the preceding five years (1988-1992). Additional data used for control purposes included weather variables (temperature, precipitation, humidity), daylight hours, changes in police and community anti-crime activities, prior crime trends in the District of Columbia, and concurrent crime trends in neighboring cities. Average weekly temperature was significantly correlated with homicides, rapes and assaults (HRA crimes), as has also been found in previous research; therefore temperature was used as a control variable in the main analysis of HRA crimes. Using time series analysis, violent crimes were analyzed separately in terms of HRA crimes (crimes against the person) and robbery (monetary crimes), as well as together.

Analysis of 1993 data, controlling for temperature, revealed that there was a highly significant decrease in HRA crimes associated with increases in the size of the group during the Demonstration Project. The maximum decrease was 23.3% when the size of the group was largest during the final week of the project. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002). When a longer baseline is used (1988-1993 data), the maximum decrease was 24.6% during this period (p < .00003). When analyzed as a separate variable, robberies did not decrease significantly, but a joint analysis of both HRA crimes and robberies indicated that violent crimes as a whole decreased significantly to a maximum amount of 15.6% during the final week of the project (p = .0008). Analysis of 1993 data, controlling for temperature, revealed that there was a highly significant decrease in HRA crimes associated with increases in the size of the group during the Demonstration Project.

Several additional analyses were performed on HRA crimes to further assess the strength of the main findings. These indicated that the reduction of HRA crimes associated with the group of participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs could not be attributed to changes in police staffing. These secondary analyses also found that the reduction of HRA crimes was highly robust to alternative specifications of the statistical model-that is, the effect is independent of the isolated details of the models used to assess seasonal cycles and trends. No significant decrease was found in any of the prior five years during this period of time, indicating that this effect was not due to the specific time of year. Furthermore, the intervention parameters for the group size revealed that the effect of the group was not only cumulative with the increase in group size, but also continued for some time after the end of the project.
Based on the results of the study, the steady state gain (long-term effect) associated with a permanent group of 4,000 participants in the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs was calculated as a 48% reduction in HRA crimes in the District of Columbia.
Given the strength of these results, their consistency with the positive results of previous research, the grave human and financial costs of violent crime, and the lack of other effective and scientific methods to reduce crime, policy makers are urged to apply this approach on a large scale for the benefit of society."

This experiment has been done again and again successfully. Scientists have discovered that when just one percent of a population practice Transcendental Meditation, morning and evening together in one place, negative tendencies are neutralized and reversed and positive trends are promoted throughout the whole population.

The technique has been found to SIGNIFICANTLY:

* Decrease Violence/Terrorism/Warfare/Conflict/Hatred
* Increase Development of Intelligence
* Increased IQ
* Improve Memory
* Increase Use of Hidden Brain Reserves
* Increase EEG Coherence During Transcendental Consciousness
* Increase Physiological Indicators of Deep Rest
* Reduce High Blood Pressure
* Decrease and Reverse Biological Aging
* Decrease Insomnia
* Reduce High Cholesterol
* Reduce Illness and Medical Expenditures
* Decrease Outpatient Visits Indicating Healthier Aging
* Decrease Cigarette Smoking
* Decrease Alcohol Use
* Decrease Anxiety
* Increase Personal Development
* Decrease Depression
* Increase Calmness
* Increase Job Satisfaction
* Improve Job Performance
* Increase Financial/Economic Stability (By effecting Stock Market)

The TM-Sidhi program was started by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who in 1957 predicted that if just one percent of the worlds population practiced the Transcendental Meditation technique, there would be no more war. This one percent effect was first verified in 1974 when scientists found a drop in the crime rate after one percent of a citys population learned the TM technique. In recognition of Maharishis promise, researchers named this phenomenon the Maharishi Effect.
In 1976, with the introduction of the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, a more powerful effect was expected. Scientists discovered that just the square root of one percent of a population, practicing Yogic Flying together in one place, could create the same influence. This much-reduced requirement was called the Extended Maharishi Effect. This is the formula for the GLOBAL effect of TM.

If you want to know how to meditate, go here

Our consciousness is actually what creates reality. And it's our feelings, thoughts, and intentions that determine the shape.
Positive words, ideas, emotions, and attitudes have a measurable positive effect. Negative words, emotions, and attitudes have a measurable negative effect. Although I am discovering that a person's own perception of what is negative and what is positive comes into play greatly. For example, studies have been done where people are given something like chocolate cake to eat. Scientists discovered that when a person eats something like that and they feel bad or guilty about it, their immune system strength drops, while the immune system of a person savoring the cake, feeling no regret whatsoever, will experiance the opposite effect or no effect at all.

I am currently trying to learn just how much a persons perceptions, attitudes, and especially FEELINGS determine the outcome of these kinds of effects. I have spent the last year experimenting with the effects of positive and negative influences on water.
I first got the idea when I read a book called "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist who discovered that water intelligently responds to information.
Dr. Emoto's research was fairly simple. It was based on the fact that no two snowflakes are ever the same. He and his team would write something on a piece of paper such as "KINDNESS", or "HATRED" Then they would tape the paper to a bottle of water (with the word facing the water) and leave it out overnight. Then they would put some of the water into a petrie dish and put it into a freezer. When the first ice crystal formed, they would take a photograph of it with a dark-field microscope connected to a camera. Emoto discovered that the crystals would always correspond to the word or phrase that had stimulated it. Negative words and phrases would have negative effects on the crystal. Positive words and phrases would have positive effects on the crystal.

My experiments involved boiling rice until it was cooked. Then I placed a scoop of rice into several separate glasses. On the glasses I had written positive and negative things (backwards on the outside as to face the rice). On one I would write "LOVE" On another I would write "HATE" On another I would write "PEACE" On another I would write "GENOCIDE"
I put the glasses in a room and for a few weeks I would take each of them (one at a time) into another room where I would focus my thoughts and feelings on the word or words written on each. So I'd take the HATE glass from the room with the others and go into another room and I'd conjure up the emotion of hate. I'd tell the rice that I hated it and I did it very sincerely. After a while of this, I'd put the HATE rice test back in the other room and I'd do the same thing to the next one. For LOVE, I'd create feelings of love within myself and tell the rice that I loved it. I would think of something that would make me feel whatever feeling I was trying to feel at the time and direct it into each corrisponding test.
The results were the same the first few times. The rice in a glass marked with something positive turned golden yellow and malted. The rice in a glass marked with something negative like turned black and decayed. Something very negative such as GENOCIDE turned black and decayed but also contained clumps of blood red matter that I wasn't able to identify. The negative glasses did the opposite of the positive, but were all slightly different based on what was said. Positive glasses did the opposite of the negative, but were all slightly different based on what was said. Some positive tests showed signs of growth within the golden malt, and some were simply golden. Words that I felt were somewhere between positive and negative like RELIGION ended up somewhere between the results of the positive and negative (but that may have something to do with my oppinions about those words).
I have done this MANY, MANY times and the results were consistent. That is, until the last two times.
The first of the last two experiments involved a bunch of those in between words. I was busy and didn't pay the samples much attention during the time and the results were not as definate.
For the second test, the one I just barely finished, I set up the experiment in a room and then went on vacation. No one was around during the time needed for the results to manifest. When I came back, I found that all the samples were completely unaffected. They had dried out completely, but the rice was as white as when it had first been cooked and placed there. The positive samples didn't turn yellow and malt, and the negative samples didn't turn brown or black and decay.
I believe that I have come to the conclusion that the biggest factor in this
experiment working is the observer. This makes sense though because it happens to be exactly what quantum physics is currently telling us.
Without a conscious being such as myself around to check on the rice, nothing happened whatsoever.
It seems that it is our conscious perception which makes the rice reflect the stimuli. I believe that the effect that the words written on the glasses have on the water in the rice is based completely on the oppinions of whatever allocated partitions of consciousness (people) happen to be observing them. So perhaps a "George W. Bush" sample for example would react negatively around someone like me who doesn't have a very high oppinion of him and the same sample would react differently around someone who thinks that Bush is a great and noble man. The next step in my research is to determine what it means to "observe". Does it mean to look directly at something? Does it mean to think of or envision that something? Does it mean being within a certain parameter of that something? I believe that these are questions we can easily answer by thinking of new ways to test this with experiments such as the ones I've been doing with rice.

Now, you may ask ..What does rice have to do with water?.. Well, the rice is like our body. Our body (and our entire world in fact) is made up of about 90% water. When rice is boiled, it absorbs water. The response of the stimuli on the water inside the rice has a direct effect on the rice.
This experiment proves just how much we are affected by positivity and negativity and/or what we believe is positive and negative.
Based on Dr. Emoto's work as well as my own, I share his theory that the rice is not nessicarily responding to the words themselves, but to the attitudes and opinions of our own consciousness reguarding the words. It may have to do only with the oppinions and attitudes of the individual consciousness involved in the perception, or with the individual consciousness in some combination with the local and global consciousness.
The truth is, I've seen this work perfectly several times, but I've also done it where I thought it should've worked like it had in the past, but instead the rice didn't look much differently visually (only the smells changed. The negative rice samples developed a horrible putrid stench, while the positive rice samples didn't smell bad at all.)
The first few times I did this test, I didn't really document the findings or log specific methods, but I have recently recalled that the first time I did this, I had positive stimuli around the positive rice and negative stimuli around the negative. I would take the negative sample (it was either HATE or I HATE YOU. I don't really remember, but I have a feeling that there may be a significant difference between the two) and put it on the floor in my room as I played through the entirety of an XBOX video game called "Manhunt". I've played alot of dark video games in my life, but I can easily say that "Manhunt" is the darkness, most negative, hatefilled and brutally violent game I've ever seen. It's not a terrible game as far as gameplay and total worth goes, but it is definately the most negative. At the time, I also beat "The Suffering", "Silent Hill 3" and "Silent Hill 4" (all of which are beautiful in my oppinion, but extremely dark and negative in nature).
But at the same time, I THINK I was also exposing the positive rice samples to positive things. I can't remember what exactly right now, but it was around this time that the rice experiments worked the most profoundly.

I know this truly does work, but if you try it and for some reason it doesn't do what I say it has the potential to do, don't get too upset. Just tell me exactly how you performed the test. You see, I am still in the process of figuring out exactly what one must do to make this work. I have an idea, but there seems to be a lot of hidden things involving consiousness and exposure to certain emotions, ideas, attitudes, and oppinions. I would really like to find out what percentage of this effect is the result of: 1. the word(s) on the glass, 2. the stimuli from something like "Manhunt", 3. the stimuli from me as a result of playing something like "Manhunt", 4. the attitudes and oppinions of me, 5. the attitudes and oppinions of others
I also wish to understand how much humidity and temperature comes into play (could any decomposition/malting/ect take place in a cold, damp room?)
One thing's for sure, the effects I have seen are not random events having to do with light and temperature, although these factors may be involved in rice taking the next step and either malting or decaying.
I do take care to make sure that the samples get equal amounts of environment. They all get equal amounts of time in whatever room, light, temperature, ect (everything except what kinds of positive/negative stimuli is being put into them. I mean, the positive rice got as much time in my room in front of something positive as the negative rice did in front of something negative (like "Manhunt"). So this IS real, I just don't know exactly what gets the best results. I do, however, have an idea.
These examples, however, were not exposed to anything other that my oppinions of what was written on them:

Here is an example of something that is TRUE (2+2=4)

Here is an example of something that is FALSE (2+2=5)

Here is "George W. Bush" (a very unique effect. A green sludge covers the rice)

For bigger photos of these, go HERE
I'll put up some more soon.

At first, I imagined that the rice was responding completely to what is true and what is false, what is good and what is bad. I did this experiment to try to prove this (although I realized later that the peticular test does not truely tell us if this is the case or not. Obviously 2+2=4 is a fact but is simultaniously the oppinion of the majority of consciousness)

To understand how or why the incredible power of consciousness affects reality, first know that quantum physics shows us:

1. We are all one connected consciousness.
2. Our consciousness creates reality.

Now, for you to fully grasp the meaning of these fundamentals of reality, I must first explain a few things beginning with what quantum physics is telling us. Quantum scientists have very recently made some profoundly important discoveries regarding the nature of reality. One of these is called ENTANGLEMENT. This is the discovery proving that there is one fundamental truth about everything: we are one. There is only one thing that exists. It is called the unified field, or zero point field. It turns out that the consciousness that is animating my fingers and making them type this right now is the exact same consciousness that animates you. Then it turns out that all matter, space, and time is made completely out of the exact same consciousness. Reality IS consciousness, ONE single consciousness. You're probably wondering how I can say that everything is one consciousness. First, let me explain how I am he as you are me as you are we and we are all together. Consciousness (the part of you that says "I am...") has long been thought of as being produced by the brain. It is not. For so long now, we've been mapping the brain. We know what each little tiny part of it does. There is an area that controls smell, an area that controls pain, an area that controls sight, immune function, chemistry, ect, ect. There is not, however, a part of the brain that controls or produces consciousness. So why are we conscious? Where does consciousness come from?

Living cells make up your entire body. Cells are conscious beings. They are individuals. They can also come together to work as one "group consciousness". A group consciousness of individually conscious cells make up an organ. These organs make up our bodies. Cells are made up of molecules that came together from atoms that came from earth material that came from a star that came from that came from dust and gas floating in space that came from pure consciousness. You see, atoms are made up of several smaller levels. The plank scale (which is the smallest level) is by definition pure consciousness. It is the one consciousness.
Think of something like a Portuguese Man of War (it's a bigger, more solid form of a jellyfish). It is a conscious being. It turns its sail, intelligently using the wind to go where it wants to and find food. But what is it physically? It has no nervous system whatsoever. It has no brain. It is literally a bag of gas floating in water and that's all. So how is it conscious enough to hunt for its prey? It is because it is made up of living cells. So the answer to the question of where your consciousness comes from is this: it comes from your cells.

Another answer is that is comes from our molecules.
Another answer: it comes from our atoms.
Another answer: it comes from the plank scale.

These are all true answers. There are just different levels to this truth (in fact, there are differents levels of truth when it comes to pretty much everything. EG: Evil really is evil, but evil is not really evil. Or: time and space are real, but time and space are illusions. Or: we are all seperate, but we are all one. I believe that it is because of these kinds of things that people follow religions. They want to understand something about what is beneath the surface of reality, but they're not mentally capable of processing the true complexity of life, so they go by a story like "God made us in his own image, therefore, God looks just like us and is seperate from us." Or "If you commit a sin, God judges you and becomes angry." They take everything literally. They need to believe these things because they can't comprehend what is really going on behind the curtain.)
The truest scientific answer about where consciousness comes from is the last one I mentioned: the plank scale. Consciousness does NOT come from our brain (although it does come from the cells that make up your brain as well as the cells that make up your heart, liver, ect.) The function of the brain is to regulate our system. So, does the brain tell your heart to beat? Yes. But it's the consciousness of the cells in your body that tell your brain to do so. And it's the unified field of pure conscious potential (which resides at the plank scale) telling the cells to do this (as well as telling matter to be matter as well as telling you to read this as well as well as telling me to write this (actually, the unified field doesn't just tell all things what to do, the unified field IS all those things, including you and what you percieve as your own thoughts feelings and ideas. The unified field flawlessly composes and controls EVERYTHING that is reality 100% of the time (everything that seems flawed about existance is actually perfect. The illusions of imperfection and limitation are tools which serve the greatest purpose of this current phase of reality (more on that later).
So if we're all one consiousness, then why are we all so different? Well, for one, the device that filters the one pure consciousness to the sense organs (the filter is the brain) is grown slightly different, two, the past life experience or the memory within the cells chosen by the unified field to make up your body are different, and third, we all have different experiences within our lives (for example, a child who is raised by racists will become a different person than a child raised by tolerant peace activists or something). Other than these things, you and I are one single consciousness. We are exactly the same. You and I and a plant are also one consciousness because a plant is a group consciousness of living cells. But didn't I say that EVERYTHING was conscious? What does that mean? Is something that we think of as non-living conscious? Something like a rock? Although you probably won't be having any interesting conversations with a rock, it is still conscious, just on a different level. It's not made of living cells, but it is a creation of pure consciousness that if you look closely at (as in close enough to see the world of particles) you will see that intelligence and consciousness exist in a rock as well. How? Well, to understand that, you will have to understand this: Matter is not what we think of it as. Matter is not solid. If you look closely, you will see that the rock is made up of molecules which intelligently come together from atoms. If you look closely at an atom, you will find that it is nowhere near solid. It is a tiny bit of information surrounded by a cloud of tiny particles (that intelligently jump from one atom to another). Then if you look even closer at the tiny pieces of what seem like matter, you find that they are almost nothing. Then if you go even closer, you find that what seemed to be something was actually almost nothing. Then if you go closer, you find that what seemed like something was actually more like a thought or a bit of holographic information. It turns out that atoms are virtually 100 percent vacuum. So to say that matter is solid like saying that the universe is solid. Matter is energy only and energy (which is everything in the universe, nothing left out) is pure consciousness, THE one and only consciousness. So the rock, the plant, a couch, you, your friends, myself - we are all one consciousness. So you may say that you acknowledge that we are all one consciousness, but how does that make everything actually one thing? I'll explain.

Scientists have recently discovered that we create everything we see, that it does NOT exist as matter until we interact with it by observing it. In other words, if a tree falls in the forest with no one around it does NOT make a sound because it does NOT exist without us being there. When we are not looking at something, it exists as a superposition of all possibilities spread out all over the place. Nothing exists without you (Google the "double slot" test to understand how we learned this part)
Your consciousness actually creates everything you see as you go based on the probabilities you assign to things.
Ask yourself, what's the probability that there is a floor by the side of your bed and not a cliff? When asked that question (or when you are beside your bed), you assign a probability to it. Do you assign a probability of 50/50? No. What about 75/25? No. You assign a probability of 100 percent that there is solid ground there and not a cliff. You create the ground because that's what you believe is there. The recent experiments in quantum physics have shown us that the reason things seem to appear the same as the last time you checked on them is based on what your individual consciousness believes in some combination with what the local and global consciousness believes).
Therefore, the element of attitude and understanding comes into play.
If you can learn to chance your perceptions of reality, you can change reality with your very own amazing consciousness.

Now if someone told me this, I'd want to know more about how we have come to realize such a thing.
Quantum science as well as numerous ancient texts from around the world show us that all possibilities of all instances already exist in what is known as vertical time. Beginning in 1998, quantum physicists began to reveal this truth when they discovered that they could create the conditions necessary to place multiple atoms (up to 16 million beryllium atoms at the time) into the same space at the same time without any of them bumping into another. This was something that had been regarded as impossible by the previous models of science.Albert Einstein, however, told us in his era that all possibilities of every outcome of every event already existed in vertical time. But, as I said, we really couldn't prove this until 1998. In 1957, however, Dr. Hugh Everett III Ph.D of Princeton University began theorizing the inner workings of what he referred to as "parallel possibilities", stating that there are "choice points" in our lives, or instances when we can choose to make what you might call a "quantum leap" into a new layer of vertical time. This is the same thing. The results of the 1998 laboratory tests confirmed the previous theories when they created the grouping of particles placed into the same space without them bumping into one another, or what is now called a "Bose-Einstein Condensate". The texts left behind by the ancient hyper-advanced cultures such as the Mayans, Chacoans , Egyptians, Asines, and many many more suggest that each and every one of us has the ability to CHOOSE which of these vertical timelines we want to leap into, and that it was once common knowledge that every single one of us has this power within. When I say hyper-advanced, I'm referring to the technology they left behind. When we study the ruins of these ancient cultures, we find that they, thousands of years ago, had a profound insight into what our own quantum scientists today are just barely touching upon. The information left behind by cultures such as the Mayans, as well as the architecture, show us something absolutely incredible. We find temples and pyramids that line up perfectly with the shortest and longest days of the year, solstices, the stars, constellations, zodiac signs. In Chechen Itza, in the deep jungles of Mexico, for example, you can clap your hand under the rings of the ancient ceremonial ball court and always hear exactly 7 echoes (they believed 7 was a magically universal number). There you can see (well, I saw it a few years ago, but I heard it was the last year that it would be open to the public. I think that now only authorized scientists and personnel are allowed there.) structures such as the Observatory, through which the Mayans devised a way to place stones in a certain positions to align for events like the seasons, lunar phases, solar phases, as well as other objects tracked in order to predict certain 'natural' phenomenon in accordance to seasonal changes therefore placing major importance on the accurate predictions undertaken to better predict the earthly events thought to be under the control of the Gods. Caracol (the Observatory) sits atop a large earthen mound and is a structure constructed so that it would center on the helical rising of Venus at its southernmost point during the eight year cycle it follows. Such an alignment can be further substantiated by the fact that it deviates from the remainder of the buildings by twenty degrees, indicating the care taken to insure the sight lines of the observation windows. The mysteriously perfect planning inherent in the design and building of such structures is made evident in the precision of their alignments, however this precision was indispensable to the planning of ritual events and the prediction of natural processes that so dictated the lives of the Maya. The construction of the Kukulcán Pyramid at Chichén Itzá was planned so that each Vernal Equinox the dying sun would cast a shadow of a diamond backed serpent writhing down the steps of the pyramid. If you stand facing the foot of the temple and shout the echo comes back as a piercing shriek. Also, a person standing on the top step can speak in a normal voice and be heard by those at ground level for some distance. This quality is also shared by another Mayan pyramid at Tikal. There is also the ancient ruins of the Mayan calender which says that time ends in the year 2012 A.D. These ancient cultures all have something remarkable in common. They understood mathematical and quantum sciences so much that they created perfections that we are reluctant to even simulate with today's most up-to-date computer technology. They have all left behind information suggesting that they accomplished this by tapping into the very fabric of the universe and that every person to ever live has this ability within them. What we are finding is that this was common knowledge until about 1700 years ago when this inner technology of being able to choose and create reality became so coveted that it was edited from our open literature and forgotten. The information that was taken from us suggested that for every instance of suffering and warfare and epidemic and catastrophe, there lies dormant another where none of these horrible things never even happened. Not only were the ancients saying this, they were also telling us how each one of us had the ability to choose which of these already existing realities we want to bring into our world. This information tells us that if you are sick and in pain, you can transcend that reality of suffering by awakening one where you are already healed.
Quantum physics has revealed that reality does in fact exist in vertical time and that all possibilies exist simultaneously in quantum super-positioning. To understand how we know this, I highly recommend looking up the "double slot" experiment that was recently conducted. It proved that not only do all possibilities exist, but that it is our very consciousness (the act of observation) and the probabilities we assign to elements of reality that actually create and shape it. The world that we think of as being outside or around us does not even exist that way. Everything you see, every atom, is actually being created by our very own minds. When you look at something, it pops into existence based on your very own consciousness and opinions (as well as being somewhat influenced by the opinions of the global consciousness) Matter does NOT exist outside of our consciousness. Only a wave of possibilities exists. So whatever you are looking at right now, you have created from the wave of possibilities. Everything behind you, everything that is not being observed my consciousness (anything that someone is not looking at), does NOT even exist as matter, but as waves of superpositioned possibilities. Somehow, thousands of years ago, ancient cultures understood this fact, this inner power that we have just barely begun to recognize today.

Quantum mechanics as well as ancient text from around the world such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, suggest that if we could learn to control our thoughts enough to change the probabilities that we assign to these elements of reality, we could do anything, absolutely anything.
So understand that there is no "out there". We have grown so accustomed to believing that there is this world outside of our minds and that our minds are alone and separate from this. This is not the case. There is no "out there", there is only the mind. It literally manufactures what you perceive as "out there". So there is only one consciousness, or one mind that exists. Also, there is ONLY the mind. There is no time and space and matter. There only you and I and the rock and the couch and all thoughts and ideas, love and hate, night and day, cells, molecules, atoms, everything leaving absolutely nothing out. This is the unified field. It is science proving that the universe is one single indivisible organism. Now the concept of God seems a little more reasonable.
The problem with God is that, people who are atheist or agnostic have usually become that way because whenever they thought of God, they thought of the kind of God described by religion: an entity separate from us sitting on a cloud up in heaven that for some reason looks like a human male, maybe has a white beard and who judges you for your actions who condemns you if you screw up and who rewards you if you please him. Well shit, no wonder I refused to listen to anything about God for so long! So let us imagine for a moment that God is real and "created us in his own image". Much of religion takes this literally (as I believe they do with most things that seem to have always been meant to be taken symbolically). So what does this mean? Think about it. Let's say that God is this unified field of consciousness wanting to express itself. How? Well, by creating us through the process of evolution. Imagine God as the one consciousness breathing life into us, animating us and speaking through us (although we don't know it usually because our brains filter out the truth that you and I ARE the unified field incarnate). We are being shown that every word, every idea, every creation, natural and even those which we create ourselves - these things are ALL the expression of the unified field of consciousness. I believe that what "God created man in his own image" means is that we are the perfect form within the perfect form for the unified field to express itself through. We can write literature, music, create architecture, technology, ect, ect. Look down at yourself. You are a vehicle of expression. Our society makes you believe that you are here merely to cope with life, to get by financially until you die, but this is not true. You are here to create. To help life evolve. Look at your hands. They are perfected tools. With them you can hold a pencil with which to write a story or a poem. With them you can hold a tool with which to build a rocket ship and leave the planet. You have a voice with which to speak your mind, with which to sing "I am ALIVE!", with which to scream out "I will transcend all adversity!" So perhaps God was real all along. Perhaps we've just been looking in the wrong places. Perhaps the only way we could make sense of God was to think of a being existing within the same constraints of space and time as we. Space and time are illusions of a sort, manufactured strictly for us (as quantum science is revealing more and more to us). We've tried to comprehend what God was based on the only major properties of reality that we could relate to. This is why much of religion has depicted a God that is an individual being who looks like a human male and who is seperate from us, who started this whole planet and then sort of left us in order to observe and judge us from a distance. How could we imagine a being which exists outside of space and time, which is ultimately something far greater than anything that could be kept in such a box, when all we know is space and time. We are down here and God is up there. This has been the mentality that we've focused upon for too long. We've been looking towards the heavens for God. But perhaps God was here all along. Not in the sky or in a church, but in the mirror, in our own thoughts and ideas, in our beating hearts, and in ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. Because that is what the unified field is - everything with nothing left out. And when you say "I am", THAT is the unified field of pure consciousness saying that it is. So you say "Wait! This was all great until you mentioned God!" Well, if you are disappointed because of that word, let me ask you something. Could I have just proved the existence of what you could call God without you even realizing it? If you dont think so, that is fine, but could it be because you are so used to thinking of God a certain way, perhaps as what religion describes. Did you assign a new probability to the idea once the term God was used? In your mind, did the validity of all this changed in an instance simply because the old ideas of God have left a bitter unpalletable taste in your mouth? I ask you, what if I hadn't said God? What if I just kept using the term unified field? Could they be the same thing?
Seeing is not believing as much as believing is seeing. This is why most people never reach their dreams in life. They do not believe they can. Materialism is partly to blame. It distracts from the wondrousness of our infinite potential and of our very existence.

Here's the real way to use this power:

You attract everything that happens to you. This may seem like something that simply isn't true, but it is.

1. If you worry about bad things happening, if you allow negative thoughts to enter your mind, you will attract negative things to you.
Train yourself to get rid of thoughts about what you do not want. Focus only on what you want. Also, focus only on the end results. You may not be able to figure out how you are going to get there, but that's part of it. Don't concern yourself with the HOW, only the end result. The universe will give you what ever it is you need to get there. Leave the HOW part up to it.

2. Learn to have a healthy respect for yourself. Love yourself without conceit. Find inner peace and happiness.

3. When you focus on what you want, do whatever it takes to create the FEELINGS inside yourself of ALREADY having it.
Don't create the feelings of that something you want being distant and unobtainable, but rather create the feelings of already having it.

4. Believe that it is possible for you and also believe that you deserve it.

5. After you really create these positive feelings, switch your attention from thinking about what you want to thinking about what you ALREADY HAVE that you are GRATEFUL for. Do whatever it takes to create that FEELINGS of gratitude for these things and hold onto that.

6. Know that it may take some time. It may be days, months, or longer depending on how quickly you learn to manage your thoughts and feelings. Know that if you do this for say a week with no results and you say to yourself "I guess this doesn't work" you will keep it from working. You have to keep believing and you have to be patient. Don't let doubt enter your mind. A good way to do this is to continually research this power. You will find that all the greatest people to have ever lived KNEW about this inner technology. Learn about just how much the most successful people will swear by it.

It's important to know that this isn't about forcing change or fighting anything. It's about recognizing that there is a timeline already out there where you are happy and everything is wonderful. It's about simply choosing that timeline and choosing to step into it.
You may not believe it, but I want you to know that the only limit in this is how much you believe. If you believe that there is a limit to what you can have, then that will be the limit. If you believe that you are a limitless being in a limitless universe (which is the truth), you will be able to have ANYTHING you want, and I mean ANYTHING. It doesn't matter how big.

Remember that there is no seperation, no wall between you and the universe. Consciousness creates all matter in the universe. You could call that consciousness the unified field, God, the Tao, the Force, whatever. But you must realize that you and it are ONE. The power of that ONE is from within and is actually under our own control. You may think that there is you and there is the universe and there is God, but you ARE you, the universe, and God. You are an allocated peice of that consciousness filtered through a brain which gives the illusion of seperateness. You and God are ONE. What I'm saying is that you ARE that which you might call God. That power is within you and you have control of creating reality.

In thier very own words, the ancients speak in great detail of this inner technology that I've been describing. They knew how to use it. We have the same power. We as humanity have simply forgotten.
It was taken from us by greedy people who thought that somehow there wasn't enough to go around. And now they control the world.
But this secret is spreading like a wildfire and we are on the verge of the biggest revolution we've ever gone through. A revolution of information/peace/creativity/happiness.
Before 2000, we were in the age of oppression and ignorance.
But with the coming of the millennium, we were brought into the age of Aquarius, which has always meant the age of secrets being revealed/enlightenment.

Now let me allow you to ponder the meaning of the universe.

First off, know that the universe is not dead and inert, but rather one indivisible organism created and controlled entirely by the unified field. To understand this, you must understand the telescoping nature of evolution, which is the architecture of the universe. Evolution does not begin with the first living cells to grow on a planet. It begins with the beginning of all time. First there was nothing but the unified field, which is by definition pure consciousness. Then there was a great explosion from one point that created all matter, space, time, and physical law. The force carried this sea of infinite potential in an outward motion. This is why the universe is ever expanding from the point in the middle where the big bang occurred. This is something that we can see and measure. The matter was the fundamental elements, most of which was gas, hydrogen being the most dominant and also the most basic of all particles (one electron orbiting the nucleus). The newly formed physical law included gravity, which formed nebulas (huge clouds of flammable gas). The gravity of these nebulas eventually caused so much friction that the gas was ignited (another property of the newly formed system of physical law). This is how a star is created. The star floated for ages, its inside being a huge fusion reactor. Through a highly complex chain of events, a chunk of the star was torn from it. This cooled, becoming a big rock that began to orbit the star, gravity shaping it into a perfect sphere. The gases hydrogen and oxygen became fused together somewhere else in space (in another and even more complex chain of events involving gravity, radiation from stars, ect). Water was created. It traveled throughout space, frozen within speeding fragments of dust and debris; finally colliding with the big orbiting rock (this process is ridiculously complex. And did you know that the moon is just a chunk of our planet that was torn away when the earth was struck by such an object that then began to orbit us (which orbits the star which orbits the galactic core (a super massive black hole which orbits the center of the universe (object unknown)?) It took so many fragments containing H2o hitting this rock to create the great bodies of water that we know today. The atmosphere and magnetosphere (the layer of magnetic shielding emanating from the poles that protects Earth from the ultra high levels of lethal solar radiation coming from our sun and from all stars and other producers of deadly particles) formed. Everything was ready for a cell to be created (including our planet being PERFECTLY spaced from the sun where it was not too hot and not too cold, but just right). A form of green algae became the first of these living cells. These spread out, evolving into more and more diverse and complex forms of plant life. This evolved into the first simple animals. Trilobites showed up about 600 million years ago, followed by crinoids then corals, then ammonoids and fish. Life evolved for another 300 million years or so at which point dinosaurs (reptiles) and the first mammals came to be. The first form of primate showed up, then the second, the third, the fourth, ect, ect. Out of this came the first hominid, then the second form, the third, the fourth, the fifth, ect. The caveman walked the earth. This evolved into us. We continue to grow more complex biologically, but evolution doesn't end biologically either, it extends to the realm of knowledge.

This is an excerpt from Richard Linklater's film "The Waking Life" explaining what I mean by this and also by the TELESCOPING NATURE of evolution:

"If you&amp;..39;re looking at the highlights of human development, you have to look at the evolution of the organism, and then add the development of the interaction with its environment. Evolution of the organism will begin with the evolution of life, proceeding through the hominid, coming to the evolution of mankind: Neanderthal, Cro-Magnon man. Now, interestingly, what you're looking at here are three strains: biological, anthropological (development of cities, cultures), and cultural (which is human expression).
Now, what you've seen here is the evolution of populations, not so much the evolution of individuals. And in addition, if you look at the time-scale that's involved here: two billion years for life" (he's referring to the beginning of life as the point that the first living cell appeared, not the big bang. Really, it's about 12 billion years for it to all come together), "six million years for the hominid, a hundred-thousand years for mankind as we know it, you're beginning to see the telescoping nature of the evolutionary paradigm. And then, when you get to agriculture, when you get to the scientific revolution and the industrial revolution, you're looking at ten thousand years, four hundred years, a hundred and fifty years. You're seeing a further telescoping of this evolutionary time. What that means is that as we go through the new evolution, it's going to telescope to the point that we should see it manifest itself within our lifetimes, within a generation. The new evolution stems from information, and it stems from two types of information: digital and analog. The digital is artificial intelligence; the analog results from molecular biology, the cloning of the organism, and you knit the two together with neurobiology. Before, under the old evolutionary paradigm, one would die and the other would grow and dominate. But, under the new paradigm, they would exist as a mutually supportive, non-competitive grouping independent from the external. Now what is interesting here is that evolution now becomes an individually-centered process emanating from the needs and desires of the individual, and not an external process, a passive process, where the individual is just at the whim of the collective. So, you produce a neo-human with a new individuality, a new consciousness. But, that's only the beginning of the evolutionary cycle because as the next cycle proceeds, the input is now this new intelligence. As intelligence piles on intelligence, as ability piles on ability, the speed changes. Until what? Until you reach a crescendo. In a way, it could be imagined as an almost instantaneous fulfillment of human, human and neo-human, potential. It could be something totally different. It could be the amplification of the individual...the multiplication of individual existences, parallel existences, now with the individual no longer restricted by time and space. And the manifestations of this neo-human type evolution could be dramatically counter-intuitive; thats the interesting part. The old evolution is cold, it's sterile, and its efficient. And, its manifestations are those social adaptations. We're talking about parasitism, dominance, morality, war, predation. These will be subject to de-emphasis. These will be subject to de-evolution. The new evolutionary paradigm will give us the human traits of truth, of loyalty, of justice, of freedom. These will be the manifestations of the new evolution..."

Do you not see that you and I and all of this and all ideas and thoughts and everything here on this planet went from being a cloud of gas, then a star, and just grew and grew and grew into what we are now? We came from nothing. We were forged in the center of the sun. We journeyed as atoms through this, then as cells that kept adding to themselves and adding to themselves. Is that not miraculous enough to open ones mind to partially grasping the power and intelligence of the unified field?

So what is the meaning of what we are doing right now? What is the meaning of our lives and of life as we know it so far? Well, it seems that it is to reach the peak of our evolution. To reach a harmonic convergence where time and space, separation, pain, limitation and boundary no longer exist. I believe that this is why there has been this intuition about a "kingdom of heaven" for so long within life. Religion may be confused about what exactly that means, but such a state of existence does exist for us in the future. Not only that, its time has come. I believe that we could have already made it there if it weren't for materialism, ignorance, apathy, social conformity, illusions created by our own governments, and also religion.

So that is our goal. When this happens, the birth of a new form of reality will arrive. It will be a reality without the darkness. When I say the darkness, I mean the negative half of what you might call the Yin Yang. Everything is currently based on the balance of these two opposing forces. Energy is positively or negatively charged. There is night and day, light and dark. There is good and evil. There is pleasure and pain. There is lack and there is abundance. But if there really is a God, then why would there be suffering? Well, when was the last time you were in great pain, suffering from depression or an illness or and injury perhaps, when you said seriously to yourself "I hurt! This is great! I am satisfied! I think I'll stay right where I am!" Never. You see, pain forces us to keep going, to keep searching for a way to get away from it biologically, mentally, physically, ect. It's what makes us grow.

Here's an example: The shark has been the same for millions of years. Why? Because it's the top dog of the ocean. It is perfect for what it needs to do. It hasn't had much evolutionary stress on it, but we sure as hell do. Stress and suffering make us evolve to an eventual point where they are no longer needed and cease to exist.

Here's some more based on my opinions and findings reguarding the nature of suffering and of the opposing forces:
Could the symbol of the Yin Yang and the symbol of the cross be the same thing? Christ is the most famous human being to ever exist. I don't believe in coincidence any more. The universe appears random and chaotic to us, but is really not. I think the most famous person and story ever to exist on this planet was something that bubbled up from the unified field to show us something symbolically. Many people picture God as a seperate being that looks like a man and who had two sons; Christ and Satan. But if you take the story symbolically, you could take is as saying the unified field created two opposing forces: good/evil, or love/hate, peace/war, day /night, light /dark, happiness/despair, pleasure/pain, positive/negative. So instead of seeing it as being an omnipotent being that reproduced and created two offspring named Jesus and Lucifer or whatever, maybe try looking at it as though the unified field created a system of growth, a system that uses two opposing forces to guide life in the right direction. It really does appear that instead of it being God and Christ versus Satan; it's really that God/the unified field IS both. It/He wants life to embrace peace/light/love (represented by Christ) and uses war/darkness/hate (represented by Satan) to help life eventually learn to grow to the point where Satan/war/pain is no longer needed. I believe that many Christians are confused by symbolism, therefore, rather than devoting themselves to peace and love, they take things literally and devote themselves to this MAN from Galilee even more than what he stood for. I believe that this symbolic story refers to the process of the lives of every individual on Earth with Christ representing peace and love. He suffered on a cross of pain (which Satan/the negativity/the darkness represents). This is the ultimate example of reaching enlightenment through suffering (reaching peak evolution because of evolutionary stress). I'm not really religious, but I believe do that the cross is a symbol of the balance of the two opposing forces, just as the Yin Yang. Religions have a tendency to ignore evolution and symbolism. Many people act as though there is nothing they can do to stop an impending apocalypse/global threat. Many seem to be in it for themselves as they are afraid of eternal damnation. Many want a reward, so instead of concentrating on what they can do to help EVERYONE escape suffering, they concentrate on themselves and on sucking up to God. They are taught that they are separate from God and that God expects them to all follow dogmatic law and if they don't he will punish them. The truth is, everything that has ever happened, whether it be good or bad is actually the complete work of the unified field/God. So, although we should be focusing on peace, I do not believe there really is such thing as going against the unified field or disappointing or angering it (or Him or whatever) (DO NOT TAKE THIS THE WRONG WAY!! I'm not promoting doing anything negative, I just believe that that is an illusion purposely put into our reality by the unified field. I believe that even someone like Adolph Hitler was merely a puppet of what you would call God and that his voice was the voice of the same (as the negative, /the darkness, Satan). But why? Why would the unified field/God have a satanic side that causes suffering? I just told you why. Evolutionary stress. It's/He's not really fundamentally evil because there is a beneficial point to it. Since it is for the purpose of something that is actually good, evil isn't really evil the way you think of it and also, negative can never be as powerful as positive because both sides are actually working for the good.
Also, science has proven that positive beneficial thoughts emit a MUCH MUCH more powerful signal than negative destructive thoughts.
So the unified field/God/the Tao (whatever you want to call it) created and commands two opposing forces, the purpose of the darkness/evil/war/pain being to create the evolutionary stress necessary to make life grow to the point of peak evolution/harmonic convergence/the kingdom of heaven, Eden, whatever you want to call it.

It may sound religious or out there, but just think about it for awhile, do some research, go to the library, search the internet, study quantum mechanics and philosophy, do whatever it takes to find out if this could be true, for this is the most important information ever to exist. It may have only taken a short time for me to write this document, but it took 12 billion years for life to evolve to the point where this information could come together in such a way as to be delivered to you. Don't take it for granted, don't forget it, dont disregard it. Understanding the power of this technique and its potential and acknowledging the meaning and direction of all existence is absolutely critical right now in this time in history!!

Sending you light, love and peace.

Find out more about Transcendental Meditation and the TM-Sidhi program on the internet from sites such as


What The Bleep Do We Know?? (Film)

The Secret (Film)

The Waking Life (Film)

The Isaiah Effect (Audio recording)

The Impersonal Life (Book by anonymous author)

And learn more about the contributions of John Hagelin, Ph.D, the world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, author, and public policy expert who has conducted pioneering research at CERN (the European Center for Particle Physics) and SLAC (the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center) and is responsible for the development of a highly successful grand unified field theory based on the Superstring. In his book, Manual for a Perfect Government, Dr. Hagelin shows how, through educational programs that develop human consciousness, and through policies and programs that effectively harness the laws of nature, it is possible to solve acute social problems and enhance governmental effectiveness. He is currently Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. He was also the Natural Law Party presidential candidate in 2000.
In recognition of his outstanding achievements, Dr. Hagelin was named winner of the prestigious Kilby Award, which recognizes scientists who have made "major contributions to society through their applied research in the fields of science and technology." The award recognized Dr. Hagelin as "a scientist in the tradition of Einstein, Jeans, Bohr and Eddington."
Dr. Hagelin holds an A.B. summa cum laude from Dartmouth College and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard University. He is currently Professor of Physics and Director of the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy at Maharishi University of Management, and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace. He was also the Natural Law Party presidential candidate in 2000.

Reference: Hagelin, J.S., Rainforth, M.V., Orme-Johnson, D.W., Cavanaugh, K. L., Alexander, C.N., Shatkin, S.F., Davies, J.L, Hughes, A.O, and Ross, E. 1999. Effects of group practice of the Transcendental Meditation program on preventing violent crime in Washington D.C.: Results of the National Demonstration Project, June-July, 1993. Social Indicators Research, 47(2): 153-201.


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