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Hinduism Rajdharma


Sep 2, 2010
The Supreme Court has reminded the Adharmis of true Dharma. If they care for their salvation they must quit instantly and with remorse. For the sake of Gujarat's asmita and gaurav.

Now that no less an authority than the Supreme Court of India has reminded the rulers of Gujarat of their Rajyadharma and unambiguously expressed lack of confidence in Gujarat's current administration, democratic decency warrants that the Narendra Modi government should resign immediately.

Earlier the National Human Rights Commission headed by the former Chief Justice of India and the Election Commission both expressed categorical disapproval of the ways of this government. Prestigious international bodies like the Human Rights Watch have also squarely condemned this government for its failure to enforce law and maintain a just order.

During the rule of Mr Modi Gujarat has experienced nothing but violence, hatred, insecurity and poverty. Protecting its protégés behind the fortified security funded by the tax-paying masses the government has rendered the Gujarati masses insecure and vulnerable, ever exposed to retaliatory, unending terrorism. This govt must go. For the sake of Gujarat's asmita and gaurav.

It is also a reminder to the civil servants to do their dharma, to enforce the law of the land without fear or favour. Sooner than later they will have to account for their complicity and complacence. We may be passing through bad times but certainly India is not dead, its soul is not dead. SALAAM INDIA - Lost in the dust of injustice of Gujarat I see a ray of hope in the Supreme Court verdict.

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