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Khalsa Aid Ravinder Singh, Founder Khalsa Aid Sikh Of The Year 2014


Jun 1, 2004
There were many nomination for the ‘Sikh of the Year 2014′ award but the one who stood out the most is Ravinder Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid.

A message from Ravi Singh, CEO/ Founder of Khalsa Aid:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful messages since the Sikh Of The Year award was presented to myself yesterday in Amritsar.

Khalsa Aid has become a much loved organisation in the hearts of many around the globe. This is truly an amazing achievement for a faith based relief organisation and shows the absolute humanity of our wonderful volunteers.

Thank you for your love and support. Let's now focus on reaching out to many more needy people in 2015. God bless."


Ravinder Singh has been honored with ‘The Sikh of the Year 2014′ Award in Amritsar. It is a tribute to “Ravinder Singh” who worked sleeplessly in improving the health and lives of people affected with poverty, war and natural disaster. He is also known to be Courageous, inspirational and selfless person.

He begins his journey as a Humanitarian Aid worker in 1999, and started a nonprofit relief aid organization named “Khalsa Aid” which works toward providing assistance to victims of wars, flooding and natural disasters worldwide. Khalsa Aid has launched over 25 International Emergency Relief Missions over the last 14 years and raises the awareness of Sikhs beliefs and values worldwide.

He started his first mission in Albania/Kosovo border where Khalsa Aid Provides Assistance to displaced victims of Civil War & genocide. In his second mission to Turkey (1999) when devastating earthquake struck Northwestern Turkey, he provided a thousand pairs of garments and water purifier to the affected people. Since then humanitarian aid has been provided to suffering communities in Orissa (2000 cyclone), Gujarat (2001 earthquake), Rwanda (2002 volcanic Eruption), Dhaka (2007 cyclone) and many more.



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