Sufism Quote On Spiritual Languages Of Religion

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Nov 14, 2010
Sat nam _/|\_

For those who think that all Sufis promote Islam as "the only religion", Lex Hixon will be a big surprise. He was able to be deeply immersed in several traditions during his lifetime. What I quote below shows that if we stop looking at the languages of different religions and speak the universal language of the heart, we will see there really is no separation.

How can the Truth reveal Truth one way to one religion and another way to another religion? I don't think its possible. If you go to the purest,earliest teachings of the messengers or prophets who bring religions into the world, you will see it as Muhammad, peace be upon him said, "All the prophets of Allah are like sons of the same father whose mothers are different." (hadith)


To illustrate the plurality of spiritual moods or sacred traditions, RamaKrishna told this parable. The Hindus call that which quenches our thirst 'jal', Muslims call it 'pani', the English call it 'water'. Similarly, each brings a container that is a product of a different culture, and yet they all draw from exactly the same source of refreshment. The clear water of Consciousness, with no shape of its own, perfectly fills the cultural receptacles. Even this analogy could mislead, however, if we concluded that Consciousness is a substance separate from us or from various receptacles. All is Consciousness. As RamaKrishna expresses it:"God alone is."
Lex Hixon, Coming Home:The Experience of Enlightenment in Sacred Traditions, 36

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