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India Religious-social Personality Should Be Made SGPC President: Phoolka

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Religious-social personality should be made SGPC president: Phoolka

TNN | Sep 25, 2011, 03.21AM IST

JALANDHAR: Senior Supreme Court advocate H S Phoolka, who had launched a campaign against use of liquor in SGPC election, has said that serious flaws have emerged in the method of SGPC election, which are held completely on political lines.

He has also said that appointing a politician as president of SGPC was wrong and some prominent Sikhs, who have made their mark in religious and social service sectors, should be co-opted and then someone from among them be made president of this religious body.

Addressing a press conference here Phoolka said that as SGPC was a religious body its method of election should be different from political elections. "There is dire need to change the method so that the degradation which is already there in politics does not happen in the religious body which would be much more serious," he argued.

He said that now SAD president and chief minister should ensure that the personality of the president of SGPC is such that he or she is a role model for the entire community. "People who have worked for humanity and for Sikhism selflessly should be requested for co-option in the SGPC and someone from among them should be made president to set an example," said Phoolka, who has been the face of legal battle for justice to victims of 1984 Sikh riots.

When journalists insisted for naming such persons Phoolka named Punjab Agriculture University vice chancellor Khem Singh, Pingalwara Amritsar president Dr Inderjit Kaur, Retired IAS officer Hardial Singh (who ran Sarb Rog Ka Aukhad Nam Mission) and environmentalist Baba Sewa Singh. "These are only a few names and there are several personalities in the community," he added.

Dal Khalsa demands justice Brar's removal as gurdwara election chief

Dal Khalsa has demanded that chief commissioner, Gurdwara Elections, Justice (Retd) H S Brar should quit the office in the wake of his "failure to hold free and fair elections," or the Union Home Ministry should ask him to put in his papers.

"It is quite clear that on election day Justice Brar chose to look the other way despite a flurry of brazen violations exposed by the media mainly because it was "Brar's way of returning the favour to the Badal government for appointing his kin as a top law officer in Punjab advocate general's office", Dal Khalsa's spokesperson Kanwarpal Singh alleged. "Justice Brar's failure to check enrollment of bogus voters has not only put up a question mark on his neutrality but also compromised the sanctity of the Gurdwara Elections," he said.



Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Well we can stop liquor in Amritsar, but getting it to be done in whole of Punjab is as impossible as it sounds.

More important is to stop drugs which are already BANNED.

One more important thing, I might not admire Modi otherwise. But he has got big industrial development done in Gujarat. People are happy to some extent as thought there is some kind of prosperity. No one is doing that for Punjab. And no one will ever will. Bring more industries and work to Punjab. Make people busy with their work and they will forget drugs and liquor.

Sad part is that Punjab is just degenerating, there is no progress and no one to represent the state at the center!



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