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I think I have problem that I need help from any one.
I bought ipad and down loaded Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji on my ipad. So that I can read it any where when ever I can.

The problem is the Rehat Maryada tell us to cover our head in the presence also remove shoes. I carry the ipad in my car. It would be very hard to drive with bare feet specially in the winter. Also when I take the ipad to office should I remove shoes n cover my head.
In the morning should I bow to ipad? What happen if some one wants to use my ipad for work reason. Should I make them do that or refuse them to use my ipad?
Yes do that.

Maybe I can elaborate. If doing that ritual causes you to pay more attention to (be more aware of) Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji then do it. I think it will hence why I said yes.

Mai Harinder Kaur

The modern age really poses some new situations, doesn't it? I do not own an ipad - honest, I've never had a mobile phone of any kind - so I'm not sure. If it were me, I probably wouldn't have downloaded SGGS ji into something I carried around like that. Personally (and this is just me) I do not find it useful to read a few tuks here and there. I need to sit down where it's quiet and I can concentrate. Maybe other people do otherwise.

Some time ago, I asked the same thing about my computer. I was told that I shouldn't be concerned, a computer is just a computer, whatever is in its memory. I am not comfortable with that. When my computer is not in use, it is nicely covered and I treat it with respect. To me, showing respect to SGGS ji is not a ritual! It is an expression of my deeply held love and respect for my Guru. Of course, my head is covered and my feet bare when I am actually reading Gurbani. Actually, in the house, my feet are almost always bare and my head covered. BTW, if you tie turban, the particular difficulty doesn't arise.

But...I have been told that I'm a bit over the top about such things. I guess this is one of those times you need top use your own judgment and good sense.
Wearing a turban... now that's a really good idea. Shoes can easily be removed and your feet will love it when you do.

To me, showing respect to Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji ji is not a ritual!
Seeker ji respect is shown by paying lots of attention to the object of reverence.


Seeker ji respect is shown by paying lots of attention to the object of reverence.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->

In the case of SGGS would it not be a case of paying lots of attention to the meaning of what is contained in the object?

The washing and feeding of an idol are methods of showing respect to the god so idolised, but that is contrary to Gurmat. Why would we want to go overboard with ritual towards SGGS when we should be going overboard trying to respect the meaning of SGGS by respecting others and living the qualities illuminated within it?

Don't get me wrong, I treat the Gurbani I own with the utmost respect (I cover it, don't put it on the ground, etc), but I think we need to be sensible with regards to 1) how we treat the electronic medium displaying SGGS and 2) the demands we place upon others to respect what we respect.

Mai Harinder Kaur

I cannot help but think of my Bible-thumping, spirit-filled, born again Christian caregiver. My computer - PC, I don't have a lappy - is in my bedroom. I often play kirtan while I'm doing other things online. She does a lot of her work in here, too. Does it make any sense for me to demand she cover her head and bare her feet? (Although she usually wears a wig. Does a wig count as a head covering?) I'm not even sure it'd be legal for me to ask her to do that. I am certain that, in her case, it would be merely obeying orders - even further removed than ritual for respect - if she did; it would not be a sign of respect as she really has no respect for any religion except her own. With myself, I am pretty strict with myself, lenient with others. I did ask her to quit reading me Bible passages in here, a request she was quite unhappy about, but nevertheless, she has complied.

For me and just for me, I would opt to show too much respect rather than too little and, as I said earlier, this is deeply meaningful to me, it is not ritual. If the day ever comes when respecting Guru ji - in whatever form - is just a ritual, then it'll be time for me to turn in my kakkars and shave my hairy legs.


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The problem is the Rehat Maryada tell us to cover our head in the presence also remove shoes. I carry the ipad in my car. It would be very hard to drive with bare feet specially in the winter. Also when I take the ipad to office should I remove shoes n cover my head.

This is not exactly what is in the Rehat Maryada. Advocating others follow an extreme in terms of gestures of respect? Advocating others follow the opposite extreme in terms of loose interpretations? These are two directions, both equally perverse, when we understand the the Sikh Rehat Maryada was designed to simplify simplify simply, while still attempting to communicate a strong sense of how Sikh and Sikhi should be constructed by the panth.

Let's take a look at what Sikh Rehat Maryada really says.

The thread title may mislead. Because it seems this is less about the maryada and more about covering one's head. The link below takes us to a thread that should help all of us understand what the framers of the Sikh Rehat Maryada were aiming for. Thanks

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
The GURU in SRM terms is SGGS in one Volume. That One Volume SGGS in Bir form was bestowed the GURGADEE and thats how it has always been - the Guru is Parkash on its Palki under Chandoa, covered with Rumallahs, palkaan, with a CHAUR Bradaar in attendance in a Clean sweet smelling environment. Even the Chaur Bardaar is required ONLY when Sangat is in presence of the GURU....otherwise there is no requirements for a Chaur bardaar to be present but the Chandoa rumallahs etc all remain until SUKHASSAN at NIGHT. This is the "PHYSICAL GURU" PRESENT for FOCUS PURPOSES in SANGAT. The SGGS commands RESPECT and REVERENCE by simply being PRESNT at all sangatee/khandeh-batteh dee pahul ocassions etc.

2. The "Spiritual GURU"..all Gurbani in any form and substance - cds, dvds, electronic form, Microsoft Word, Excel work sheet, PDF file, audio files, translated forms, etc etc etc etc is expressly for the purpose of everyday reading/listening in order to IMBIBE the TEACHINGS...To FOLLOW the adapt our daily lives to the teachings in order to move..progress towards being more and more and better we can FACE the and in the hereafter !! with clean shining faces. The Spiritual Guru commands respect and revenrence on a to one "sangat" or congregation is involved here. There are no rules and laws..nobody is going to tell you to remove your shoes..or cover your ehad..or SIT UP and stop slouching.. FACE the Computer/TV screen/DVD player when listening to Kirtan etc can lie down in bed..slouch on the sofa..or sit up !!! its all up to you PERSONALLY...measure the LOVE BOND you feel between yourself and the GURU...Some of US feel so much Love and respect for our dads/mums...even Brothers sisters....that we DROP everything we are doing to rush to the door to welcome him/her, hug him/her and chat a while with him/her..ask if she/he wants a or cold..or anything else..BEFORE we return back to whatever we were doing...while others dont give a dam.n....whos coming or going..mum or dad makes no difference..coming or the house or not..and DONT BOTHER until dad or mum HOLLERS LOUDLY a few times !!

To ME..its a matter of "perception"...a lot of people just LOVE to bring out such "problems"..reveals their own weaknesses..why they never ask the same things about their daddy/mummy ?? Its about the SAME THING..RESPECT begets RESPECT...LOVE reciprocates LOVE...IF we LOVe and RESPECT our dads..mums..grandparents..chances are we will also extend that love and respect to our GURU..Gurbani...on the other hand if we are merely "ritualistic'..about loving/respecting our dads/mums nanni granny etc etc..we will be similarly just ritaulising our love to the Guru/gurbani...matha tekinga nd Bowing merely becasue EVERYBODY is doing it.. Given half a chance we would rellay just LOVE to RUSH into a Gurdwara and go straight to our friends and start hugging them blah blah .................BUT..........since its a "Gurdwara" we FORCE oursleves to reign in that enthusiasm for a while...........while we "fulfill that silly ritual of lining up..taking out soem cash and bowing etc.."....because what will people say ???.and so when such people are in PRIVATE...what respect/love do you expect them to give to the Gurbani/kirtna etc on their cars audios/pc/lappys...etc ?? absolutley ZERO...and when they feel "GUILTY"..then they head for the nearest Sikh "Forum".......and start asking around..hoping someone will tell them its ALL RIGHT to do what they are doing...ha ha
Actually no need to feel Guilty or not guilty..the GURU/GURBANI is NOT DIMINISHED or ENHANCED by our respect or lack of respect...the SUN sends down its RAYS..irrespective of they falling on a rubbish dump or a field of tulips/roses...and the SUNS RAYS are not "dirtied" by the Rubbish dump....neither are they "Enhanced" by the Roses........
With Waheguru's grace, the Totally Obvious yet not so much.

(By the word "obvious" I mean no disrespect to anyone. I see how it may be taken to be such but understand that that is not my intention. See if you can find the obvious in my post.)

Gyani ji, you point out the obvious quite articulately... and that's no small feat! Seriously.

I think when everything is stated one way e.g. in rules and regulations, this causes people to observe things as rules and regulations. The mind then does not see it any other way. Then they miss out on the obvious. That which is right under our noses but we don't notice.

All previous posts are just pointing out the obvious.

The obvious when seen from one perspective looks very different than from a different perspective but it's still obvious. When all perspectives are meditated upon the obvious is realized. This realization is infinite, never-ending because there are infinite number of perspectives. And this is why Gurus and other holy men were said to be able to see all. They see the obvious which slips from everyone else's mind. The obvious encapsulates everything! It is everything!

Like the blind men feeling an elephant and each pointing out a different body part. What they are all referring to is the obvious. That is if you are paying attention to the obvious, ie. looking at the elephant in the room.
Now if each man had his own handicap, this is what the obvious would look like. (From Existance of Abrahamic God thread)
The deaf one listens to the elephant and says he is quiet. The blind one sees the elephant and says there is nothing there. The mute one talks to the elephant and says there is no response...
Even when such perspectives contradict. Ritual - no ritual... both perspectives are referring to the same practice. One may not even call it practice, they may use the words "way of life". Practice - no practice, way of life - not way of life... it's referring to the same... the removing of shoes, covering of head, etc. Which Gyani ji points out are in essence the same as things we do for our parents. That is, it's to show respect, which in essence, is to give attention. Give attention to what??

That's right...the obvious. ;)

If you don't pay attention to it, it will slip away from you. All scriptures and everything are talking about it. So pay attention to them, their meanings, and follow them so the obvious can be realized.

We have all have different names for the obvious, and use different words to express it, as we have all done here... and everywhere else.

What could be another name for "the obvious"? Think about it.

Perhaps, God or perhaps, Hukam or vartmaan, the present moment?

So the answer to all questions to me then seems to be "Do the obvious". And if you are not sure what the obvious is, then just talk to people. They will point it out from every direction; impossible to imagine this direction. And of course, pay attention to the obvious so you can do the obvious.

This was of course... all obvious. ;)

Ishna ji, you always have good questions. Clearly you like pointing out the obvious in the form of questions. ;) I think I have answered your questions but if not please let me know and I'll try again.
BTW the word "obvious" was inspired by one of your post on the Existance of God thread.
Like when I've read thr gurbani I understand but it doesn't stay in my mind, and when someone (ie you) point it out it's like du'h, I already knew that! *facepalm*

(By the word "obvious" I mean no disrespect to anyone.)
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Continued from previous post. (I felt grateful after writing that post and wanted to express it.)
Sangat ji,
Can you imagine, the Gurus were pointing out the obvious to people their whole lives?
You really have to be special to do so.

Guru Nanak at Haridwar: *while throwing the water in direction to his fields from a far away location in Indian* Guys relax, the the ancestors are farther than my fields. I think the water will reach my fields much more easily.
The priests and peasants there did not understand him. A few did and they were liberated.

Guru Nanak at Kurukshetra: *while cooking goat meat during a solar eclipse* Guys relax, the "no meat during black sun" rule is a superstition. Nothing will go wrong if I cook it.
The priests and peasants there did not understand him. A few did and they were liberated.

Guru Nanak invited to prayers at a mosque: *he stood there in prayer. after prayers ended* Guys relax, I was praying. It was you who were not praying, you were thinking about trading horses and cows giving birth.
The priests and peasants there did not understand him. A few did and they were liberated.

Guru Nanak at <insert location="">some location: *in some activity* Guys look it's obvious.
The priests and peasants there did not understand him. A few did and they were liberated.

Even Guru Nanak's mool mantar points out the obvious. One God is the Truth (that which is) is the Creator and the Created is without fear is without enemity is the Timeless, Infinite/NeverDying is then beyond Birth is also Self-Existant. Realized through His own grace.

I thank the senior members here at SPN, I really do, for being on this forum since the begining of time. They have written thousands and thousands of posts pointing out the obvious to us, in an attempt to guide us. In each one of their posts there is a realization to be had. You can either take it or leave it. If you take it you'll be liberated. 0:)

(I heard this in a Richard Dawkin's lecture, and I think it highlights this concept. I paraphrase the conversation Richard Dawkins was mentioning between some scientists.)
</insert>Two guys pointing out the obvious to each other:
<insert location="">Scientist 1: Back then people used to think that the sun rotated around the Earth. Now, we know that the Earth rotates around the Sun.
Scientist 2: Why did people back then believe this?
Scientist 1: Because from the Earth it looks as if the Sun is going around the Earth.
Scientist 2: Well, what would it look like if the Earth was going around the Sun?


Do you read while driving? :)

The problem is the Rehat Maryada tell us to cover our head in the presence also remove shoes. I carry the ipad in my car. It would be very hard to drive with bare feet specially in the winter. Also when I take the ipad to office should I remove shoes n cover my head.

I think those instructions are for the time you are reading Gurbani!

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