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Remote Kattu Village Is Now A Click Away


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
Till now, the only thing the residents of this nondescript village in Punjab could boast of was the mention of Kattu in Bhai Kahan Singh Nabha’s Sikh Encyclopedia Mahan Kosh-the ninth Sikh guru had stayed in the village for a day. Today, they take pride in another achievement. Kattu has logged on to the cyberspace, courtesy its younger generation.

Located near Dhanaula in Barnala district and spread over an area of 3,313 acres of land, with a population of 3,000, the dusty village is now “0 kilometres” away from any place on this planet that has access to the web.

The milestone, ‘Kattu, 0 kilometre’, put on the home page of the website, Our Village on Web :: MeraKattu.com, is quintessential and metaphorically conveys that Kattu is now only a click away. Ten young residents of the village, all aged around 20, pulled in resources and efforts to bring Kattu on the world wide web, with detailed information about its history, culture and religion.

This is a collective effort of 10 villagers who chipped in with funds, ideas and technical aspects needed to start the website. Anyone can now run a search for Kattu on Google and get information about it. We also plan to start a blog on the website in a month’s time,” Atinder Pal Singh, who designed the website, told The Indian Express.

A student of BSc Agriculture at Khalsa College, Amritsar, Atinder is an amateur web designer who decided to take up computer science after he was rebuked by the principal of his school for failing in the practical examination in Class VIII. “I studied computer books, learned programming, languages and web designing,” said Atinder.

“With the village website, we have opened a new vista. I am hopeful that the website will turn out to be an excellent interactive medium for the people of the region settled anywhere in the world,” he added.

Remote Kattu village is now a click away
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