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Save Panjab – A Night To Inspire Positive Change Within The Community


1947-2014 (Archived)

Maple Leaf Sikh: Save Punjab Night in Surrey

[Surrey, BC] – The launch of the Save Panjab campaign and a night of entertainment and education will be held on Saturday May 22, 2010 from 6:00pm-9:00pm at the North Delta Secondary School Auditorium. The event will move to discuss the problems facing Panjab in today’s world and what we as a diaspora community can do to inspire positive change.

The keynote speaker for the evening is Harinder Singh, Director of the Sikh Research Institute based in San Antonio, Texas. Harinder Singh is a world renowned Sikh scholar that is respected for the dedication, research and programs he has coordinated both domestically and internationally. His primary focus will be the water issue in Panjab and how this situation has come to be. Renowned Panjabi folk singer Ranvir Dosanjh will be performing selected tracks from his newly released CD “Inqulab” which focuses on Panjab’s cultural and historic traditions. Additionally, families can expect a very entertaining and educational event with internationally renowned artists performing cultural songs, students from Gurdeep Arts performing a routine/skit on the issues of Panjab and various videos and music related to the culture of Panjab.

Panjab is at a crucial point in its history, a time perhaps like no other. Dwindling water resources and alarmingly high suicide rates amongst the states farmers have brought Panjab to a point where the Earth Institute at Columbia University has stated that water resources in Panjab may be completely depleted within the next 10-15 years.

“Panjab’s water resources are dwindling by the day and unfortunately there is not enough being done about it,” said Moninder Singh from the Save Panjab campaign. “Be it discriminatory governmental policies against the state of Panjab or the misuse of groundwater and crop selection, the bottom line is every Panjabi, regardless of caste or religion, should be very worried about this. If the land of 5 rivers has had over 50,000 Panjabi farmers commit suicide in the last 2 decades due to lack of water affecting their agricultural output and therefore them not being able to feed their families, there is something seriously wrong.”

Attendees are strongly encouraged to bring their own ideas for a positive and educational response to the current crisis. This will truly be a family oriented program with the culture of Panjab being displayed in the positive light that it so rightly deserves.

For further information, please visit Save Panjab :: Save Water or call 1-604-302-3345 / 604-833-4550.

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