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Sabh Meh Varte Aap Nirankara


Jan 9, 2008
mwrU solhy mhlw 5
<> siqgur pRswid ]
Awid inrMjnu pRBu inrMkwrw ]
sB mih vrqY Awip inrwrw ]

vrnu jwiq ichnu nhI koeI sB hukmy isRsit aupwiedw ]1]
lK caurwsIh join sbweI ]
mwxs kau pRiB dIeI vifAweI ]
iesu pauVI qy jo nru cUkY so Awie jwie duKu pwiedw ]2]
kIqw hovY iqsu ikAw khIAY ]
gurmuiK nwmu pdwrQu lhIAY ]
ijsu Awip Bulwey soeI BUlY so bUJY ijsih buJwiedw ]3]
hrK sog kw ngru iehu kIAw ]
sy aubry jo siqgur srxIAw ]
iqRhw guxw qy rhY inrwrw so gurmuiK soBw pwiedw ]4]
Aink krm kIey bhuqyry ] jo kIjY so bMDnu pYry ]
kuruqw bIju bIjy nhI jMmY sBu lwhw mUlu gvwiedw ]5]
kljug mih kIrqnu prDwnw ]
gurmuiK jpIAY lwie iDAwnw ]
Awip qrY sgly kul qwry hir drgh piq isau jwiedw ]6]
KMf pqwl dIp siB loAw ]
siB kwlY vis Awip pRiB kIAw ]
inhclu eyku Awip AibnwsI so inhclu jo iqsih iDAwiedw ]7]
hir kw syvku so hir jyhw ]
Bydu n jwxhu mwxs dyhw ]
ijau jl qrMg auTih bhu BwqI iPir sllY sll smwiedw ]8]
ieku jwicku mMgY dwnu duAwrY ]
jw pRB BwvY qw ikrpw DwrY ]
dyhu drsu ijqu mnu iqRpqwsY hir kIrqin mnu Thrwiedw ]9]
rUVo Twkuru ikqY vis n AwvY ]
hir so ikCu kry ij hir ikAw sMqw BwvY ]
kIqw loVin soeI krwiein dir Pyru n koeI pwiedw ]10]
ijQY AauGtu Awie bnqu hY pRwxI ]
iqQY hir iDAweIAY swirMgpwxI ]
ijQY puqRü klqRü n bylI koeI iqQY hir Awip Cfwiedw ]11]
vfw swihbu Agm AQwhw ]
ikau imlIAY pRB vyprvwhw ]
kwit islk ijsu mwrig pwey so ivic sMgiq vwsw pwiedw ]12]
hukmu bUJY so syvku khIAY ]
burw Blw duie smsir shIAY ]
haumY jwie q eyko bUJY so gurmuiK shij smwiedw ]13]
hir ky Bgq sdw suKvwsI ]
bwl suBwie AqIq audwsI ]
Aink rMg krih bhu BwqI ijau ipqw pUqu lwfwiedw ]14]
Agm Agocru kImiq nhI pweI ]
qw imlIAY jw ley imlweI ]
gurmuiK pRgtu BieAw iqn jn kau ijn Duir msqik lyKu ilKwiedw ]15]
qU Awpy krqw kwrx krxw ]
isRsit aupwie DrI sB Drxw ]
jn nwnku srix pieAw hir duAwrY hir BwvY lwj rKwiedw ]16]1]5]

Maaroo, Solahas, Fifth Mehl:
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:
The Primal, Immaculate Lord God is formless.
The Detached Lord is Himself prevailing in all.
He has no race or social class, no identifying mark. By the Hukam of His Will, He created the entire universe. ||1||
Out of all the 8.4 million species of beings,
God blessed mankind with glory.
That human who misses this chance, shall suffer the pains of coming and going in reincarnation. ||2||
What should I say, to one who has been created.
The Gurmukh receives the treasure of the Naam, the Name of the Lord.
He alone is confused, whom the Lord Himself confuses. He alone understands, whom the Lord inspires to understand. ||3||
This body has been made the village of joy and sorrow.
They alone are emancipated, who seek the Sanctuary of the True Guru.
One who remains untouched by the three qualities, the three gunas - such a Gurmukh is blessed with glory. ||4||
You can do anything, but whatever you do, only serves to tie your feet.
The seed which is planted out of season does not sprout, and all one's capital and profits are lost. ||5||
In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, the Kirtan of the Lord's Praises are most sublime and exalted.
Become Gurmukh, chant and focus your meditation.
You shall save yourself, and save all your generations as well. You shall go to the Court of the Lord with honor. ||6||
All the continents, nether worlds, islands and worlds
God Himself has made them all subject to death.
The One Imperishable Lord Himself is unmoving and unchanging. Meditating on Him, one becomes unchanging. ||7||
The Lord's servant becomes like the Lord.
Do not think that, because of his human body, he is different.
The waves of the water rise up in various ways, and then the water merges again in water. ||8||
A beggar begs for charity at His Door.
When God pleases, He takes pity on him.
Please bless me with the Blessed Vision of Your Darshan, to satisfy my mind, O Lord. Through the Kirtan of Your Praises, my mind is held steady. ||9||
The Beauteous Lord and Master is not controlled in any way.
The Lord does that which pleases the Saints of the Lord.
He does whatever they wish to be done; nothing blocks their way at His Door. ||10||
Wherever the mortal is confronted with difficulty,
there he should meditate on the Lord of the Universe.
Where there are no children, spouse or friends, there the Lord Himself comes to the rescue. ||11||
The Great Lord and Master is inaccessible and unfathomable.
How can anyone meet with God, the self-suficient One?
Those who have had the noose cut away from around their necks, whom God has set back upon the Path, obtain a place in the Sangat, the Congregation. ||12||
One who realizes the Hukam of the Lord's Command is said to be His servant.
He endures both bad and good equally.
When egotism is silenced, then one comes to know the One Lord. Such a Gurmukh intuitively merges in the Lord. ||13||
The devotees of the Lord dwell forever in peace.
With a child-like, innocent nature, they remain detached, turning away from the world.
They enjoy various pleasures in many ways; God caresses them, like a father caressing his son. ||14||
He is inaccessible and unfathomable; His value cannot be estimated.
We meet Him, only when He causes us to meet.
The Lord is revealed to those humble Gurmukhs, who have such pre-ordained destiny inscribed upon their foreheads. ||15||
You Yourself are the Creator Lord, the Cause of causes.
You created the Universe, and You support the whole earth.
Servant Nanak seeks the Sanctuary of Your Door, O Lord; if it is Your Will, please preserve his honor. ||16||1||5||