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Raising Your Personal Vibration

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by Archived_Member16, Apr 8, 2010.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    source: http://www.manataka.org/page1428.html

    Raising Your Personal Vibration

    "Modern science has concluded that everything that exists in the universe is made of vibration" Hiroshi Doi-sensei..."

    Raising one's vibration is an effective way to live a more balanced and happy life, and also a way to send positive energy out into the universe. While emitting a lower vibration or frequency, one will never really come into harmony and balance and experience a more peaceful and happy life It is the life of discord/dissonance that facilitates lower vibration energy, and can be sensed manifesting in the world today

    It does take work, however, to raise vibrations, so a consistent effort is required to raise and maintain one's vibrations.

    Be mindful of your thoughts

    It is imperative to keep a close eye on the habitual thoughts that enter your head. It can be difficult at first to be aware of the many thoughts that constantly bombard your mind all day long but by beginning to notice unwelcome or negative thoughts you can start to replace them with a positive thought you already have preprogrammed in your mind. Have a positive thought in your mind, a thought that you know makes you happy, that you substitute in place of any negative thought that comes into your mind. The key to this thought substitution is to spend as much time thinking positive thoughts and less time thinking negative thoughts. By spending more time in balanced, positive and rational thought your vibration level will be enhanced.

    Think before you speak

    If you are looking for a new relationship, don't say things like "I can never find the right person for me." If you talk like this, this is exactly what you will get. You get what you say and think. Even if you haven't been too successful in finding the right person previously, it doesn't matter. Change your words and you will change your life.

    Beware of ungrounded, severely negative types of individuals

    These types of people are running a very low vibration level, and their low vibration can have an adverse impact on your vibration level. Remember, a person's bio-energy field can extend out several feet from them. Surround yourself in white light if you feel that another's energy may have a negative effect on you.

    Spend time in meditation

    Take a walk through the woods or a nature center, and away from the city and the noise. Go to a place in the country if you can and take a long walk, concentrating on your surroundings, keeping your mind off your usual thoughts. This is a great way to clear your head and also help raise your vibration. If you can't get away, try listening to some soothing music by concentrating on the sounds.

    Join with other sensible/like minded people

    Spend time with people interested in the same things you are and learn at the same time. It has been found that the commonalities between people brings them closer together and facilitates greater harmony.

    Volunteer you spare time to helping others

    Give away your time, some money to a credible charity/organization you believe in, or give away something you don't use anymore but may be useful to someone else. What you give is what you get in life, so by giving you will receive in one way or another Help others and you will be helped You have a profound effect on raising your vibration when you help others as it makes you feel good from the inside~

    Be aware of your thoughts, words and actions

    Everything you do comes back to you in some way so always be wary of how you treat others and how you act in all situations. How you treat others is how you will be treated, by doing the right thing by everyone you come into contact with will help to raise your vibration as others continue to do the right thing by you. Treating everyone compassionately will attract positive people and opportunities into your life.

    Avoid the television, radio and media in general

    It is especially important to avoid all news programs as they do much more harm to your vibration level than they do good. By watching TV you end up taking in so much negative energy it becomes confusing to your subconscious mind and some of that negative imagery and energy gets absorbed by your subconscious and elevates a feeling of fear from within. Most of the media works by fear mongering, they want to shock you into a state of fear so you keep on watching and the more you watch the more addicted you become. This has a disastrous impact on your vibration level.

    Stay as optimistic and as rational as possible

    This can be difficult to do especially when you are in a crisis but when you are in a crisis situation, this is when it's most important to stay positive. By remaining positive and rational, you keep your vibration high, and when you are vibrating at a higher rate your challenges will dissipate much quicker or you may find it was not really a problem at all Positive things and events are attracted to positive people. Surrounding yourself with positive, sensible and rational people is a great way to remain in a healthy state of mind.

    Keep in touch with your feelings/emotions

    This is an important factor in keeping your vibration level high Feelings and emotions are a cosmic connection in regards to your entire life and the well-being of the planet The universe understands the language of feelings and emotions that one expresses When you are feeling good about yourself only other things residing on the same level of frequency will be attracted into your life Your level of vibration runs parallel with your feelings, meaning you are in control of your life and the events that come into your life at any given moment If there was one most important point in relation to raising your vibration it would be to stay on top of your feelings Know that what we speak, think and feel is a vibration that goes out into the universe and effect everything around us.


    >>>>> THE SIKH WAY = SEVA + SIMRAN + SANGAT ! <<<<<
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    Jul 13, 2004
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    On that note... Reiki goes a great sub-chapter of Sikhi way of life. Staying connected with the super conscious energy, being responsible/accountable for things happening in own life and around, thanking Him and His creation all the time. And all this while accepting whole-heartedly that whatever happens is as per His will, and we are mere puppets in His game.

    Sukh wele Shukrana, Dukh wele Ardaas, Har wele Simran.
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