Return Sikh Granths Seized During Op Blue Star: BJP

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Jan 7, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Return Sikh Granths Seized During Op Blue Star: BJP

New Delhi - December 14,2009

BJP today demanded that the Sikh Granths seized during Operation Blue Star be returned to the community and the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots be given justice without further delay.

"Return the Sikh Granths and religious manuscripts to us. Why are you insulting them? Return them if you want to give back honour to the Sikhs," senior party leader S S Ahluwalia said in the Rajya Sabha participating in the discussion on a calling attention notice.

He said that in the operation in 1984, the Army took away the manuscripts and Granths as if they were literature associated with the Khalistan issue.

"You have not given us even the seizure list of what was taken away then," he added.

Ahluwalia said Sikhs are not craving for compensation but they want to live with dignity. He said just because a Sikh has become Prime Minister does not mean all Sikhs have been given the right to live with dignity.

He, however, had a word of praise for Manmohan Singh stating that he has become Prime Minister not because of being a Sikh but because of his merit.

The BJP member said while several Congress leaders went around apologising for the demolition of Babri mosque, no one from the party had a word of regret on 1984 riots.

"Did you ever say sorry for 1984 Sikh riots... You failed to fulfill your constitutional obligations," he said.

Earlier, calling the attention of the government on the issue, Tarlochan Singh (Independent) blamed Congress for giving Lok Sabha election tickets to Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar. The tickets were later withdrawn after protests, he said.

"Home Minister knows how it happened. Do you want us to resort to the same thing," he asked.

He also noted with concern that permission was not granted for the trial of Sajjan Kumar for two years.

Singh also said the government should have devised a mechanism to probe the riots under under United Nation Convention on Genocide.

There should be a Parliamentary Committee to probe the riots, which according to Singh claimed over 5,000 lives in Delhi alone.

He said while the judiciary showed activism in several other areas, it remained silent on Sikh killings.

Terming the anti-Sikh riots a "genocide" on the lines of "what Hitler did", Singh said, "Home Minister says it is riot. It was not riot, but massacre."

He said the community wants to know "where the conspiracy was hatched. Who gave the slogan blood for blood."


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Feeding frenzy - probably deserved too :D Thinking that all these groups who are jumping all over Badal realize that he could be aiming even higher than Punjabi government.
May 24, 2008
I think the Congress played a masterstroke in inventing the word KHALISTAN because under the pretext of fighting so- called Khalistanis , it destroyed nearly 300 years of Sikh history , literature carefully preserved by Sikhs since 1705 , when Sikhs lost a great amount of treasure while leaving Ananadpur Sahib . Also it gave a freeplay to Congress during November 84 genocide & after wards in fake encounters when a minimum of 25,000 INNOCENT Sikh youths were picked from the house & killed in fake encounters . Not a single police officer has been punished so far despite the second term of so called PANTHIC Govt of SADB . The Sikhs a just a rudderless ship today not knowing which way to go . But one thing is for sure , whenever we see / hear the word KHALISTAN , we can be sure that Congress is hell bent on mischief again & the similar incident of 1984 type genocide is lurking somewhere in the vicinity . The KHALISTAN/ RADICAL word is the favourite whipping boy of mainstream Indian media & Congress Govt as a means of OPEN LICENCE to kill , loot & torture Sikhs . So I appeal to all Sikhs , kindly don't fall in the trap of K word it is a means of making us a WHIPPING BOY only .

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
all this is "shedding crocodile tears"..just empty one is one is meant to be listening....because the Congress and BJP/RSS are the two sides of the same is Heads..other Tails...but the same KHOTA PAISA !! (Counterfeit coin)..I saw this Ahluwlaia chap on Lok Sabha TV via satelite yesterday....and he looked fake...maybe i am too involved....:happysingh:

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