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Aman Singh

Re: Road to Sawa Lakh SPNers, Surely We Can Do Much Better Than This!

Articles 27,236| Comments 119,558| Online 299| Members 11,400 :veryhappymunda:

Aman Singh

Articles 27,567| Comments 121,152| Online 184| Members 11,600

Let us see how much close do we reach to the magical 12000 member mark!! its just less than a month for the sixth birthday of SPN!!

I am thankful to Amanji, Dr. Narayanjot Kaurji and other eminent scholars those tried their best for the success of the Portal. It facilitated a record number of members to get knowledge about the various aspects through discussion. All this is because of the trust of the members. Till date 28000 articles and 123000 comments is really a feat that has put us in a leadership position.

I am thankful to Hon'ble Moderator and his team for their continuous efforts for making improvement in the website and adding various new subjects for making the members aware about the developments in other fields and overall knowledge on various subjects.

Congratulations on achieving the set target.
Rajneesh Madhok
Let's not forget rajneesh madhok ji that the forum would be dull and dead with out the interesting content that members like you provide.
Besides sticking to the name Sikh Philosophy there are lot of elements that make the Forum interesting. As you have added some pages and changed some existing ones to help the members and explored most interesting contents.
Madam your and Amanji's strategy of exploring and discovering some new topics has made the Forum interesting.
Changes over time, is need of hour and you are keep on changing and adding new topics/ features and so more and more fantastic content and stories are added to SPN everyday. All credit goes to you.

Aman Singh

Articles 28,903| Comments 125,821| Online 222| Members 12,501

This month we had 400 new members... this has to be a some kind of a record!! Today we crossed 10% of our mythical target... but anything is possible... by YOU inviting even five members from your friends list can make our dream come true overnight... We have to realize the power of Five! It only take a few moments to send an invite...

Way to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
We are "consistent".....each month the average number of new members is about the same...month on month...means we are doing things right. Lets carry on the Good Fight...the Gurus Work.
Congrats to all.
Chardeekalla Always Jios.