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SciTech Researchers Find Remains Of Herbivorous Dinosaurs In Madhya Pradesh


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Herbivorous dinosaurs, along with crocodiles, existed in the Narmada valley around eight crore years ago, according to researchers, who have found remains of these two animals near here.

“We have found the bones of herbivorous dinosaurs and the jaw of a crocodile during excavations at neighbouring Dhar district,” Vishal Verma, head of the researchers group Mangal Panchaytan Parishad, said.

A close look at the crocodile’s jaw indicates that it was 15 feet long, he said.

Mr. Verma said their organisation, which had been conducting research in the region for the last couple of years, has during excavation found dinosaur eggs and bones in the past.

Madhya Pradesh government already has plans to set up a dinosaur fossil park in Dhar district.

According to Mr. Verma, the Narmada valley in western Madhya Pradesh has been a witness to volcanic eruptions and other activities, which had brought tremendous changes in its environs.

Studies also suggest that the area was once an ocean, which disappeared later, he added.


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