Sakhis Sakhis - Miracles Or ?

Gyani Jarnail Singh

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In the Sikh "historical tradition" there are what we call SAKHIS - Janam Sakhis in the case of Guru nanak ji Sahib....and just general "sakhis" in the case of other Guru Sahibs.

The word SAKHI means to "bear wittness" such "sakhis" of our Gurus are meant to bear wittness to their greatness, principles and august personalities.

The Sakhis that we find in the Janam sakhi Pothis can be divided into roughly seven types.

In the First Group come those sakhis that attempt to show that Guru Ji was "not properly understood" by the people of the time..his family, his father, village people, ...all failed to notice how great a personality Guru ji really were. Guru Ji Himself states in Raag maru...Koi Aakheh Bhootna..koi kahaeh betala..koi akheh aadmi..Nanak vichara. Some call me mad, others call me "out of tune"..others refer to me as ordinary man and yet others want to pity my state..
The main person who failed to "notice" Guru Ji was His father..Mehta Kalu Ji...who tried his best to put Guru Ji to good use..take the cows to pasture, milk them, do farming work,be a buisnees man trader, him Guru Ji was a useless teenager who wouldnt stick to a proper wordly all other teenagers

Guur Ji tells us.of his experiences in this Sorath Mah 1..Maan hali kirsaani karnee..saram pani tan khet

Thus a lot of "sakhis" of this period fall into this grouping..Majhaan chaarnian, sacha sauda, modi khana. etc etc calling the Vaid to check on Guru Ji ( if he is mentally unstable/and why he rufuses to work like any normal human being)

The Second Group of sakhis deal with some sort of Karamaat - miracle. Modern Scholars and academics are reluctant to beleive in these as they cannot come to terms with such "unscientific" stories.... the greening of the field destroyed by wanderign cows that guru ji failed to keep in check due to having gone to "sleep"..and the King Cobra giving Him shade, the Shade of the tree that failed to Move in tandem with the Sun, disappearance into the Vein River for 3 days, sweet fruits from Bitter fruit trees, etc etc .

The Third group of sakhis deal with thsoe people that Guru Ji put on the Right Sajjan thuggh the robber cum murderer, Kauda Rakash etc etc

The Fourth Group of Sakhis are the Dramatic ones..wherby Guru Ji used "modern Drama" to attract and keep the attention of vast crowds..throwing water in the wrong direction at Hardwaar, cooking meat in Kukshaetar, giving Duni Chand a Needle to take into the next world..etc etc

The Fifith group of sakhis deal with the DIALOGUES Guru Ji had with the Top Religious leaders of the day..the Sidhs and Yogis (Sidh Ghost), Muslim Peers at mecca, etc etc

The Sixth Group of sakhis deal with the LOVE - that many had for Guru Ji..Love of His sister Bebe Nanki Ji, Bhageerath Ji, Shivnabh etc etc

The Seventh Group of sakhis deal with the LOVE Guru Ji had for the poor and the downtrodden..bhai lalo ji, Bhumia chor etc etc.

In my next post i will deal with the Sakhis in Group Two..because these seem to be MIRACLES..and Miracles karamaat is ANTI-GURMAT and intereference in Waheguru's HUKM Nature. As such these are categorically REJECTED by all modern scholars as unbeleivable...But is that ALL there is to these Sakhis or is there something deeper..

Jarnail Singh

Gyani Jarnail Singh

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Re: Sakhis -miracles Or ?? - Part TWO

In this short note i will discuss the follwoing FOUR SAKHIS found in the Janam Sakhis
1. Guru nanak ji went to sleep under a tree....but the tree's shade didnt move with the Sun's journey across the sky.
2. A second time Guru Ji was sleeping..and the Sun began to shine on His face..and a King Cobra came and shaded Guru Ji's face.
3. Guur Ji slept and his cows destroyed someone's khet...but wehn Guru Ji went to see..the Khet was normal.
4. Guru Ji transformed a master criminal and murderer sajjan thuggh into a model law abiding citizen.

Firstly I wish to make it clear that I beleive that these so called "incidents" happened exactly as described. Such stories are also common to other mahapurakh's lives such as Muhammed Ji, Jesus etc. These sakhis portray the greatness of WAHEGURU..and the Greatness of the Mahapurakh/Prophet/Guru.

Lets take the sakhis from a SIKH Perpesctive. I beleive the sakhis contain the same POINTERS that GURBANI has. The only difference is perhaps that GURBANI is for the more discerning readers..while the simple sakhis are for teh simple minded folk...but the lessons behind both GURBANI and the SAKHIS are the SAME. Perhaps we have made the mistake of treating all the sakhis as mere worldly stories....all the words as of this world commonly used by all. GURBANI..Guru nanak Ji says: Bhanda Dhoi beas dhoop devoh tau dhudeh kao jaiuh.
But here no one will say that Guru Ji is talking about the Bhandeh Dhudh Kitchen utensils and milk etc and giving us simple everyday advise about washing our kitchen utensils properly. THAT would be MUNDANE ADVISE more suited to a hygeine/cookery class rather than a Spiritual Class of GURBANI. So here everyone takes the Meanings of Bhanda as Mann, dhoop is spituality and dhuudh is the Naam of God..

Agains..Ham Ghar sajaan aiyeah..sacheh mel milayae..
Here Guru Ji is certianly NOT talking about the everyday visitor to our house...ordinary welcome sir aao jee jee aiyan nu.
Here Ghar is our Heart, the Sajaan is WAHEGURU..and the Meeting mel is Spiritual UNION

We have to GO BENEATH the SKIN of these so called Karamati Miracle get at the actual MEANINGS and LESSONS. As children we have heard the Aeosp's Fables...the Fox with Sour Graps...the Race between the Hare and the tortoise. As children we found them highly ENTERTAINING..and amusing..BUT when we GREW UP...we dont treat them as "entertaining" but as LESSONS in LIFE. These same "fables" now show us the way in life...Every Human is at one time or another the "fox" and will cry out "sour grapes"...each Human is that "crow" who listened to the sweet nothings of the sly fox and lost his piece of meat...each of us at one time or another have experienced the agony of the Dog that lost his bone to the one in the Water below...or "lost" the race to a tortoise while beleiving oneself to be a hare. Have we NOT ??

to be continued....

Jarnail Singh Gyani

Gyani Jarnail Singh

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Re: Sakhis -miracles Or ?? - Part TWO

First Sakhi - Sleeping under the tree whose SHADE is PERMANENT.
Sakhi given in Nanak Paraksh Adhiyaeh 12.

To me what this sakhi is trying to tell us is that the SATGURU is mahaan - great..and He is forever and permanently under the SHADE of Waheguru's Hand. The Satguru is sent by Waheguru to spread HIS Message and thus Waheguru is always by his side. Guru GobindSingh Ji also tells us the same thing when He writes...
mY Awpnw suq quih invwjw..... .pQclY qb jgq mY jb qum kro shwie
Gurbani tells us that The "TREE" is WAHEGURU..and its "Branches" are thsi World...
In Basant mah 1 Guru nanak Ji declares.. Karam ped sakha haree dharam full fall gyan
pat prapat Chhav Ghanee chuuka man abhimaan
Again Guru Angad Ji declares in basant Mh 2..Mera prabh maulia sad basant...
Guru Amardass Ji declares in basant mh 3..maiya moh sabad jalaiyeh man tan haria satgur bhaiyeh
saflio birakh hr ky dwaar sachee bani namy pyaar
Then Guru arjun Ji in basant Mh 5..also declares the same thingbirkh jamio hai paarjaat fool lageh phall ratan bhat

In the Favourite Raag of the Punjabi Peoples, Guru Arjun Ji states so simply..
TU ped sakh teri fulii
tu suukham hoa asthuuli

Thus we are sure now that the ONLY TREE whose shade is from the beginning, now and Forever - WAHEGURU.
Guru nanak ji was sent to this Earth by WAHEGURU...and He kept His Divine Hand on Guru Ji's Head all the time.

Now we proceed to some other qualities of a TREE. Its shade is always COOL and gives PEACE of MIND. Since WAHEGURU is such a TREE..and the GURU is UNDER this cool shade....thus it naturally follows that those who "follow" the GURU will also be called to sit under this cool shady tree....The GURU is COOL..and He spreads thsi COOLNESS through His Divine GURBANI..

HEAT..under the burning like the JEALOUSY and ANGER in our Mann...we burn..and curse..and swear..and suffer due to our failures, our kaam krodh hankaar etc..

ALL these can be driven away IF we seek the Cool shade of Waheguru's tree where His GURU is calling us..

Since Guru Ji is under this huge tall tree...he has no fear of any rain storms tornadoes..upsets...the GURU came to thsi world to tell us about this HUGE TREE of bring us under its shade...

What does Gurbani call this calls it.Paarjaat, kalap, padam, maulsree....all sweet smelling perfumes, treasures beyond our wildst dreams..and all these are ours IF we seek the shade of thsi tree..

And Since the TRUE GURU is sittign under the TRUE TREE..whose shade never fades away or disappears...the TREE and the GURU are ONE..joined together as one....thus the True GURU is that TREE, He is parbraham, He obeys the Parbaraham to the Letter...see how truly GREAT Parbraham is...

This is WHAT GURBANI tells us about this "magic Tree"..and perhaps this is what was the true intention of the storyteller who wrote thsi sakhi...somehow the "simpler aspects" of the "magic shade"..have reached us..leaving the true message buried deep inside.

THIS is why I always use GURBANI as the TOUCHSTONE to "test" any sakhi..and according to the Litmus test of Gurbani this sakhi passes with flying colours...

To be continued....Next Sakhi..the King Cobra gives shade to Guru nanak ji

Jarnail Singh Gyani

Gyani Jarnail Singh

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Re: Sakhis -miracles Or ?? - Part TWO

Dear friends..
On to Sakhi No. 2.... Guru nanak ji's sleeping Face is shaded by the Hood of a King Cobra..

In World mythological writngs..the "snake" is closely associated with MUSIC, WEALTH and BEAUTY.
Guru nanak ji is "sleeping"..and the "Snake" stands guard over him, shading his sleeping face from the heat of the sun...

To me it seems as if the "snake" has FOUND.....the WEALTH OF TREASURE that is GURU has found the BEAUTY that is Guru nanak ji, ..and the Snake has found the Invaluable treasure house of MUSIC - Raag and Ilahi bani,,,GURU NANAK JI.
The Snake is held "fast" by the sheer BEAUTY of Guru nanak Ji's Face, The "Sounds" of Music coming from this Serene face of Guru nanak ji....and the valuable Treasure that is Guru nanak Ji to thsi World is before IT stands GUARD !!

The "Snake" is highly POISNOUS...but it is always found hanging around Shiv Ji's neck..Shibji has sucked its posion KALKUUT..and kept it in his divine throat....GURU NANAK JI also came to this World to SUCK all its POISON - the posion of Depravity that holds humanity prisoner....this is borne wittness by the snake shading Guru ji's face.

The Snake is also the "bed" of VISHNU..and Vishnu is called the PAALANHAAR sustainer of this world. SO it is in Guru nanak Jis case..the Snake has not only served as Guru Ji's "bed" also shades His face..just like it does on Vishnu...hence GURU NANAK JI is the PAALANHAAR..the Sustainer of this world...

Is this how the snake sakhi was meant to be interpreted originally...and only the "simple" magical fable got left behind..while the deep philosophy hidden deep in it got lost along the way..

This "getting lost" of the deeper meanings has a lot to do with the illiterate sants and babas that have been preaching "gurmatt" without a deep understanding of GURBANI. The deeper meanings of Gurbani were lost to them..and thus they in turn propogated the "simple magic" lure of the sakhis to their equally simple minded village folks...and they continue to do to this day..interpresing their diwans with Boloh ji Satnammmmmmmmmmmm sri waheguruuuuuuuuuuuuu..and passing their time, without any indepth discusiion or vichaar of Gurbani.

Next we will discuss the Philosphy behind the Cows destroying the khet sakhi...

to be continued..

Jarnail Singh gyani:whisling:
Re: Sakhis -miracles Or ??

Very Good and inspiring osts by Gyani Sahib.
One can do docterate on exlanntions you have rovided.

May Akal bless you and you kee on doing such great Work.Akal Bless.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

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Re: Sakhis -miracles Or ??

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji KI fateh.

Now we proceed to Sakhi that relates about Guru nanak Ji sleeping while his cows ravaged someone's fields...and when this was complained agaisnt..lo and behold the fields were green once more...

In the Philosophical sense, we can say that the "Field" or KHET is this World...and we are the Cows grazing in this field..and the GURU is our Rakhwala. Interesting to note that JESUS CHRIST is also depicted as the "SHEPHERD" and the followers as his "flock" ( only difference is that in Jesus Ji's case his "flock" is only the Christians..and He guards ONLy the Christians..while there is no such "restriction" in Guru nanak Ji's. story.

To continue...we the "human cows"..sometimes end up "destroying" the "fileds"...especially when we let our Kaam Krodh Lobh Haumai get the better of us...Humankind descends to the levels of extreme depravity, cruelty and thus destroys the otherwise beautiful world we live in..BUT the GURU is here to BEAUTIFY the WORLD...His only MISSION is Calmness, Peace, Tranquility, shanti, araam, all things beautiful and pleasant. SO First the GURU..."changes" the COWS..HE transforms them from wild ravaging destructive BEASTS into Calm serenely peaceful "cows" that give lots of MILK, Butter and such bounty. Kavi Santokh Singh writes that the Cows that are in the Care of Guru nanak ji give much more Richer Milk and butter than other cows !! SO GURU NANAK JI firts "improves" the cows...they then begin to give more milk..butter..yogurt..MILK in Punjabi is also called AMRIT..GHEE (butter) is also AMRIT..and Yogurt is a very nutritious product. Thus what we see is thet due to GURU Ji's "kirpa Drshtee"...benevolence..the COWS begin to "behave as good animals"....their "destructive nature" is enslved/controlled...and ultimately destroyed..all due to the influence of the GURU. The World thus becomes a beautiful serene peaceful calm place....the GURU UPLIFTS human character, and gives it a purpose...and the human also becomes the peaceful seren beautiful gem of a person...

Maybe this is the "Sakhi behind the sakhi"...of Guru nanak Ji's Cow grazing adventures....

By now it would have become so obvious that these "sakhis" are not just ordinary run off the mill "fairy tales"... they all have an UNDERLYING MESSAGE that GURBANI contains as well. The sakhis reveal in ordinary language..the position of the True GURU....the "connection" between PARBRAHM---GURU----WORLDLY BEINGS--- What is the TRUE GURU's PURPOSE of coming to thsi World ? What will the True GURU do for thsi World..what message does He bring ? and so on.

The like a HUGE TREE...whose "Cool Shade" is for EVERY LIVING THING...the World is a Farmer's Field...which is Kept GREEN and ALIVE through the Kirpa and Grace of the True GURU....and the Humans are the "cows" grazing in this Field...whose Guardian, caregiver, caretaker, etc is the True GURU.

These Sakhis are thus seen to be quite "philosphical" in nature and not just the oversimplified versions we hear in Diwans from the Kaatha wachaks and parcharaks. A lot of them reveal the "Social FABRIC" of the time and the weaknesses that strike the Society of that time. Thus what we need to do is..REDISCOVER and RE-INVENT each SAKHI according to OUR own TIME and Social Conditions. We must remember and keep in MIND that GURBANI is TIMELESS....and so are these Sakhis...all they require is a bit more understanding and re interpretation to make them RELEVANT to our YOUTH TODAY.

Jarnail Singh gyani

Gyani Jarnail Singh

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Re: Sakhis -miracles Or ??

Waheguru ji Ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh.

We will not touch those sakhis that deal with the Pandits, Mullans, Malik Bhagos and Bhai lalos, jogis and sidhs etc.Those are very clear and easy to understand.

We proceed to the Sajjan Thuggh Sakhi. Sajjan Thuggh is NOT jsut a "person"...becasue Guru Ji has Discussed and Dissected the "THUGGH" part of us in a lot of Gurbani Shabads. Society was full to the Brim with such types of people - who in the OPEN and VISIBLE Spectrum were so Mahapurash holy holy types...but Deep inside these were full of Haumai, hankaar, CHEATS, smugglers, thiefs, and murderers _ Something like what we call the SANTS/SAADHS/SRI 1008 maharaj ji- DERA WALLAHS etc that we see so much in the news and VIDEOS etc....These "unholy HOLIES " were occupying te Top positions in DHARAM..religion...they had big and beautiful Powerful DERAS, SAMADHS, THAKAR DWARAS, MANDIRS..wherein they "attracted" and pulled in like fish on lines..and entrapped the innocent people into their vice traps. Sajjan Thuggh had one such Beautiful Big DERA built like a Mosque on one side and a Hindu mandir on the opposite as to ENTRAP both Hindus and Musims and rob them at night. Somebody would have thought..Wah such a Holy beautiful Baba ji in snow white clothes and big beard chola, and having the Magnanimity of building a Mosque and Mandir at ONE Common Place.

BUT GURU NANAK JI saw through this Big FRAUD...saw that under his snow white clothes exterior He had a BIG BLACK HEART of STONE which didnt wince even when strangling an innocent child/woman/yatree in the middle of NIGHT to rob and plunder !!

Guru Ji relates to us..
Bagga bageh kaprreh teerath manjh vasen,
GHUT GHUT jeean KHAVNEH..BAGGEH NA KAHEAN..meaning..Snow white clothes, Sitting inside a TEERATH, BUT at NIGHT these very people EAT the FLESH of Living Beings....SUCH CANNOT be CALLED "SNOW WHITE".

Sajjan thuggh was a COMPLETE PICTURE of such a wonder GURU JI chose him to make a lesson out of..for US.

The Wonder of this sakhi doesnt end here.... Guru Ji just didnt"show" us the relaity of sajjan...and leave it at that....The GURU had such powers that he TRANSFORMED this Epitome of EVIL..into the MODEL CITIZEN..who began Guru Ji''s FIRST EVER DHARAMSAAL and was appointed FIRST MINISTER of GURU ji's MISSION...The MANJI fro parchaar. ON top of his "human SLAUGHTER_HOUSE" Guru Ji built the FIRST SIKH DHARAMSAAL...That is the Wonder of Guru ji.

GURBANI of GURU JI EMPOWERS US also to SEE through these FRAUDS who exist even Today and have even BIGGER DERAS than Sajjan Thuggh ever had - just use the GURBANI TOUCHSTONE of GURU JI..and Guru given Intelligence...the FRAUD is as nangah as a new born babay !!

Next the Sakhi on KAUDA RAKASH...even more interesting than this...

Jarnail Singh Gyani:wah: