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India Scheme For Rape Victims' Rehabilitation In Final Stage

Jan 1, 2010
New Delhi, Dec 15 (IANS) With rising number of cases of rape and sexual harassment in the capital, Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath Wednesday met the consultative committee of her ministry on the issue and said the rehabilitation scheme for rape victims is in the final stages.

'Rape is one of the most violent forms of crime against women because it not only impacts her physically but, in the long run, also impairs her capacity to develop meaningful personal and social relationships,' she said.

Quoting figures from the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) and saying that the incidence of rape in the country is 'increasing', the minister said that the scheme for rehabilitation of rape victims is in the final stage.

'The Financial Assistance and Support Services to Victims of Rape: A scheme for restorative justice is in the final stages. This will provide financial assistance and various support services to victims of rape,' Krishna Tirath said.

Under the scheme the affected woman will be entitled to an interim financial assistance of Rs.20,000 and support services like legal aid, shelter, counselling and medical aid. The scheme also proposes to give financial assistance to the legal heir if the victim dies and special assistance if she is a minor or handicapped.

'It is proposed to launch the proposed scheme as a centrally sponsored scheme with 100 percent central funding during the 11th Plan period at an estimated expenditure of Rs.149 crore for the year 2011-12. It is proposed to evaluate the implementation of the scheme before the 12th Plan and to consider sharing of costs between the centre and the states at that stage,' the minister said.

Rajneesh Madhok

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