SALDEF Register To Vote Today, ROCK The Sikh-American Vote (incudes Punjabi Version)


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
SALDEF Encourages All Sikh American Citizens to Register to Vote Before Deadlines

The November 2nd General Elections are only weeks away, with many initiatives and candidates that need your voice and input. The election process is a celebrated institution at the root of our democracy. SALDEF urges all Sikh American citizens to take this opportunity to ensure that every Sikh American fulfills this vital civic duty and VOTE!

Still need to register to vote? No problem, do it here!

Unable to get to the polls on November 2nd? Click here to get an Absentee Ballot!

During elections, less than 60 percent of the American public actually utilizes their right to vote. This means that less than 60 percent of American citizens influence and contribute to the laws and decisions the entire country must adhere to. Sikhs have a history of ensuring that our voices are heard so we urge you to continue that tradition. Today’s votes affect tomorrow's decisions; it is our responsibility to vote!

If you need to register to vote, locate your polling place, or need more information regarding absentee ballots, please take the opportunity now to explore the links here. Most state deadlines are coming up over the next week, and if you miss the deadline, you won’t be able to vote in this election cycle.

Information regarding the voting process is also available in Punjabi. (See the attached pdf file for Punjabi information)


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