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USA Religious Radicalisation Among Some Muslims Could Invite Backlash To American Sikhs: ASC


Jun 1, 2004
AMRITSAR: While expressing grave concern over religious radicalisation of a few Muslims in America, the American Sikh community has expressed apprehensions of backlash on Sikh American citizenry due to misinformation, ignorance about Sikh's unique identity, their turban and dress.

Talking to TOI on Monday, Inderpreet Singh of American Sikh Council (ASC) said that religious radicalisation must be taken very seriously and condemned publicly by all the appropriate national faith organisations.

Stating that ASC was extremely distressed by the indescribable act of mass murder at the 'Pulse' nightclub in the city of Orlando that left 53 people killed and more than 50 injured, he said, "The fallout and repercussions of violence by radical Muslims especially in America has and continues to have very serious consequences against the Sikh American citizenry through conflation and misidentitification, whether through ignorance or otherwise."

He said an extremely small minority within a very large faith group were maligning the entire faith adding that those few radicals by no means represent the majority.

"As a result of such events, religious communities like the Sikh Americans are acutely vulnerable to backlash, and we urge everyone to exercise vigilance and caution during this period of heightened anxiety," he said.

However, he suggested that it was was imperative that the national Muslim organizations not only speak up but reach out to others as well.

ASC has also suggested fellow citizens to notify the local law enforcement in case of any threats of violence.

He said ASC encourages Sikh Americans, around the Orlando area in Florida, to donate blood.

"We pray for a speedy and full recovery of the injured. Our prayers are with all the victims, their families, and local community," he said.

Meanwhile, the Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF) informed TOI through an e-mail that they condemned the hateful attack on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community in Orlando, Florida.

"We believe no one should be targeted for his or her race, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation and we stand in solidarity with our LGBT brothers and sisters" said the SALDEF message. It also informed that SALDEF encourages Sikh Americans, especially the community in Florida, to donate blood to save the precious lives.



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