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General Rupan Deol Bajaj: Demands Government Take Back KPS Gill's Padma Shri

May 23, 2009
Former Punjab bureacrat Rupan Deol Bajaj demands to take back Gill's Padma Shri
Tuesday, 05 January 2010
CHANDIGARH: Now it is the turn of ex-IAS officer Rupan Bajaj Rupan Deol Bajaj to take back the demand Padma Shri from Punjab's former 'supercop' KPS Gill convicted for molesting her.

The center government has decided to strip police officers convicted of 'moral terpitude' of medals which has prompted Bajaj to join the issue. Gill has however dismissed the demand as "nonsense." Gill was at helm of affairs during militancy in Punjab.

Rupan Deol Bajaj wanted the Centre to move against Gill in the same manner as it was proceeding against ex-Haryana top cop SPS Rathore to strip him of his police medal in the aftermath of the Ruchika molestation cae.

"Gill's case is also one of moral terpitude. All his medals and the Padma Shri should be taken away," said Bajaj, who is currently a Information Commissioner in Punjab.

"It is very necessary that some kind of message should go out to society that such persons do not deserve to have these high decorations(Padma Shri)," Bajaj told media in Chandigarh.

"I think Ruchika would not have been molested had KPS Gill not be given Padma Shri. Because(Rathore) knew that if such things happen even to IAS officer,they can get away, a top cop can get away with it," she said.
Gill, who got the country's fourth highest civilian honour in 1989 for his work in the civil service, said retrospective punishment for award and medal recipients for services rendered by them was "against the law."
Gill was in 1996 found guilty of outraging modesty of Bajaj by a trial court after she complained in 1988 that the police officer "pinched"her "posterior" at a party where he was alleged to be drunk.


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