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    In the wake of the Islamophobia that has swept the west, and the recent terrorist attacks in London (side note: interesting how all those terrorist attacks coincided with the elections….), there has been more hate being placed against Muslims as a whole. It is often forgotten that Muslim countries themselves face frequent terrorist attacks from extremists, more so than the west does. However, these are not touched so much by the media.

    There seems to be an increasing amount of hate sentiment towards Muslims as a whole, from Sikhs. Many Sikhs are joining in on the Muslim-bashing. It is surprising how someone can proudly call themselves a Sikh, even look the part, but then turn around and spill so much intolerance. This directly contradicts being a Sikh.

    Do we really forget our Sikh teachings and roots that quickly? Our Gurus fought against Islamic extremists. Two of our Gurus were killed by them. One lost all four of his sons to them. Even after facing so much atrocity and injustice at the hands of these Islamic extremists, still our Gurus never promoted intolerance against Muslims as a whole. It’s the tyrants in particular who our Gurus fought against. How weak and feeble are we modern day Sikhs that we so easily fall into general hate speech and prejudice?

    Further, our Gurus even included shabads by Muslims in the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, were friends with Muslims, Guru Hargobind Singh Ji even built a mosque for Muslims! Our Gurus were absolutely perfect and exquisite examples of using critical thinking, not generalizing, not hating, and instead, truly promoting tolerance, universality, and one love.

    We all need to remind ourselves of these important lessons, and reflect on our Kings when we feel ourselves slipping into intolerance and bigotry.
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    I do not think Sikhs are writing against Muslims in general. It is the terrorists against whom they have been found to be writing. Incidentally, most of these happened to be Muslims hence the perception. Terrorist other wise has no religion because religion does not teach us to have enmity. "Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna". The present spate of terrorism originated in nineteen eightees in Pakistan when they made a state policy to use terrorism as a tool. It continuously spread, aided and abetted by the state and funded by Wahabi Saudis who wanted to dominate the Islam world using religion as tool, thereby causing internecine wars starting with the elimination process of Shias by Sunnis. Al Qaeda, Taliban, LeT, Hizub ul Mujaihidin, ISIS and such other agencies are the resultant production of such mindsets. The powerful West wanted the best of out of it. They aligned with Saudis to usurp Islamic sources and tried to occupy hub centers for domination. The brainwashing waves have destroyed many a youth and it is difficult to defuse the situation under the existing circumstances when terrorism is being exploited as a tool for political dominance and hegemony.
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