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Sikh Gurus Ram Puniyani (Dr) Distorts Sikh History

Nov 27, 2008
1. His ignorance of Sikh history or prejudice against Sikhs (from 5 43 to 6 40 minutes) 2. Dr Ram Puniyani is totally ignorant about Sikh history. In his speech (5.43 to 6.40 minutes), he says that Aurangzeb defeated Guru Gobind Singh and the Guru sent his sons for compromise. This is either ignorance of the speaker or it is deliberate distortion. 1. The Guru never had a battle with Aurngzeb. His last battle (1705) was with Hindu hill rulers of Bilaspur and Handur. 2. Guru never sent his sons to Aurangzeb. The Guru's two elder sons (of his four sons) were killed in battle of Chamkaur (7-12-1705) and the youngest two (and their grandmother) were arrested from Saheri village on 8-12-1705. They were presented before Wazir Khan, the Governor of Sarhind, who executed them on 13.-12-1705.
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