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Raga Wise Authorship Of Sri Guru Granth

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by Taranjeet singh, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. Taranjeet singh

    Taranjeet singh India
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    Oct 21, 2009
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    I have posted post on structure and layout of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Im giving below the Raga wise classification of Authorship. Hope it shall be use ful.

    Guru Nanak, Japuji, pg. 1 to 8
    Guru Nanak, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan, Rahiras, pg. 8 to 12
    Guru Nanak, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan, Kirtan Sohila, pg. 12 to 13

    Sri Rag
    Guru Nanak, pg. 14 to 26
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 26 to 39
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 39 to 42
    Guru Arjan, pg. 42 to 53
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 53 to 64 64….
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 64 to 70
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 70 to 71
    Guru Nanak, pg. 71 to 73
    Guru Arjan, pg. 73 to 74
    Guru Nanak, Pahrei (The Hours), pg. 74 to 76
    Guru Ram Das, Pahrei (The Hours), pg. 76 to 77
    Guru Arjan, Pahrei (The Hours), pg. 77 to 78
    Guru Ram Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 78 to 79
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 79 to 81
    Guru Ram Das, Vanjara (The Merchant), pg. 81 to 82
    Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Sri Rag Ki Var Mahalla IV,pg. 83 to 91
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 91 to 92
    Bhagat Trilochan, pg. 92
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 92
    Bhagat Beni, pg. 93
    Bhagat Ravi Das, pg. 93
    Raga Majh
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 94 to 96
    Guru Arjan, pg. 96 to 109
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadi (Octet), pg. 109
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 110 to 129
    Guru Ram Das, Ashtpadi (Octet), pg. 129 to 130
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 130 to 133
    Guru Arjan, Bara Maha (Song of the 12 Months), pg. 133 to 136
    Guru Arjan, Din-Rayni (Day and Night), pg. 136 to 137
    Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Guru Ram Das, Guru Amar Das, Var in the Measure Majh, pg. 137 to 150
    Raga Gauri
    Guru Nanak, pg. 151 to 157
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 157 to 163
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 163 to 175..
    Guru Arjan, pg. 175 to 185
    Guru Arjan, Quartets and Couplets, pg. 185 to 218.
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 219 to 220
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 220 to 229
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 229 to 234.
    Guru Ram Das, Karhalei (Camel Drivers), pg. 234 to 235
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 235 to 242
    Guru Nanak, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 242 to 243
    Guru Amar Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 243 to 247
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 247 to 249
    Guru Arjan, Bawan Akkhari (Acrostic), pg. 250 to 262
    Guru Arjan, sukhmani (Jewel of Bliss), pg. 262 to 296
    Guru Arjan, Thittin (Lunar Dates), pg. 296 to 300
    Guru Ram Das, Guru Amar Das, Guru Arjan, Var, pg. 300 to 318
    Guru Arjan, Var, pg. 318 to 323
    Bhagat Kabir, Guru Arjan, pg. 323 to 330
    Bhagat Kabir, Ashtpadi (Octet), pg. 330 to 340
    Bhagat Kabir, Bawan Akkhari (Acrostic), pg. 340 to 343
    Bhagat Kabir, Thiteen (Lunar Dates of Fortnight), pg. 343 to 344
    Bhagat Kabir, Var - Seven Days of the Week, pg. 344 to 345
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 345
    Bhagat Ravi Das, pg. 345 to 346..
    Raga Asa
    Guru Nanak, pg. 347
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 348
    Guru Nanak, (Quartets), pg. 348 to 360
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 360 to 364
    Guru Amar Das, (Quintets), pg. 364 to 365
    Guru Amar Das, In the Form Kafi, pg. 365
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 365 to 368
    Guru Ram Das, To the Tune Kafi, pg. 369 to 370
    Guru Arjan, pg. 370 to 396
    Guru Arjan, To the Tune Kafi, pg. 396 to 409
    Guru Arjan, Asavari (sub-measure), pg. 409 to 411
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 411
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 411 to 418
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets) in the tune Kafi, pg. 418 to 422
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 422 to 424
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets) in the tune Kafi, pg. 424 to 430
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 430 to 432
    Guru Nanak, Patti (Acrostic), pg. 432 to 434
    Guru Amar Das, Patti (Acrostic), pg. 434 to 435
    Guru Nanak, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 435 to 439
    Guru Amar Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 439 to 442
    Guru Ram Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 442 to 452
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 452 to 462
    Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Asa Ki Var, pg. 462 to 475
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 475 to 485
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 485 to 486
    Bhagat Ravi Das, pg. 486 to 487
    Bhagat Dhanna, pg. 487 to 488
    Sheikh Farid, pg. 488
    Raga Gujari
    Guru Nanak, pg. 489
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 490 to 492
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 492 to 494
    Guru Arjan, pg. 495 to 503
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 503 to 506
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 506
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 506 to 507
    Guru Arjan, pg. 507 to 508
    Guru Amar Das, Gujari Ki Var, pg. 508 to 517
    Guru Arjan, Var, pg. 517 to 524
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 524
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 525
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 525
    Bhagat Trilochan, pg. 525 to 526
    Bhagat Jaideva, pg. 526
    Raga Devgandhari
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 527 to 528
    Guru Arjan, pg. 528 to 536
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 536
    Raga Bihagara
    Guru Arjan, pg. 537
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 537
    Guru Ram Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 538 to 541
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 541 to 548
    Guru Ram Das, Guru Amar Das, Mardana, Guru Arjan, Guru Nanak, Var, pg. 548 to 556
    Raga Wadhans
    Guru Nanak, pg. 557 to 558
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 558 to 560
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 560 to 562
    Guru Arjan, pg. 562 to 564
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 564 to 565
    Guru Nanak, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 565 to 567
    Guru Amar Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 567 to 572
    Guru Ram Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 572 to 575
    Guru Ram Das, Ghorian (Song of the Mare), pg. 575 to 576
    Guru Arjan, pg. 576 to 578
    Guru Nanak, Alahaniyan (Dirges), pg. 578 to 582
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 582 to 585
    Guru Ram Das, Guru Amar Das, Guru Nanak, Var, pg. 585 to 594
    Raga Sorath
    Guru Nanak, pg. 595 to 599
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 599 to 604
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 604 to 608
    Guru Arjan, pg. 608 to 631
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 631 to 634
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 634 to 637
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 637 to 639
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 639 to 642
    Guru Ram Das, Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Guru Angad, Var, pg. 642 to 654
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 654 to 656
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 656 to 657
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 657 to 659
    Bhagat Bhikhan, pg. 659
    Raga Dhanasari
    Guru Nanak, pg. 660 to 663
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 663 to 666
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 666 to 670
    Guru Arjan, pg. 670 to 684
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 684 to 685
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 685 to 686
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadi (Octet), pg. 686 to 687
    Guru Nanak, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 687 to 690
    Guru Ram Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 690
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 691
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 691 to 692
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 692 to 694
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 694
    Bhagat Trilochan, pg. 695
    Bhagat Sain, pg. 695
    Bhagat Pipa, pg. 695
    Bhagat Dhanna, pg. 695
    Raga Jaitsari
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 696 to 699
    Guru Arjan, pg. 700 to 702
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, 702 to 703
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 703 to 705
    Guru Arjan, Var, pg. 705 to 710
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 710
    Raga Todi
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 711
    Guru Arjan, pg. 711 to 718
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 718
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 718
    Raga Bairari
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 719 to 720
    Guru Arjan, pg. 720
    Raga Tilang
    Guru Nanak, pg. 721 to 723
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 723
    Guru Arjan, pg. 723 to 724
    Guru Nanak, pg. 724 to 725
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 725 to 726
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 726 to 727
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 727
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 727
    Raga Suhi
    Guru Nanak, pg. 728 to 731
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 731 to 736
    Guru Arjan, pg. 736 to 750
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 750 to 753
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 753 to 757
    Guru Ram Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 757 to 759
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 759 to 761
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets) in the tune of Kafi, pg. 761 to 762
    Guru Nanak, Kuchajji (Ill Natured Woman), pg. 762
    Guru Arjan, Gunvanti (The Female Decked with Merits), pg. 763
    Guru Nanak, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 763 to 767
    Guru Amar Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 767 to 772
    Guru Ram Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 772 to 777
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 777 to 785
    Guru Amar Das, Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Var Suhi Ki, pg. 785 to 792
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 792 to 793
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 793 to 794
    Sheikh Farid, pg. 794
    Raga Bilaval
    Guru Nanak, pg. 795 to 796
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 796 to 798
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 798 to 801
    Guru Arjan, pg. 801 to 830
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 830 to 831
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 831 to 832
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 832 to 833
    Guru Ram Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 833 to 837
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 837 to 838
    Guru Nanak, Thittin (The Lunar Dates), pg. 838 to 840
    Guru Amar Das, Var Sat (Days of the Week), pg. 841 to 843
    Guru Nanak, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 843 to 844
    Guru Ram Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 844 to 845
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 845 to 848
    Guru Ram Das, Guru Amar Das, Guru Nanak, Bilaval Ki Var, pg. 849 to 855
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 855 to 858
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 857 to 858
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 858
    Bhagat Sadhna, pg. 858
    Raga Gaund
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 859 to 862
    Guru Arjan, pg. 862 to 869
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 869
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 870 to 873
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 873 to 875
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 875
    Raga Ramkali
    Guru Nanak, pg. 876 to 879
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 880
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 880 to 882
    Guru Arjan, pg. 882 to 901
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 901 to 902
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 902 to 908
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 908 to 912
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 912 to 916
    Guru Amar Das, anand (Bliss), pg. 917 to 922
    Baba Sundar, Sadd (The Call), pg. 923 to 924
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 924 to 929
    Guru Nanak, Dakhni Onkar (Semi-Acrostic), pg. 929 to 938
    Guru Nanak, Siddha Gosh (Dialogue with Siddhas), pg. 938 to 946
    Guru Amar Das, Bhagat Kabir, Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Ramkali Ki Var, pg. 947 to 956
    Guru Arjan, Bhagat Kabir, Sheikh Farid, Ramkali Ki Var, pg. 957 to 966
    Rai Balwand and Satta, Ramkali Ki Var, pg. 966 to 968
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 968 to 972
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 972 to 973
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 973 to 974
    Bhagat Beni, pg. 974
    Raga Nat Narayan
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 975 to 978
    Guru Arjan, pg. 978 to 980
    Guru Ram Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 980 to 983
    Raga Mali Gaura
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 984 to 986
    Guru Arjan, pg. 986 to 988
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 988
    Raga Maru
    Guru Nanak, pg. 889 to 993
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 993 to 994
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 995 to 998
    Guru Arjan, pg. 998 to 1008
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 1008
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1008 to 1014
    Guru Nanak, To the Tune Kafi, pg. 1014 to 1016
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1016
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1017 to 1019
    Guru Arjan, Anjuliyan (Supplication), pg. 1019 to 1020
    Guru Nanak, Solahe (Sixteen Stanzaed Hymns), pg. 1020 to 1033
    Guru Nanak, Dakhne, pg.1033 to 1043
    Guru Amar Das, Solahe (Sixteen Stanzaed Hymns), pg. 1043 to 1069
    Guru Ram Das, Solahe (Sixteen Stanzaed Hymns), pg. 1069 to 1071
    Guru Arjan, Solahe (Sixteen Stanzaed Hymns), pg. 1071 to 1086
    Guru Amar Das, Guru Nanak, Guru Ram Das, Guru Angad, Maru Ki Var, pg. 1086 to 1094
    Guru Arjan, Dakhne (Sloks in the SW Dialect), pg. 1094 to 1102
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1102 to 1105
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 1105
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1105
    Bhagat Jaideva, pg. 1106
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1106
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 1106
    Raga Tukhari
    Guru Nanak, Bara Maha (Song of the 12 Months), pg. 1107 to 1110
    Guru Nanak, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 1110 to 1113
    Guru Ram Das, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 1113 to 1117
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 1117
    Raga Kedara
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1118 to 1119
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1119 to 1123
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1123 to 1124
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 1124
    Raga Bhairon
    Guru Nanak, pg. 1125 to 1127
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 1128 to 1133
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1134 to 1136
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1136 to 1152
    Guru Arjan, Partal, pg. 1153
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1153
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 1154 to 1155
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1155 to 1157
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1157 to 1162
    Bhagat Kabir, Ashtpadi (Octet), pg. 1162 to 1163
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 1163 to 1167
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 1167
    Bhagat Namdev, pg.1167
    Raga Basantu
    Guru Nanak, pg. 1168 to 1169
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 1169
    Guru Nanak, pg. 1169 to 1170
    Guru Amar Das, (Couplets), pg. 1170
    Guru Nanak, Hindol, pg. 1171 to1172
    Guru Amar Das, Do-Tuke (Couplets), pg. 1172 to 1176
    Guru Ram Das, Ik-tuke (Couplets), pg. 1176 to 1177
    Guru Amar Das, Hindol, pg. 1177
    Guru Ram Das,Ik-tuke (Couplets), pg. 1177 to 1178
    Guru Ram Das, Hindol, pg. 1178 to 1179
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1180 to 1186
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 1186 to 1187
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1187 to 1191
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1191
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1192 to 1193
    Guru Arjan, Basant Ki Var, pg. 1193
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1193 to 1195
    Bhagat Ramanand, pg. 1195
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 1195 to 1196
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 1196
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1196
    Raga Sarang
    Guru Nanak, pg. 1197 to 1198
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1198 to 1200
    Guru Ram Das, Partal, pg. 1200 to 1202
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1202 to 1229
    Guru Arjan, Partal, pg. 1229 to 1231
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 1231
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1232 to 1233
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1233 to 1235
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadi (Octet), pg. 1235 to 1236
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 1236 to 1237
    Guru Ram Das, Guru Angad, Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Guru Arjan Dev, Sarang Ki Var, pg. 1237 to 1251
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1251 to 1252
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 1252 to 1253
    Bhagat Parmanand, pg. 1253
    Bhagat Surdas, pg. 1253
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1253
    Raga Malar
    Guru Nanak, pg. 1254 to 1257
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 1257 to 1262
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1262 to 1265
    Guru Ram Das, Partal, pg. 1265 to 1266
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1266 to 1271
    Guru Arjan, Partal, pg. 1271 to 1273
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1273 to 1276
    Guru Amar Das, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1276 to 1278
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 1278
    Guru Nanak, Guru Angad, Guru Amar Das, Guru Arjan, Var Malar Ki, pg. 1278 to 1291
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 1292
    Bhagat Ravidas, pg. 1293
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 1293
    Raga Kanara
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1294 to 1296
    Guru Ram Das, Partal (In variable rhythm), pg. 1296 to 1297
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1297 to 1308
    Guru Ram Das, Ashipadiyan (Octets), pg. 1308 to 1312
    Guru Arjan, Chhant (Lyrics), pg. 1312
    Guru Ram Das, Kanara Ki Var, pg. 1312 to 1318
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 1318
    Raga Kalyan
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1319 to 1321
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1321 to 1323
    Guru Ram Das, Ashtpadiyan (Quartets), pg. 1323 to 1326
    Raga Prabhati
    Guru Nanak, pg. 1327 to 1332
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 1332 to 1335
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1335 to 1337
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1337 to 1341
    Guru Nanak, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1342 to 1345
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 1346 to 1347
    Guru Arjan, Ashtpadiyan (Octets), pg. 1347 to 1349
    Bhagat Kabir, pg. 1349 to 1350
    Bhagat Namdev, pg. 1350 to 1351
    Bhagat Beni, pg. 1351
    Raga Jaijaiwanti
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 1352 to 1353
    Guru Nanak, Slokas In Sahaskrit, pg. 1353
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1353 to 1360
    Guru Arjan, Gatha Language, pg. 1360 to 1361
    Guru Arjan, Phunahe (Hymns with Repeated Burden), pg. 1361 to 1363
    Guru Arjan, Chaubole (Discourses with Four Listeners), pg. 1363 to 1364
    Bhagat Kabir, Guru Arjan, Guru Amar Das, pg. 1364 to 1377
    Sheikh Farid, Guru Arjan, Guru Amar Das, pg. 1377 to 1385
    Guru Arjan, Swayyas, pg. 1385 to 1389
    Various Bhatts, Swaiyyas - In Praise of Guru Nanak, pg. 1389 to 1390
    Various Bhatts, Swaiyyas - In Praise of Guru Angad, pg. 1391 to 1392
    Various Bhatts, Swaiyyas - In Praise of Guru Amar Das, pg. 1392 to 1396
    Various Bhatts, Swaiyyas - In Praise of Guru Ram Das, pg. 1396 to 1406
    Various Bhatts, Swaiyyas - In Praise of Guru Arjan, pg. 1406 to 1410
    Guru Nanak, pg. 1410 to 1412
    Guru Amar Das, pg. 1412 to 1421
    Guru Ram Das, pg. 1421 to 1424
    Guru Arjan, pg. 1424 to 1426
    Guru Tegh Bahadur, pg. 1426 to 1429
    Guru Gobind Singh, Slok 54 (attributed), pg. 1429
    Guru Arjan, Mundavani (The Closing Seal), pg. 1429
    Guru Arjan, Sloka, pg. 1429
    Raga Mala
    String of Musical Measures, pg. 1429 to 1430


    P/s This a copy Righted material of the site. Kindly use it as per the Copy Right Act of the country and your discretion.. Always mention the source/site while posting a copy of this material. I have also sought permission for publication of this from the site. If I do not get a no objection, I shall remove this thread or this entry.
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  3. Gyani Jarnail Singh

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    Jul 4, 2004
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    No one holds the Copyrights to the SGGS...and this is simply a list of Contents of the SGGS....easily seen on each and every copy of the SGGS...

    I know the Booksellers who print copies of SGGS have also been putting the words COPYRIGHT...Sabh haak Rakhvehn hann on each printed copy they sell...I coulnt understand back then and dont till now.. I have seen Gutkas of sukhmani Sahib printed by the DT paid for out of Sangat Goluck..but having the Title Page..and severla pages and even on each page..SEVA KARVAII..Sant Brahmgyani so and so ne..??? Copyright held by DT...snat so and so..blah blah..the Sant Brahmgyani mentions his name way way MORE TIMES..when the REAL AUTHOR just has Mahalla 5....written oh His Composition...

    COPYRIGHT LAWS..are TIME LIMITED...and the Copyright held by Guru Arjun Ji has long expired ( Even IF Guru Ji didnt say so..)

    maybe a Legal eagle can explain better...
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  4. sandeep17oct

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    Nov 26, 2011
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    Taranjeet ji,

    Thank for the post.
    Do you know about any place where I can find the bani in Guru Granth Sahib grouped according to the Guru who said it?
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    gurbanifiles.org gives the option of downloading Bani by specific authors.
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    Aristotle ji,

    Thank you....
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    According to a Tall tale spread VIRAL by our half past six derawallah types of parcharaks and granthis ragis etc...BHAI MANI SINGH JI was made shaheed by the MUghals by being CUT JOINT BY JOINT...becasue Bhai sahib ji had earlier "CUT the GURU Limb by limb" !!! What Bhai Sahib Ji had done was of course what we have today small POTHIS called PANJ GRANTHI, DAS GRANTHI and Bai Varan...Bhai Sahib made the choice of "difficult" or Easy banis in one small pothi to facilitate LEARNING of Gurbani...Hence Panj Granthi contains japji Sahib, Rehrass, Asa dee waar, sukhmani sahib Oankaar etc..The das Granthi contains Jap sahib, Swaiyahs of Guru Ji etc etc...and the Bai vaaran contains all the 22 vaars in SGGS.

    This was called "Dismemberment" of the GURU KI DEH SGGS..and thus this act resulted in the Mughals ordering Bhai Sahib to be cut form Joint by Joint.

    For centuries SIKHS themsleves have been DISPARAGINGLY insulting Bhai sahib Jis great SHAHEEDEE by repeating ad nauseum this utter rubbish theory on the Gurdwara Stages !!!

    Now I wonder..what "punishment" the web master of...gurbani files org...or others who have rearranged the Gurus Living Body(DEH) in various positions will suffer ?? One has taken the various organs and rearranged them..one ahs taken the raags and rearranged them....??? Will these people have the Italian Mob come after them and REARRANGE their faces ?? Ha Ha ha..see how utterly ridiculous our SIKHS can be when they fall prey to stupid tall tales called SAKHIS...

    The Bhai Mani Singh tall tale was most probably spread by the Mughals themsleves to ABSOLVE THEMSELVES form the BLAME of having brutally murdered an innocent man ...Just like the BRITISH invented a tall tale to justify their conquest of INDIA by saying they were INVITED by GURU TEG BAHADUR Ji....(SAU SAKHI)...better known as the HUNDRED TALL TALES for Sikh kids who cant sleep !!..along simialr lines of the One Thousand Arabian night tales...
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