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Real Solutions To The Language Barrier

Real solutions to the language barrier
By Khalsa Starr

In the thread titled "Language barrier for new sikhs" we talked about the issue that many new sikhs face when entering into sikhi, mainly at gurdwaras and with talking with other fellow sikhs. However, it is clear that even sikh youth and older generations don't understand punjabi/gurmakhi, hence going to temple is more a social even than a place to learn.

I myself have come up against this barrier. I have somewhat overcome it by recieving an english copy of the SGGS and the sacred nitnem. But in other places, some ppl simply don't have the money to purchase such items, nor have the way to get them.

Therefore, real solutions must be put into action if we want to attract newer sikhs and keep some of our youth interested in their faith. At the same time, we don't want to create divisions between converts and existing sikhs.

In this thread, we should talk about (in detail) what are some solutions to this issue and get info from users that already attend temples that have resources for english (and other languages).

When we have a good number of possible solutions, the mods of SFC and i will put together a detailed list of these ideas and make a word or PDF copy and make it available to whoever wants to use it.

-khalsa starr


Sat sri akaal!

Cyber Sangat,

One idea, I have noticed that in most gurdwara's we have a childs class teaching Punjabi/Gurmakhi, but no adult class. I for one would attend such a class if I could find one.




dear lee
what i would suggest that the gurudwara you go to, you can ask the management to allow the adults to take the punjabi learning classes too and see how this experiment works ..when i was in newyork we used to sit together and used to do gurbani translations starting from nitnem..and people of all ages used to be a part of the discussion group although the majority was of teenagers and young adults.

One ideaa would be to have both an english version and gurmakhi version of the SGGS and a few other books. As well, a powerpoint presentation that another user suggested.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
another real solution..

go to http://www.rarasahib.com/ Download and INstall Isher Micromedia CD 2005 on your computer. It provides THREE of the BEST teekas.. One in Gurmukhi - ENGLISH, andother in Modern PUNJABI..and a third in OLd Punjabi. Also has the entire MAHAAN KOSH - Sikh encyclopaedia as well and has SEARCH functions etc etc. A very good tool.

I use it daily without fail.

Jarnail Singh.

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