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Ragmala And The Comments By Baba Gurbachan Singh Damdami Tacksal

swarn bains

Ragmala is a controversial topic in sggs. under ragmala questions and answers read the comments by baba gurbachan singh damdai tacksal bhindran wale and make your judgement.if u cannot read it then i will produce it later. thanks
this is how baba gurbachqan singh bhindran wale, perceived rag mala

Giani Baba Gurbachan Singh (Jatha Bhindran):According to Giani Baba Gurbachan Singh, Guru Arjan Dev Ji was getting Mundaavaniscribed down and completing the Sri Aad Granth, and at the moment the raags (musical measures) come to meet Guru Ji in the form of Naarad Muni (a sage). Guru Ji witnessed the terrible state of the raags in the form of Naarad Muni and asked what had happened. Naarad Muni replied (i.e. the raags, musical notes): “Someone sings us at night (i.e. brothels), normal people sing us, everyone seems to use us and ignorant people have lost our value. We are being dishonoured.” Bhai Gurdaas had the scribe in his hand. One by one all the raags came to the Sanctuary of Guru Arjan Dev asking to be saved. Guru Ji told Bhai Gurdaas, “These raags have come here for Protection, the “Bhog” (completion) is just about to come. Add the raags into the end of the Granth so that they are saved.” Bhai Gurdas accepted the Hukam. As each raag(musical measure) prostrated in front of the Guru, the raags were scribed down and that’s how the composition of “Raag-Mala” came to be scribed.
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