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General Rapes (per Capita) (most Recent) By Country


Apr 3, 2005

# 1 South Africa: 1.19538 per 1,000 people
# 2 Seychelles: 0.788294 per 1,000 people
# 3 Australia: 0.777999 per 1,000 people
# 4 Montserrat: 0.749384 per 1,000 people
# 5 Canada: 0.733089 per 1,000 people
# 6 Jamaica: 0.476608 per 1,000 people
# 7 Zimbabwe: 0.457775 per 1,000 people
# 8 Dominica: 0.34768 per 1,000 people
# 9 United States: 0.301318 per 1,000 people
# 10 Iceland: 0.246009 per 1,000 people
# 11 Papua New Guinea: 0.233544 per 1,000 people
# 12 New Zealand: 0.213383 per 1,000 people
# 13 United Kingdom: 0.142172 per 1,000 people
# 14 Spain: 0.140403 per 1,000 people
# 15 France: 0.139442 per 1,000 people
# 16 Korea, South: 0.12621 per 1,000 people
# 17 Mexico: 0.122981 per 1,000 people
# 18 Norway: 0.120836 per 1,000 people
# 19 Costa Rica: 0.118277 per 1,000 people
# 20 Venezuela: 0.115507 per 1,000 people
# 21 Finland: 0.110856 per 1,000 people
# 22 Netherlands: 0.100445 per 1,000 people
# 23 Denmark: 0.0914948 per 1,000 people
# 24 Germany: 0.0909731 per 1,000 people
# 25 Bulgaria: 0.0795973 per 1,000 people
# 26 Chile: 0.0782179 per 1,000 people
# 27 Thailand: 0.0626305 per 1,000 people
# 28 Kyrgyzstan: 0.0623785 per 1,000 people
# 29 Poland: 0.062218 per 1,000 people
# 30 Sri Lanka: 0.0599053 per 1,000 people
# 31 Hungary: 0.0588588 per 1,000 people
# 32 Estonia: 0.0547637 per 1,000 people
# 33 Ireland: 0.0542829 per 1,000 people
# 34 Switzerland: 0.0539458 per 1,000 people
# 35 Belarus: 0.0514563 per 1,000 people
# 36 Uruguay: 0.0512295 per 1,000 people
# 37 Lithuania: 0.0508757 per 1,000 people
# 38 Malaysia: 0.0505156 per 1,000 people
# 39 Romania: 0.0497089 per 1,000 people
# 40 Czech Republic: 0.0488234 per 1,000 people
# 41 Russia: 0.0486543 per 1,000 people
# 42 Latvia: 0.0454148 per 1,000 people
# 43 Moldova: 0.0448934 per 1,000 people
# 44 Colombia: 0.0433254 per 1,000 people
# 45 Slovenia: 0.0427648 per 1,000 people
# 46 Italy: 0.0402045 per 1,000 people
# 47 Portugal: 0.0364376 per 1,000 people
# 48 Tunisia: 0.0331514 per 1,000 people
# 49 Zambia: 0.0266383 per 1,000 people
# 50 Ukraine: 0.0244909 per 1,000 people
# 51 Slovakia: 0.0237525 per 1,000 people
# 52 Mauritius: 0.0219334 per 1,000 people
# 53 Turkey: 0.0180876 per 1,000 people
# 54 Japan: 0.017737 per 1,000 people
# 55 Hong Kong: 0.0150746 per 1,000 people
# 56 India: 0.0143187 per 1,000 people
# 57 Qatar: 0.0139042 per 1,000 people
# 58 Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of: 0.0132029 per 1,000 people
# 59 Greece: 0.0106862 per 1,000 people
# 60 Georgia: 0.0100492 per 1,000 people
# 61 Armenia: 0.00938652 per 1,000 people
# 62 Indonesia: 0.00567003 per 1,000 people
# 63 Yemen: 0.0038597 per 1,000 people
# 64 Azerbaijan: 0.00379171 per 1,000 people
# 65 Saudi Arabia: 0.00329321 per 1,000 people


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
The list of statistics is interesting, but what is the context for discussion? There are issues that can make these data inflated or conversely underestimated. Here is the discussion that accompanied the list. For purposes of discussion we could take some of the issues raised and discuss them.

How close are the data in the above to rates reported at other crime statistics site?

4th January 2011 Ultimately women dont seem to mind.. I mean not if measured by action at least, as they never bother to collectivise to make any progress with it or club together to protect their own? Perhaps on a subconscious level they buy in to the "deserved it' model?

amy becker
3rd January 2011 Social control will help reduce the number of rape.

It should consist of taking a rapist to a bridge or at least a 30 foot tower which is in a public place, strip him naked and push him off the tower but to make sure he does not get hurt when he hits the ground, tie a rope around his ***** to break the fall. I know a lot of women who would be willing to tie the rope around their nuts. (and a lot of men who would too)

31st December 2010 Sexual offences for some countries are incorrect. For example Muslim countries and Asian countries, like India, has a staggering sexual offence record. More than 80% of Indian women, for example, have reported being sexually assaulted at some point in their life according to private surveys.
Muslim men are huge sexual offenders and the statistics don't reflect that, probably because their society is so closed to the outside world to give true numbers.

30th December 2010 Funny how there some who prejudice blind sided them on the truth about Islam, Almost all western countries has the highest rape and crime cases yet the see it necessary to bash muslim. @Pedro: you are incorrect what you said about women in Islam, on the contrary in the Quran, all a women has to do incase of accusation of rape is to swear to God of her innocence and she will not be prosecuted.

29th December 2010 @Hilmi - Yeah, and due to the rules of evidence in sharia, essentially impossible for the woman to prove. Consequently she will be the one punished - for adultery. The only way this will affect the statistics is by frightening the victims from reporting rapes in the first place. Great solution(!)

25th December 2010 In 2007, there were "at least" 248,300 cases of sexual assaults in the United States, which translated to an .824 rate per 1,000 population (2007 population of 301.3 million people). Australia's sexual assault rate has increased, in 2009 it was 18,800 victims from 21,965,300 people, which translates to a rate of 0.856 per 1,000 (minute variances can be explained by how frequently reported sexual assaults are). There is no way Australia is the villain this irresponsible site has made us (and Canada) out to be by lumping sex assault and rape counts here. I have had 'racism' directed at me by people reading the info here.

24th December 2010 "All rapes would disappeare if we had shariia law."

Yea and women would be treated like dirt. I still say rapes would stop if the rapist were taken to a public place, stripped and thrown off a high place but to make sure they did not get hurt when they hit the ground, they would tie a rope around their nuts to keep them from hitting the ground.

21st December 2010 I didn't realize this data is ONLY FROM 1998-2000. In viewing the FBI's data, 32 per capita is the correct amount, so this site is pretty close.

Since it's now TEN YEARS LATER(!) it should be mentioned that the current rate is 28.7.


Validation of Data
21st December 2010 The USA numbers seem to be close to what the FBI reported in their 1990-2009 chart, located here:

The FBI reported 28.7 per capita, not the 30-something here on this site. Frankly, I would believe the FBI before took the word of a seemingly unscholarly website such as this...

21st December 2010 All rapes would disappeare if we had shariia law.

21st December 2010 Lot of rape goes on behind the chapel in Wales did you not know, enticement is a hot cup of tea and a bun.

17th December 2010 What about Congo, Democratic Republic of?

15th December 2010 The rape statistics for Canada are incorrect. First, Statistics Canada cites 62 sexual offences per 100,000 people for 2009, not the 73 per 100,000 quoted by NationMaster. Second, Canadian crime statistics do not distinguish between actual rapes and lesser sexual offences, but by the severity of the offence depending on how badly the victim was injured or whether a weapon was used, etc. Even unwanted touching constitutes sexual assault in Canada and would be included with all the other sexual offences.

Since fully 98% of the 2009 reported sexual offences were in the least serious category (with 61 per 100,000 people), it is extremely unlikely that the actual rape rate in Canada is even remotely close to the 73 per 100,000 stated on this website.

15th December 2010 In Canada, crime statistics do not distinguish between rape and less serious sexual offences. Since unwanted groping is a sexual offence and is counted among the more serious offences, it's unlikely that the actual rape rate is anywhere near what it says in this report.

13th December 2010 This must be incomplete, Sweden is not here at all.

7th December 2010 @Joie Leigh - Under Sharia Law, Rape is one of the crime with the heaviest penalty. Please get your facts right the next time. See how a true muslim women dress and you will know why it is less rape in muslim country.

6th December 2010 The statistic for Australia is incorrect.

The value in 2007 was .094 per 1000.
I think you have the number out by a factor of 10.

Joie Leigh
5th December 2010 @DutchMuslim Are you serious!? Rape is ok under sharia law... so maybe on paper there are less rapes in muslim countries, why would they record the numbers when it's not considered a crime?


Took out some rough language.

If we did this, I bet there would not be any rapes in a short time, after perhaps a few thousand males lost their testicles.


Took out some rough language.

28th November 2010 Rapes are not lesser in muslim countries , they are just less reported

23rd November 2010 Islam is the solution. That's why rapists fear Islam.

21st November 2010 Canadian government keeps telling the public that our troops need to be in Afghanistan to help the poor, downtrodden women who are treated so disgracefully by the men. It's evident the billions of taxpayer dollars they're squandering overseas could be better spent elsewhere.

19th November 2010 You like it or not, rapes are lesser in muslim countries.

19th November 2010 This is the number of REPORTED rapes. The incidence of rape appears to higher in developed countries not because there are more rapes, but because rape is more likely to be reported.

19th November 2010 Those who are arguing that rapes are not registered in countries like India, then I would say, it happens in every county. It's a fact that, a good number of women don't report that they're raped in every country and it is not just in India. So, I would agree with this statistics.

18th November 2010 Oh, my bloved beloved homeland SAUDI ARABIA at bottom. I'm a girl and ask me how much Muslims respect me.

9th November 2010 Very bad incidences... Hope 2011 urshers in better minded individuals and rape-free year

18th October 2010 Saudi Arabia and Yemen on the bottom of the list. Has this anything to do with the fact that if a woman reports rape she is the one likely to get punished.

4th October 2010 I'm in SA, rape is a serious issue, most people i encounter have been raped multiple times but the most common thing is that family members do not punish the offender if it is family or close family friend. they make the woman suffer & blame them for not preventing the rape. its horrible

3rd October 2010 Saudi makes the end of the list!!! A great eye opener

30th September 2010 I guess only these countries care to keep a record ..
all other just don't care about women.

23rd September 2010 @alan
your trolling right?

21st September 2010 @ALL 15 sep 2010;
Do data match definition ? No

20th September 2010 Saudi Arabia's rape count would probably be much higher if the forced marriages and the that wives are legally required to be submissive to their husbands (including sex) were taken into account.

15th September 2010 The latest UN report on sexxual violence:

Interesting; Sweden is at number 2 in the world, only "beaten" by LESOTHO !

I wonder why that is ? Did all Swedes just turn raving mad over the past 20 years, or could it have something to do with problems assimilating immigrants and refugees ?


13th September 2010 Sex is power in US more than ever. Getting worse all the time. O'Yeah!

No wonder Saudi Arabia is last on the list. Where a woman is still free to be a woman.

Kendra G.
13th September 2010 In the United States, lots of people is not telling on the rapist and child molesters because you know them or the parents just say it is normal. United States is probably number one to tell you the truth. Thanks for your time. Have a great day!

6th September 2010 The latest final figures from the Swedish official statistics are 64 REPORTED rapes per 100,000. Meaning it would be at number 27 in this list with 0.064 per 1000 inhabitants.

The figures for year 2000 is at 0.023 per 1000 inhabitants though.

This can be seen as success in Sweden on gettings rapes reported and there are alot of other sources of information which indicates that the rate of occured rapes is roughly the same. Obviously these kind of explanations should be rather obvious when it comes to the list published here (it clearly extremely incorrect in actual commited rapes).

2nd September 2010 I think that if all those who have committed sex crimes suddenly dropped dead we would lose one percent of the female population but we would lose half of the male population.

27th August 2010 Acording to the total on this site (Sweden 2100) we should end up at number 10 in this list. 2.33.
26th August 2010 Just a note that in the case of rape, one should never suppose it has much to do with the religion or in fact often the penalties, the mass difference is actually in the reporting rate. In reply to Mahfuz - the fact that in many countries, particually in the middle east, though definatly not only there, you are shaming your family by acknowledging rape, particularily since that means you are no longer virginal. I beleive they did a study of it in India as well, in which the true statistics were much higher than the reported ones.

25th August 2010 @Mahfuz:
You’re kidding, right?
Women in Muslim countries can be executed for loving the wrong person, being homosexual, dressing “provocatively” and they can be executed for being raped as well. Considering this, it is logical that women do not report rapes that often because they fear the reaction of the society and family.
And let’s do not forget marital rape which is nearly a peccadillo in Muslim countries.

24th August 2010 Mahfuz If every nation executed these males as Kathy has said, there would be few rapes every where but just as Kathy also stated, I do think the male population would be reduced by at least 10% but I do agree with her also that we can get along very well without these type of males

23rd August 2010 Most of the countries with higher rape incidence are Christian-dominated. The first Muslim state on this list is Malaysia ranking 38th. So, Muslim nations offer a comparatively safer living environment for women.

22nd August 2010 Abdul your post about two Saudi policemen were executed for raping a girl is a perfect example of how the numbers of rape would drop greatly if they would only execute all the males who do this. I think society could withstand the drop in the male population to make it safe for all women and chidren.

21st August 2010 @ Ervin,

the low rape/capita rate in Saudi is mainly due to the capital punishment and strict laws in rape cases in KSA. Here's an example, two Saudi policemen were executed for raping a girl


9th August 2010 Not to choose sides on the whole economic issue or anything, but I wanted to interject that most 3rd world countries have limited law enforcement, so parties would be less likely to report rape, or have anyone to report it to. Or even, when it comes down to it, know that it can be reported. Again, not saying right or wrong to either side, just pointing out another aspect.

4th August 2010 In response to Bastin, why are you connecting/corrilating rape to poverty? Does being poor make someone want to rape more? Rape is generally an act of power, for examnple when used in war, which SOME 3rd world nations experience more than 1st world. 1st world nations have some of the most "meaningless" brutal crimes. For example, serial killers are basically a USA phenomenae. Before assuming that poverty or development is linked to crime generically, think about the type of crime and the motivation (if any) behind it.

30th July 2010 To the last commenter, all of those nations were in the top 10, not 20.

The top 20 included the UK, France and Spain as well.

28th July 2010 I expect 3rd world countries only at first top 20 on the rape chart yet, I found the most developed nations like Australia, Canada, and USA within this rank.Why? when there is lowest or no poverty at this developed worlds.

25th July 2010 Australias rape rate is high because of the aboriginal population, the aboriginal communities in Australia have very high levels of violent crime, murder rates assault rates rape rates attempted murder rates manslaughter rates suicide rates and child abuse rates are very high and are among the highest in the world and the most violent place in the world outside of war was also once in Australia aswell to, Palm Island an island off North Queensland which has a large aboriginal population was once ranked the most violent place in the world outside of war.

21st July 2010 If France is high on the list (.15), it's because rape is mercilessly tracked down, it is a national priority, to the point that when a criminal is convicted, he can be more heavily sentenced if it is for rape (especially if it is a male on female rape and if the female is a minor, the courts and the public are absolutely merciless, talk French Puritanical tradition). Some other countries, I surmise, have lower rape statistics because police & justice catch a smaller proportion of rapists, or the victims don't report as systematically as in France.

18th July 2010 If a male rapes a woman and is then executed for doing so, he will not be able to rape anyone else. I am not suggesting he be executed based only upon someone's word as I think there should be evidence he did rape her and that it was forced. Rape is not as much about sex as it is about control so Verner, you do have a point about more women will be killed if the authorities executed rapist so perhaps when a woman kills her attacker, once it is clear he was attacker her, the case should be closed. I personally believe a dead male would be far better than having a woman be forcibly raped. (I would prefer the method the woman in Sudden Impact used to kill her sisters rapist. She shot the offending parts and then waited a moment or two than shot him in the head .

Perhaps we should start teaching males in grade school who the real superior gender is so they can learn to respect girls and women more.
When we consider all violent crime it is usually a male thing. 90% of all violent crime is committed by males and oddly enough, other males are their usually victims. If you are looking for the person who has committed a violent crime, start looking for someone with testicles.

16th July 2010 TE: 'Why count all sexual assault in some countries and only rape in others?'

In Canada, there are no 'rapes' only sexual assaults. You cannot be charged with 'rape' in Canada, which is why they included all sexual assaults from that country.

13th July 2010 It just proves that you can twist statistics to get any result you want. Why count all sexual assault in some countries and only rape in others? If you seperated the rapes from the sexual assaults Australia would be way down the list. Afterall the USA has a homicide rate 4 1/2 times our own. Why would statistics on rape be any different?

5th July 2010 @mark : lool yes it s well known that Ted Bundy ,Herbert Baumeister or Dean Arnold Corll, for example , were muslim LMAO

2nd July 2010 @Zaki Adam

What you need to realize is that these are the rates of REPORTED rapes, not actual occurrences. Saudi Arabia has Shariah law, and as a result there have been many cases of women reporting rape to the police and then being imprisoned for the crime of being raped and not calling for help, while the true criminals walked free. There fore most women simply know not to report rape anymore.

2nd July 2010 @Zaki Adam

Understand that these are all REPORTED rapes per capita. According to Saudi Arabian law, the victim is the one who is at fault for not calling for help, therefore nobody ever reports rape.

There have been numerous cases of women reporting rape in Saudi Arabia and then going to prison for getting raped. Now they just know not to tell anybody.

Zaki Adam
22nd June 2010 Again Saudi Arabia is in last of this list! Are Impotent?

11th June 2010 It seems you have to live here and have been affected by it to believe the stats about South African crime. I'd love to see a survey and find who living in South Afria has not had a family member raped/murdered or both. It is not mostly black on black and even if it were- what difference would it make? We are all affected in this beautiful land. Crime is crime!

9th June 2010 From reading the posts by Anmol and Matt, it is clear to see that if all nations executed rapist after their first rape, the male population would decrease by at least 10% but it would make it a lot safer for women and children. We talk about an eye for an eye but in the case of rape, these males would have to give up their testicles. If more males lost them after raping a woman or child, I think the number of rapes would drop to almost none. It would be most effective if this were done in public and perhaps having as many women involved with removing them as possible. Nothing would scare a male more than a "ball busting" woman especially if it was literal. If it made the world safe for all women and children, would it not be worth it?

3rd June 2010 "not every muslim is a terrorist,but every terrorist is a muslim" -pino 31st May 2010

Like The Unabomber, Richard Jewell, Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols? Definitely terrorists, definitely not Muslim.

You're either racist or ignorant of your own history. Deep down, I'd wish you were the racist, racism is easy to deal with. Stupidity can't be fixed.

2nd June 2010 Dan: their placing on the list doesn't necessarily reflect that Islamic societies are any safer for women. The above rankings are all dependent on the reported statistics of the nations in question, and many Muslim countries have a very strict definition of rape that doesn't include forced sex in marriage or child brides, for example. As well as that, many women in Muslim theocracies don't report rape as they are frequently punished along with or instead of the perpetrator.

2nd June 2010 I live in Australia and there is absolutely no way that we are third for highest rapes per capita. South Africa is a country that looks good but it does have a high crime rate. India is a country where hundreds of women are raped evry day. And approximately 98% of rapes are not reported. Ive been to India and some of the women there have a horrible story to tell.

2nd June 2010 There are a number of bigots in here who don't seem to realize that one has to go down to number 28 on this list before getting to a country that is predominantly Muslim.

31st May 2010 Islam is a evil satanic cult,every muslim is a rapist, they marry little girls and have a free pass to rape them when they want, islam is a evil satanic cult, not every muslim is a terrorist,but every terrorist is a muslim

29th May 2010 I've heard always that Sweden is one of the countries in the world with most rapes per capita. Why it is the only nordic country which was left out of this statistics?

27th May 2010 Lain, how would it not help the problem? If a male rapes a woman and is then executed for doing so, he will not be able to rape anyone else. I am not suggesting he be executed based only upon someone's word as I think there should be evidence he did rape her and that it was forced. Rape is not as much about sex as it is about control so maybe you do have a point. Perhaps we should start teaching males in grade school who the real superior gender is so they can learn to respect girls and women more.

Carl Muller, violent crime is not so much a Black on Black thing as it is a male thing. 90% of all violent crime is committed by males and oddly enough, other males are their usually victims. If you are looking for the person who has committed a violent crime, start looking for someone with testicles.

27th May 2010 Lain, how would it not help the problem? If a male rapes a woman and is then executed for doing so, he will not be able to rape anyone else. I am not suggesting he be executed based only upon someone's word as I think there should be evidence he did rape her and that it was forced. Rape is not as much about sex as it is about control so maybe you do have a point. Perhaps we should start teaching males in grade school who the real superior gender is so they can learn to respect girls and women more.

Carl Muller, violent crime is not so much a Black on Black thing as it is a male thing. 90% of all violent crime is committed by males and oddly enough, other males are their usually victims.

@ Carl Muller
26th May 2010 Carl Muller, you obviously don't have many females in your family, or you have lived an extremely sheltered life. Most of the crime in South Africa is not Black-on-black crime, and you know that very well. South Africa is top of the Rapes list, second with murders, and second with homicides, face it, accept it, and live with it. If you want to make a difference, then please do so at the next election, do so by supporting your neighbourhood watch, do so by objecting to crime in your country. Trying to white wash South Africa as a "not such a criminal country" on comment boards will not change the reality.

Bernice Y.
7th May 2010 Which year was this statistic posted?
i really need it to compare others which i have read.

3rd May 2010 In every western country, muslims are becoming responsible for the majority of sexual crimes, including against children, since they consider it a part of jihad.

1st May 2010 Islam oppresses their women so much, they'd never come forward. Just look at the woman in Saudi Arabia that came forward and the cleric order HER WHIPPED!!
Islam is a farce.
islam = oppression = anger = suicide bombers. simple math...

29th April 2010 Islam is the answer to removing the worst crime in nature, which is rape. Which is why it is at the bottom of the list.

Please people, fear god, know your position, this life is nothing more than a test of good nature.

Learn to have patience and perseverance, the ones who become the best of Muslims will enter the heavens in which the water flows underneath.

Islam = Peace

Carl Muller
27th April 2010 It is interesting to note that although the crime in S A is very high, it is mostly black on black.
Why use the statistics and try to say that SA is a bad country. In the rest of Africa the rapes and murders are just not reported.
lil Z
21st April 2010 Lain man u need a check up

18th April 2010 Executing rapists will not solve the problem Kathy. You can kill rapists day after day and never get to the root of why this horrible crime occurs. It is a quick fix to give people brief satisfaction that the problem has gone until the next rape occurs. That is not to say that rapists should not be punished; of course they should, after all rape is one of the worst crimes a human being can commit. But this does still not take away from the fact that we are not addressing the issue, much like many other problems in society.

17th April 2010 Rape is almost 100% a male activity. If we executed every rapist or child molester, the number of rapes would drop but then the male population would drop by at least 10% in most nations. I have no problem with that, We can get along just fine without males like that.

12th April 2010 Please click on the "per capita" button, too many of the commentators seem to be misled. No, the European countries are not the ones with the biggest rape rate. Besides, there are cultures in which certain acts would not be called "rape" even though they would be very well within the western definition of the assault.

2nd April 2010 I wonder why Sweden typically is presented on the "total" numbers, but not on the "per capita". Sweden has among the highest amount of rapes, murder etc of all industrilized countried but the statistics seems to have been removed.

23rd March 2010 Robby, the australian nationals are the overwhemingly majority of the australian resident population, therefore most sexual crimes are committed by the. However the issue is the pro-capita crime rate of a population: if the "visitors" are 10% but make 40% rapes (hypothesis) and australian nationals make the other 60% despite being the 90% of the population, then there's a big disproportion.

17th March 2010 i think the rate should increase more and when it become natural people will not consider about it
5th March 2010 Why would rapes be reported "per capita"? That's like reporting prostate cancer rates per capita, when in fact, in both cases the statistic by definition applies to a specific portion of the population. I doubt these figures include rape of males, because it is far less common or reported than rape of females. Thus, South Africa's actual rate is more like 2.4 per 1000, by virtue of the fact that females make up about half of the population.

5th March 2010 This survey depended on submissions per country. They had different criteria/definitions for 'rape'. With Australia and Canada, it includes all forms of sexual assault. With other countries, it's probably more specific. For instance, there were 19781 sex assault cases in Australia in 2007. Total here (1999) is 15630. Adjusted for population increase would be a little over 17000. More cases are probably being reported as time goes on. NationMaster is wrong for cross-comparing these stats. They have little relevance to one another.

8th February 2010 Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
nice advice BILL B.

29th January 2010 This is per capita stats guys. If you see the number of rapes, United States tops the list with India at No. 5. Indians probably surprised, because news of rape appears ever other day in the media. But you have to remember India is country with 1.2 billion people.

14th January 2010 Hi
I think in india rape is increasing day by day.

21st December 2009 Interesting, but I have to say there's no way in hell Canada should be that high, it should be near the bottom actually.

Kat (sweden)
28th November 2009 This is so annoying cant they just change the title to "reported cases of rape".

When you say 'rape' most people will think females but do keep in mind that it also can be guys and even children.
In sweden we have a weak rape reception when it comes to men, I am ashamed of that but I dont think sweden is the only country with that.

2nd November 2009 Most of the rape cases in Australian are by Australian national themselves... not visitors.

29th October 2009 To Chris. In Sydney, Australia, there were recently three Zambian Nationals sentenced to three years jail each for raping a 15 year old girl.There's your answer. Some of the rape statistics for Australia are rapes by visitors to Australia

28th October 2009 Its not happening in any particular country its happening every where. This what we are so called humans? We are more modernized and socialized today then the old times of our history. This is social injustice and isolation from our sacred religions.
28th October 2009 Somebody PLEASE fix South Africa - Why do men rape so much here?

18th October 2009 For those disagreeing with the numbers - there is a explanation at the bottom that these stats reflect what Authorities record Not neccesarily actualities in Rapes & Assaults. Obviously there is a big discrepancy for crime that is based on instilled fear by the perpretator, disrespect by the public, disbelief by the public of the victims, a labyrinth of any court system for a victim to get Justice done.
This is a crime which still too too many persons, especially males, attempt to pooh poo it's direness, it's horror & even it's happening! When Good Men start satnding up For Vicitms, standing up against sexual bullies, then We'll start getting some real statistics to impress others with.

13th October 2009 The stats on Canada are wrong. There is no crime called "rape" in Canada.
These stats are calling every "sexual assault" in Canada a "rape". In Canada, a "sexual assault" could be something as minor as an unwelcome touch on a woman's bottom.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics
3rd September 2009 When last were these stats updated, they should included the 80% of rapes not reported in South Africa, it will then be a true reflection of this barbaric country
an indian
25th August 2009 Hi all,

i believe maximum rapes have taken place in my own country "india" , but they havnt been proved in the courts which dosnt give them the status of "rapes".!!!

25th August 2009 I think we need to look a little differently into these issues. I dont really believe that the crime rate should be higher in 3rd world countries. Why dont we open our eyes to see that it is really lower. You may be living in a developed country, but that does not mean your ethics are better than those in the 3rd world. It is awful to think you are "good" because you live in a developed country and others are "bad" because they are in a 3rd world country.

28th July 2009 "DEFINITION: Total recorded rapes. Crime statistics are often better indicators of prevalence of law enforcement and willingness to report crime, than actual prevalence. Per capita figures expressed per 1,000 population."
They are taking about reported rapes

16th July 2009 Chris to answer your question, Third world Countries such as the ones you mentioned Im sure have higher counts of rape but the Lack Any Kind of organized Government and lack any kind of Organized Criminal Justice sytem. They Don't Have the resource to carry out such statistical surveys and Many of those third world countries don't care. However most of the Countries Listed Above DO have Such Resources and report their findings as such.

Darryl Bonner
9th July 2009 Why do the totals come from a 2002 UN report and the per capita come from a 1998-2000 UN report? You can't just extrapolate from population size from the 2002 report? How can you people seriously consider yourselves serious statiticians?

7th July 2009 This page needs to be changed to REPORTED rapes per capita.

6th July 2009 These statistics are rediculous ! How can Austarlia have the 3rd highest per capita rape rate compared to 3rd world countries and the ganglands and drug worlds of South America, etc ?!!!

24th May 2009 These statistics are terrible. Every other source i can find says that the united states has a higher rape rate in the first world. If this is wrong i bet all the other stats are wrong aswell. Also the homicide rate stats are wrong


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
I will say that the quality of the conversation on that page is so bad, that the quality of the site needs to be looked into. Just having the link here may pull the SPN page rank down. Will follow up.

p/s according to Google the page rank is 7 out of 10. So that is not bad.

Mai Harinder Kaur

Oct 5, 2006
British Columbia, Canada
I read a few comments and have no comments on those.

Males being males - the vast majority of rapists are males - I would expect the rape rate to not be that different from country to country, barring rape as a weapon of war and the like.

Now, a question. Shall I assume these are "reported" rapes? If so, that changes the significance of the statistics a lot. Rape will be reported if the woman - it is still usually a woman - believes she has a good chance of receiving justice and fair treatment.

So aside from rape used as a war or political weapon, as in the so-called "corrective rape" of lesbians in South Africa, I would expect the rape rates to be high in those countries that are more advanced in women's rights.

I would expect that rate to be lowest in countries where the victim would be stoned to death for adultery.


Apr 3, 2005
The list of statistics is interesting, but what is the context for discussion? There are issues that can make these data inflated or conversely underestimated. Here is the discussion that accompanied the list. For purposes of discussion we could take some of the issues raised and discuss them.

How close are the data in the above to rates reported at other crime statistics site?

Well This type of statistic is an eyeopener for many particularly women of India who feels that how western countries are safe haven for women and How India is unsafe for women.
An aussie woman is almost 50 times more prone rape than an average Indian woman despite the fact that Australia is much more developed country than India.


Jun 1, 2004
i wonder, how these statistics are collected... if we go by these statistics, it is clear that Muslims countries have the lowest rate of rapes... but the fact may be that there is no or little reporting of rape cases in Muslims countries as the victim is the person who is eventually punished and the perpetrator goes scot-free.

From these stats, do we want to conclude that Muslims countries are the safest for women? I think, these statistics overlook a lot of information or factors and hence are inconclusive and dismissive.

Similarly, the fact remains that according to an official study, a rape of an Indian woman occurs every 45 seconds or even less. And the population of India is almost five times that of countries like US.

Mai Harinder Kaur

Oct 5, 2006
British Columbia, Canada
Well This type of statistic is an eyeopener for many particularly women of India who feels that how western countries are safe haven for women and How India is unsafe for women.
An aussie woman is almost 50 times more prone rape than an average Indian woman despite the fact that Australia is much more developed country than India.

Or perhaps an Aussie woman who is raped is 50 times more likely to report it knowing that she will receive justice and not be ostracised by her community. What are the chances of a "dishonoured" woman (as she is called in India) ever making a decent marriage?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
There are some major fallacies associated with the use of crime rates. Though they are used by politicians who advocate for changes in laws. Mai ji and Aman ji have already identified some of the difficulties.

  • Crime rates, or the number of crimes recorded by the police, are notoriously unreliable as a reflection of the real crime situation, and even worse as an indicator of police performance. This is because crime rates rely on members of the public reporting crime, and the police recording it.
  • Using crime rates side-steps the real prevalence of some kinds of crimes because of the way the crime data is collected.
  • It needs to be considered that the likelihood of victims reporting crime, and the police recording them, is not the same in every country.
  • Crime victims are less likely to report crime in a country with an oppressive or incompetent police force than in a country where the police are helpful and trustworthy.
  • The distances people have to travel in undeveloped countries to the nearest police station, and the availability of transport to get there, is another factor, which can affect crime-reporting rates.
  • Multiple offences are not recorded uniformly in all countries.
  • In some countries only the most serious offence reported in a single incident is recorded, while in others all offences reported are recorded.
  • Differences in data quality between countries are also a factor. In developed countries, recorded crimes are entered into a computerised database and channelled to a central point for analysis. In many less developed countries, crime statistics are recorded only on paper, which can easily result in the loss of some of the statistics.
  • ]t is estimated that victim surveys suggest between 60% and 70% more crime than that reported by official sources. However, these surveys cannot be wholly trusted for the simple fact that they almost entirely exclude victims from rural areas and small towns, where most victims never come forward.
  • How many people in rural areas have telephones? Many of these surveys are conducted via telephone.
  • In addition, it is very difficult to define crimes in different countries. In some countries, for instance, the murder rate is calculated by the number of cases going to court and not by the actual murders committed. Other countries calculate the murder rate by the actual, known and reported cases that have been committed.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
Well This type of statistic is an eyeopener for many particularly women of India who feels that how western countries are safe haven for women and How India is unsafe for women.
An aussie woman is almost 50 times more prone rape than an average Indian woman despite the fact that Australia is much more developed country than India.

This type of "eye-opener" arguments are also flawed...in Western countries, even a husbnad cna be cited for "rape" if he forces his wife..BUT no wife would even think like that in INDIA !! Heck even the wifes own Father/Mother would roll their eyes in horror "IF" their daughter ever came home and said that my husband forces himself on me..they would go like..Hey thats what husbands are for...Whats YOUR Problem ?? stupid girl.

IN INDIA a woman is 100 times more prone to be RAPED some more in a POLICE STATION ...IF she ever dares to go there to lodge a FIR !! Have any Gang Rapes by PANCHAYATS..Village ELDERS...High Caste Landlords..etc etc ever been reported in the "eye-opener" western countries ? Women being forced to run naked in fields to bring RAIN..women being raped and killed for being "witches"...lots of improvements can be made in some countries.."low" on this list ?? Consider THIS:....ONE WOMAN being stripped Naked and run around a village being chased by a 300 villagers..is...statiscally " JUST ONE SEXUAL ASSAULT"...OR 300 "sexual assaults" because 300 SALIVATING MEN are involved ?? AND what happens IF that ONE WOMAN...dares to go to the POLICE STATION ?? Remember the "police station" is staffed most probabably by sons and nephews of the same salivating village elders who ran after the naked woman in the first place.and they have a "safe closed environment behind walls of the Thanna" ...????.

There should be a survey on "EVE TEASING"...in PUNJAB I have personally seen ASHIKS on Big Motorcycles, (sitting three or four on one bike) gunning their engines, with number plates boldly announcing their intentions..waiting for the GIRLS to emerge from Colleges, Hostels, or walking to the bus stops..cycling along village roads..and POLICE REGULARLY CARRY OUT "surprise raids" to PUT THESE ASHIKS IN PLACE (read Daily AJIT dated 5th january report of such an ops carried out by police at Kapurthala). ISNT THIS "sexual harrassment/sexual assault" ?? in a WESTERN COUNTRY it would be REPORTED. What are the statistics of such reports in PUNJAB/INDIA ??? I know EVE TEASING is avery common HABIT of INDIANS.....all the UNEMPLOYED and UNEMPLOYABLE YOUTHS love this....and they do it everywhere..even in GURDWARAS !!! IN one GURDWARA there is a HUGE WARNING NOTICE by the side of the SAROVAR...."MADHEER is WARNED"...against BEHAVING INDECENTLY against BATHING WOMEN DEVOTEES" ( btw at first i was offended that a derogatory word like "madheer" is used for "sangat" because after all anyoen entering a Gurdwara is automatically SANGAT..and sangat should not be called madheer...but then the Manager managed to convince me that many Sikh looking "Sikh-Youths (and middle aged ones too)"...DO NOT DESERVE TO BE CALLED SANGAT even in a Gurdwara due to their SHAMEFUL Behaviour towards girls and women..hence "madheer warning".

PUNJAB PUBLIC BUSES..almost always have absolutely LUCHAR SONGS played loudly (highly embarassing to family )..This is another "SEXUAL ASSAULT"...happening in plain SIGHT and with impunity....such would NEVER happen on a Public Bus in any western country.

The truth is that "RAPE" is becoming such a commonly REPORTED item in Western Countries ( due to raised awareness among women of their RIGHTS ) that such statistics are bound to RISE as more and more woemn KNOW that they can get JUSTICE by NOT KEEPING QUIET ( as is NOT the case in other less developed CLOSED societies where its MUCH BETTER FOR THE VICTIMISED WOMAN TO KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT ) Heck the word "rape" is becoming even more commonly accepted in polite conversation as awareness rises..Media commonly reports.."Rape of the FOREST" (Illegal LOGGING !!..."Rape of the tribals"...(illegal occupation of tribal lands..)..."Rape of the Environment" (illegal burning of forests/dumping rubbish indiscriminately...polluting water sources..etc etc)..and MARITAL RAPE (illegal use of the Sacred Marriage Institution ). Such usage of the word would be unheard of in places like the PUNJAB/most of India !!



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