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Sanatan Sikhs - Sanatan Sikhi

Jun 1, 2004
These terms are used to denote Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhs and Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhism.

What is Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhi?
Who are Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhs?

Please share your knowledge on this topic. Thanks
May 16, 2005
Vernon, BC Canada
Aman Singh said:
These terms are used to denote Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhs and Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhism.

What is Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhi?
Who are Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhs?

Please share your knowledge on this topic. Thanks
i'm just as confused as you are, i don't even know what the term ardas means :hmm:


Oct 2, 2005
This is what I have found with regards to this Subject on Snatan Sikh

The word "Sanatan" = traditional

Pro-Sanatan Sikhi people believe that their version or account of Sikhi is the true account of Sikhi which differs to "modern" sikhi.

History Timeline:
After the fall of Shaheed Baba Banda Singh Bahadar's Khaalsa Raaj, the Singhs were persecuted. The Mughal policy became such that there was a price put on the heads of Sikhs.

Therefore, the Sikhs left their villages, gurdwaras, cities and homes, and fled to the jungles and desert lands for safety. This was done in order for the survival of the Sikh nation.

The Gurdwaras were given to the "Mahants" to look after and take care of. THe "Mahants" were Hindus, who were generally Keshdhari.

THE MAHANT ERA - Sanatan Sikhi takes birth
The Mahants relied on people to donate food to them and offer offerings. However, they needed a mechanism and means to attract (Hindu) people to come to the Gurdwara, so that they could survive and get enough money.

The Mahants became comfortable in the Gurdwaras and realised that Sikhs will not be back for a while. The Gurdwaras were transformed into Mandars and Bipran Ki Reet (Brahmanism) was brought into the House of Guru Nanak.

Portraits of Hindu gods, goddesses, depicting the Gurus and other figures were painted on Gurdwara walls and buildings. The Guru Granth Sahib was made an idol. Aarti was performed of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Jyots (oil lamps) and Toof (incense) were used ritualistically. The Gurdwaras were made Brahmanised and Sikh practices were engulfed in Brahmanism.

The Sikhs came back from the Jungles after two three generations having past. Returning back to the villages and cities they realised that the Mahants were not going to give back the Gurdwara willingly. The Mahants had in fact made the Gurdwaras there private property. Many Sikhs assumed that “Sikhi” seen in the Gurdwaras was Guru Di Sikhi, not realising the Brahman ideological control.

The Singh Sabha Movement was a movement of a group of Sikh intellectuals who studied Gurbaani thoroughly and realised that this “Sanatan” (Mahant) Sikhi was not in correlation with Gurmat (the Guru’s teachings in Gurbaani). The Singh Sabha Movement tried to educate the masses about Bipran Ki Reet and the Brahmanism of Sikhi and also tried to free the Gurdwaras from the clutches of Mahants.

Eventually the Gurdwaras were freed after many peaceful protests, marches and thousands of men and women giving their lives. Examples of these are Jaito Da Morcha, Saka Nankana Sahib, Saka Panja Sahib etc.

In 1920s the keys of Harmandar Sahib, Amritsar were handed back to the Sikhs. Having regained control, the Sikhs white washed and painted over the Sanatan Sikhi paintings depicting Hindu gods and goddesses and depicting the Gurus with Hindu Avtars. Hindu idols which had been installed in the Parkarma (area surrounding the pool) were removed and Gurmat was installed.

To safe guard Sikhi, the Sikh scholars, intellectuals and Panthic organisations gathered together and formulated the “Sikh Rehat Maryada” (Sikh code of conduct) which was passed and approved by Sri Akaal Takht Sahib. The Sikh Rehat Maryada ensured that Sikhs or Gurdwaras would not fall back in Bipran Ki Reet (Brahmanism) and instead follow the true teachings of our Gurus as found in Guru Granth Sahib, the Bani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and Bhai Gurdaas Ji’s Vaars.


Oct 3, 2005
I can refer you to a Book written by Dr. Sangat Singh The Sikhs in History
which has very good detail about this concept.
Publishers Uncommon Book New delhi.
Nirmale Saints who were sent by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Benaras for learning Sanskrit follow the Sanatan Sikh so are Nanak Sar and Other saints. Sanatan means inclusive. Guru Nanak's Message is afor all and it is above religious order for entire humanity, Basically Sri Guru nanak preached that no one is judged by the rligion he/she practices but by his/her good Deeds. I was posted in Us and was some times had to share my office with a Muslim who did not know much about Sikhism and was interested who can be a Sikh. So I asked him
Do you believe in Remembering Allahs Name all the Time in your Heart ? he said Yes
Do you belive that we should earn our living by hard work honesty and creativity? he said Yes
Do you belive that we should share our earnings with those who are less fortunates or needy - Charity? He said Yes.
So I asked him would you prey for welfare of all humanity and he said yes.
To this point I told him that you are already a Sikh.

This much is required to be a Sikh rest are to follow. he was very upset to be declared as a Sikh but I did not do any thing to be that way. I just identified him by getting to know his answer to my questions.

Sanatan Sikhs is inclusive.
Many Muslim and Brahmin Followers of Guru sahibs were sikhs in that way.
HP Luthera

Neutral Singh said:
These terms are used to denote Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhs and Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhism.

What is Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhi?
Who are Sanatan (Traditional) Sikhs?

Please share your knowledge on this topic. Thanks
Jul 30, 2004

Well Das can say the following.

Sanatan means eternal.Our God Akal is Sanatan.

This term is used for Akal in Sarbloh Granth.Likwise in Guru Granth Sahib Ji salvaged person being alive is termed Sanatan ie eternal or one with eternal.

Any Sikh who says that Gurmat is since the creation of universe is saying Panth is Sanatan.

As per Jatherdar of Patna Sahib Ji,Gurmat is the true Sanatan Faith.First three Sikhs were Brahma,Vishnu And Mahesh.

From Sikhism itself did Hinduism or semetic faiths emerged.

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